Xl Joushi Season 2: Premiere Date, Plot, Characters

Created by Magic Bus, a Studio which only has a few lesser-known titles under its belt, ‘XL Joushi’ is an Ecchi anime that is unlike most other shows out there. Though it does qualify as borderline hentai, it actually follows a pretty decent storyline. Most shoujo anime shows feature typical high school love stories but ‘XL Joushi’ takes a slightly different approach towards the romance genre and presents a story that is more suitable for a mature audience.

Certainly not one of the best shows, but you can still check it out if you’re looking for something that’s light-hearted.

XL Joushi Season 2 Release Date: When will it premiere?

XL Joushi season 1 premiered on October 7, 2019 and with a total of 8 episodes, it came to an end on November 25, 2019. Since its inception, shounen has always been the forefront of all genres. But XL Joushi, which is targeted towards adult women, is slightly different in that its target audience is not young men like most other anime.

Looking at the current ratings and the response the show has received, it seems unlikely that it will return with season 2. Also, it looks like one of those shows that are solely created for advertising their source materials. In the unlikely scenario if it does get renewed, you can expect XL Joushi season 2 to release sometime in 2021. Till then, you can check out our list of other similar Ecchi anime.

Xl Joushi English Dub:

As of now, ‘XL Joushi’ isn’t on any well-known streaming websites but you can still watch it on other unofficial platforms.

XL Joushi Plot:

Saki, the main protagonist of the series, struggles to keep her head above water. She is really hard-working but still struggles to afford even the basic necessities in life. That’s when one of her friends decides to help her out and offers her a part-time job where she has to review XL-sized condoms. Embarrassed by her new job, she chooses to drown her miseries in alcohol one night and gloomily walks back home. That’s when her boss from her day job, Keisuke Sudou, runs into her and notices her bag full of XL condoms. She tries to explain to him how she’s struggling to stay afloat and has no option but to monitor condoms for a living. Realizing her bad condition, he offers her help. What follows is Saki’s story who ends up finding in love in the most unexpected place.

XL Joushi Characters:

Keisuke Sudo

Keisuke Sudo is a stern young man who is often referred to as the “demon boss” by most of his employees. He is ruthless boss and makes sure that everyone working under him is giving everything they’ve got. In the office, he never wastes any time and makes sure that the people around him are working as hard as him. Later one night, he runs into Saki and finds her with a bag full of condoms. But to Saki’s surprise, instead of judging her, he keeps an open mind and even understands her situation.

In appearance, he is an ideal man with angular features and dark blue hair. He is also quite tall and has a muscular build. After he falls in love with Saki, he also proves to be a really nice boyfriend and unlike his cold demeanor at the office, he turns out to be a very warm and friendly person. When he starts helping Saki with her part-time job, he takes his role very seriously and makes sure that Saki gets all the help that she needs.

Saki Watase

Saki Watase is a 26-year-old woman who is extremely poor and cannot even afford soybean sprouts. She works really hard to make ends meet but still struggles to have enough money to survive. Out of sheer desperation, she picks up a part-time job where she has to review XL condoms. Initially, she gets really depressed and instead of finding a solution for her problems, she decides to get drunk. But when she finally meets Sudo outside the office and he offers her some help, her life begins to change.

Saki is a little slow compared to others at her workplace and is also quite clumsy and absent-minded. But what makes her a great employee is her commitment and honesty towards her work. In appearance, she has a cute face with soft feminine features and she is not all that tall. She has light brown hair and big brown eyes. When she blushes, her cheeks usually turn red.

Riku Narita

Riku Narita is another male character of the series who is the same age as Saki. He meets Saki for the first time at an XL discussion table. He is a typical playboy and never holds himself back from hitting on the women he likes.

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