XO, Kitty Ending, Explained: Who Does Kitty End up With?

Netflix’s ‘XO, Kitty’ follows the story of Kitty Song Covey, the younger sister of Lara Jean from ‘To All the Boys’ film series. The matchmaker sister, who kickstarted Lara Jean’s romance journey by sending out her love letters, finally focuses on her love life. In the last TAtB film, she meets a boy named Dae while on a trip to Seoul with her family. They continue the relationship over long distances through calls and texts, but when they finally come face to face, Kitty discovers that there is more to love and romance than she’d imagined. Here’s what the ending means for her. SPOILERS AHEAD

XO, Kitty Plot Synopsis

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After being in a long-distance relationship with Dae for four years, Kitty finally gets to see him again. She gets into the Korean Independent School of Seoul (KISS), where her mother spent a year of schooling. This is also the school where Dae studies, which makes it a perfect opportunity for Kitty to be with Dae while also getting in touch with her roots and exploring her mother’s past.

Kitty doesn’t tell Dae that she is coming to Korea, which is why it is a surprise for him and a shock for her when she discovers that Dae is in a relationship with a girl named Yuri. Heartbroken over his betrayal, Kitty thinks about leaving Korea and going back home, but she reminds herself that this is more than about Dae. This is about connecting with her mother, who seems to have had her share of friends and secrets while at KISS.

Kitty also notices that Dae and Yuri’s relationship is not all that it seems. She thinks they are faking it, but with Dae holding back, she has no choice but to move on. Things get complicated when Kitty starts to have feelings for Yuri. Meanwhile, Dae’s roommate, Min Ho, who didn’t like Kitty when he first met her, also falls in love with her.

XO, Kitty Ending: Do Kitty and Dae Break Up?

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One of the reasons why Kitty moved to Korea was Dae. They’d been in a relationship for four years but only met once. With both her sisters off to college, Kitty decided it was time for her to have her own adventure, and going to Korea gave her that chance, especially when it comes to finding love. However, once there, Kitty discovered how much distance changed one’s perception of the person they were with. Everything about Dae felt romantic to Kitty over the long distance, and she longed to be with him. But when they finally came face to face, she discovered different layers of him, one of which was that he kept secrets from her.

Despite her feelings for Dae, when Kitty sees his relationship with Yuri is serious, she decides to move on. In a twist of fate, she ends up having feelings for Yuri, which confuses her, because she thought she was straight. These feelings make her realize there is still so much she doesn’t know about herself and love. Eventually, Dae and Yuri break up, and Dae returns to Kitty. When Kitty demands to know why he was with Yuri and then why he broke up with her, Dae doesn’t open up.

It is when Yuri comes clean about their fake relationship and the fact that she is gay that Dae gets the whole picture. She understands it from Yuri’s point of view, who is not out yet, and is also dealing with the fact that her mother sent away the girl she loves. However, she can’t understand why Dae didn’t tell her anything. He didn’t need to tell Kitty everything, but he could have mentioned something. This creates distrust in her heart, which, combined with her growing feelings for Yuri, come between them.

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Ultimately, Kitty comes clean about it to Dae, revealing her feelings for someone else. Dae feels dejected and leaves. They don’t get to talk again until the exam results are out, which is when the teachers discover that Kitty has been living in the boys’ dorm room. This violates her expected conduct, and the principal tells her that she will be expelled from the school. With nothing left for her in Korea, Kitty packs her bags with no intention of returning after the winter break.

When Dae discovers she is leaving, he rushes to the airport to find her and tell her how he feels about her. Kitty is glad to see him, believing this could be the last time they see each other. While Dae talks about his love for her, Kitty confesses that even though she loves him, her feelings have changed, and she can’t be with him anymore. They acknowledge each other as their first love and mutually decide to end the relationship because they are very different people than what they were four years ago.

Is Kitty Expelled From KISS? Will She Come Back to Korea?

Kitty comes to KISS on a scholarship. This takes care of her tuition and secures a place in the dorms. At first, her name is confused with that of a boy’s, and she is sent to live in the boys’ dorms, sharing a room with Dae, Min Ho, and Q. When this confusion clears (all thanks to Min Ho), she is assigned a room with a girl. However, Kitty’s roommate is a gamer who makes it impossible to be in the same room. Kitty can’t deal with her unhygienic and disruptive ways. Seeing her struggle, Q suggests she should move into their dorm.

