Xavier Prather From Big Brother: Everything We Know

Image Credit: Xavier Prather/Instagram

Big Brother‘ has always enjoyed a massive viewer base due to its exciting premise, which takes a group of participants and tasks them with staying together. The participants come from all walks of life and are cut off from the rest of the world during their time on the show. Naturally, the clash of lifestyles, cultures, and habits leads to some of the biggest drama the show is popular for. Throughout the season, contestants are also judged on their participation in various challenges along with a host of other criteria which have a hold over their elimination.

A wave of curiosity has followed new reality star Xavier Prather ever since he was announced as a part of ‘Big Brother’ season 23. With not much known about him, fans are eager to get the latest scoop on his life. Here is everything we know about Xavier Prather.

Xavier Prather’s Background: Where is He From?

Xavier Prather was born into a loving family in Kalamazoo, Michigan. He grew up in a large family alongside ten other siblings and has to date, kept a close bond with his loved ones. Xavier seems incredibly close to his mother, who often features on his social media account. Unfortunately, the star’s elder brother, Arrion passed away in April 2021, leaving a devastating emptiness in Xavier’s life. The reality star even expressed his grief through a heart-touching post on Instagram.


Xavier revealed that he was born with severe clubfoot, and as a result, could not walk normally. He was given a cast since his childhood and had to use that to balance himself and walk. Surprisingly, Xavier fought bravely against the condition, and at present, is a very athletic person who loves exercising, basketball, kayaking, and hiking.


Right after high school, Xavier decided to pursue law and studied for the Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice and Pre-Law from the Spring Arbor University. He was also an avid basketball player in college. Right after graduating, he went on to earn two Doctor of Law degrees from the Valparaiso University School of Law and Marquette University Law School.

Xavier Prather’s Age and Profession

At the young age of 27, Xavier is already an established Attorney. Moreover, he worked his way throughout college, earning precious experience in the field of law. Xavier started as a Law Clerk in a Michigan law office before taking on the position of a Summer Legal Intern at the University of Notre Dame Department of Athletics Compliance Office.

After moving to Milwaukee, Xavier took up employment as a law clerk at the Gruber Law Offices before entering his present organization, Reinhart Boerner Van Deuren s.c. After undertaking a short legal internship, Xavier was promoted to the position of attorney in September 2020. At present, Xavier is based in Milwaukee and is quite confident that his motto of making one’s own luck will find him much success in his professional life.

Is Xavier Prather Dating Anyone?

Information on Xavier Prather’s dating life is scarce as the reality star has never spoken about it in public. His social media pictures show him enjoying with his family and engaging in the things he loves. However, the absence of someone special from Xavier’s posts is pretty apparent. Furthermore, with no reports linking the reality star to a romantic interest, we can assume that Xavier Prather is currently single and is focused on making the most out of life.

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