Wyatt Busby: Where is Billy Chemirmir’s Cellmate Now?

If there’s one thing absolutely nobody can deny, it’s that the tale of Kenyan-American Billy Chemirmir is as complex as it is harrowing considering he was an alleged serial killer and sociopath. After all, as explored in Paramount+’s ‘Pillowcase Murderer,’ he atrociously preyed upon the often forgotten elderly individuals residing in high-end retirement communities for their money/jewelry. He was ultimately apprehended in March 2018 with an alleged victim count of 22 within a mere two years, only to be convicted of just two before being killed by his cellmate, Wyatt Ellis Busby.

Wyatt Busby is a Violent Criminal

Although not much regarding Wyatt’s early years or upbringing is known as of writing, we do know he hailed from Houston, Texas, and had an intense streak of violence within him. That’s because he had several convictions under his belt before the mid-2010s even rolled around, including two counts of aggravated assaults and three counts of assault on a public servant between 2003-2008. However, his life only turned upside down in 2016 when he ended up stabbing his mother’s lover to death in the home they all shared, resulting in him being convicted as a murderer.

According to court records, Wyatt never denied killing his mother’s partner, but he vehemently maintained he did so in self-defense, only for the jury to never believe him. His cousin, a witness to the entire ordeal, actually testified the victim had returned home from dialysis treatment and was preparing a meal when the former asked him if a check had been delivered in the mail. He responded yes but that it was in his name and not in the 31-year-old’s, just for the youngster to grab a knife and begin stabbing the man he’d known for over two decades in the chest, shoulder, as well as stomach before ultimately slicing through his neck.

On the other hand, Wyatt maintained his actions were purely out of self-defense, describing how his mother’s partner had created an unstable environment in their home by physically abusing her and sexually abusing him. He then backed this up by asserting that because the latter had been a part of their lives since he was around six or seven, there were even times he and his siblings were removed from their home and temporarily placed into foster care. The former also conceded he’d indeed once non-lethally stabbed the man years prior as there had been inappropriate touches while he slept, yet he still returned to their shared home upon his release from prison.

In the end, on the fateful December 30, 2016, Wyatt again stabbed his mother’s lover because he had “smiled” at him in what appeared to be a very threatening manner. That’s especially because he’d apparently heard the latter stating he wanted to kill this young man during a holiday party, and his mother had repeated the same statement of his life possibly being in danger on the fateful day. But alas, despite the former’s best efforts to represent himself as well as clear his name, the jury did not believe his narrative – they convicted him of murder, following which he was sentenced to 50 years in prison.

Wyatt Busby is Still Behind Bars

According to reports, Wyatt did try to appeal his conviction on the grounds of his wavering of the right to counsel not being competent, intelligent, or voluntary, the trial court abusing its discretion with regard to specific evidentiary rulings, plus the trial court improperly limiting the scope of closing arguments. It didn’t work out, so he was incarcerated at the high-security Tennessee Colony’s Coffield Unit Correctional Facility, which is where he ended up killing his cellmate Billy Chemirmir overnight on September 19, 2023, by brutally hitting him over the head for allegedly making inappropriate comments about his children.

Billy died in his cell in the early morning hours of that day, yet it doesn’t appear as if Wyatt has been indicted on any related charges until now, despite officials having publicly identified him as the perpetrator. Therefore, today, at the age of 39, he’s still serving his 50-year term at the high-security Coffield Unit in Anderson County, Texas, where he’s expected to remain until at least his parole eligibility in late 2041. Though, if continuously denied early release, he’ll only be discharged once his sentence is completed in full on December 30, 2066, when he’s in his early 80s.

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