Because they decide to keep it between themselves and are rather discreet, no one finds out about Kitty’s living situation. Right before the winter break, when the exam results are announced, she comes out of her room excited to find out whether she passed. Her happiness to discover she passed quickly turns sour when Professor Lee finds her in the dorm hall in her pajamas, leaving no doubt that she spent the night there. Then they find out that she’d been living there all this time.

At first, Kitty thinks it’ll lead to something like detention, but Principal Jina reveals it’s much more. It is against school policy and is gross misconduct on her part, which means nothing short of expulsion. Kitty is heartbroken and knows that she can’t do anything about it. However, one scene suggests that her time in KISS might not be over yet. At the airport, she meets Yuri and almost confesses her feelings before Juliana arrives.

While Yuri is busy greeting Juliana, Kitty leaves without finishing her conversation. Yuri feels bad for her, so she calls her mother and asks her to revoke Kitty’s expulsion. Despite their initial dislike for each other, Kitty helps reunite Yuri with Juliana, to which Yuri feels indebted. It is also hinted that Yuri might have feelings for Kitty, too, owing to which she’d want to do something for Kitty in return.

Because her mother is the school’s principal, Yuri talks directly to her and expresses her wish to bring Kitty back. She also mentions how none of the boys were held accountable for hiding Kitty in their dorm all this time. Then why should she be the only one to pay the price for this? We don’t get to find out how the conversation ends, but knowing Yuri, we can say she would stop at nothing to get Kitty back to KISS.

Who is Simon?

Eve died when Kitty was too young to remember. All the things she knew about her mom came from her sisters. Going to KISS brings Kitty close to her mother in ways she’d never felt before. Kitty gets to know her mom as a teenager and unravels the mystery surrounding the friendship with Jina and the pregnancy which led to Alex’s birth. In the end, she discovers a new link to her mother’s life, opening more doors to find out who Eve was when she was Kitty’s age.

Kitty and her sisters believed their parents were each other’s first true love. However, in one of her mother’s letters, Kitty discovers the name of a boy named Simon. The way Eve wrote about her confirms that this boy meant a lot to her, much like Dae meant to Kitty. Perhaps, Simon was her mother’s first love, one she had to leave behind once she left Korea, or the one she outgrew just like Kitty outgrew her love for Dae when she discovered more things about herself. Kitty knows nothing about Simon now, but once she’s back at KISS after winter break, she’ll dive into it and maybe find out about her mother’s love story.

Will Kitty and Min Ho Get Together?

For a rom-com series, ‘XO, Kitty’ has many twists and turns. In ten episodes, it employs all the clichés of the genre, but the story is further elevated instead of being bogged down by them. Plot devices like fake relationships, secrets crushes, confused sexuality, and love triangles are explored throughout the series. While Kitty’s romance with Dae and her feelings for Yuri take centerstage, another storyline develops in the background.

When Kitty came to KISS, not everyone liked her. Q welcomed her with open arms, but Min Ho thought she was a menace and that Dae was better off without her. Min Ho and Kitty despise each other and can barely tolerate each other’s presence in close quarters. Slowly, however, they start getting to know each other, and both realize they’d misread the other. Kitty sees a softer side of Min Ho, one that actually cares about other people, and Min Ho falls in love with Kitty’s exuberance. It is a classic enemies-to-lovers arc, which remains unexplored in the show’s first season.

In the end, when Kitty gets on the plane to America, she discovers Min Ho seated beside her. He reveals that he is going to LA to spend the vacation with her mother, who is an actress. He would have flown first-class, but because he knew Kitty was on the same flight, he decided to fly coach. He thought Kitty could use the company, and he turned out to be correct. Kitty reveals that she made up with Dae but also broke up with him, as both agreed that their relationship had run its course.

This is when Min Ho takes his chance and confesses his feelings for Kitty. He tells her that he has fallen in love with her. Kitty is surprised because she thought Min Ho didn’t like her. In addition to that, she is also pleased, which suggests that she might be open to exploring it. The winter break is a perfect opportunity for that. Min Ho is going to be in America, and while Portland and LA aren’t exactly close, they are closer than Portland and Seoul. Even if they don’t jump into the relationship, they could explore it over calls and texts, as Kitty and Dae did for four years before they met. By the time they have to return to Seoul, they’ll know each other better and have a better idea of how to, if at all, go about it.

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