X-Santino Tha God and Sabrina Ross: Ex-CDG Employees Now Live a Quiet Life

As a Sam Lipman Stern as well as Adam Bhala Lough-directed documentary series living up to its title in every way imaginable, HBO’s ‘Telemarketers’ essentially serves as an expose. That’s because it comprises not only archival footage but also exclusive interviews with significant figures to really shine a light upon the actuality behind this industry of call center dealings. Amongst those to feature here were former telemarketing Civic Development Group (CDG) workers X-Santino Tha God and Sabrina Ross — so, let’s just find out more about them, shall we?

Where is X-Santino Tha God Now?

While there’s no denying X-Santino (real name Exavier Collins) spent nearly seven years in prison before suddenly evolving into a telemarketer, it appears as if he has since moved on with his life. “CDG came up to the halfway house,” this Orange, New Jersey native candidly conceded in the original production. “I went to jail at 23; I come home at 30… I ain’t have nothing at all. Nowhere to live, no real bread, no real clothes. And I got a job in six days. Then I’m all up on motherf–k-r ecstasy calling [every local CDG has information on and asking for donations] for the cops, high as hell.”

X-Santino admittedly didn’t “f–k with cops,” yet he liked this job as it enabled him to have independence and basically do whatever he desired as long as he hit his benchmark every month. However, now, in a complete 180, it seems like he’s residing in Newark, New Jersey, where he’s proud to be close to his loved ones while living his lifelong dream of being a musician/entrepreneur. In fact, this rising public figure already has approximately 15 original singles and 3 EPs under his belt, plus he’s the CEO/Frontline Artist at what appears to be an independent label called Blackmoney Da Movement.

Where is Sabrina Ross Now?

Although Sabrina’s precise current standing is unclear as of writing since she prefers to keep her personal life on the down low, it does appear as if she’s a proud mother of one still based in New Jersey. More importantly, despite all her work at CDG as an Office Manager, it doesn’t seem like she regrets her every action while there owing to the fact it undeniably gave her an experience of a lifetime. Yes, she understood the firm’s core concept in itself was wrong because they made people believe their entire donations would go to charity when the reality was 10%, but her co-workers kind of made it worth it.

Sabrina implied in the docuseries that they were like a dysfunctional family, especially as the office environment was like “anything you can ever imagine in a gangster film right in front of you… It was like, who’s going to get shot or robbed? Every day, it was a new adventure.” But then December 2, 2009, rolled around, and she suddenly found herself unemployed as CDG completely, permanently shut down on order from the Federal Trade Commission for malpractice/fraud. “I was shredding stuff in the office,” she said of the fateful day. “All of a sudden, these big white vans came, ‘Men in Black’ type sh*t. They took the f**king file cabinets out… swiped it clean,” and it was the end.

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