10 Best Yandere Anime of All Time

A yandere in anime is a character which is obsessively in love with someone or something and is not going to shy away from violence if any obstacle comes between them and their object of love. In feature films, you can identify them as obsessive lovers, or stalkers. In the world of anime too, they are pretty common. These male characters are somehow able to generate sympathy for themselves and that’s why over the years they have built a huge fan following for themselves. One reason could be that many (creepy) men probably identify themselves with these male yandere characters. With all that said now, here’s the list of top yandere anime ever made. You can watch several of these best yandere anime on Crunchyroll, Netflix or Hulu.

10. Tyki Mikk – D. Gray-man (2016)

Tyki Mikk is one of the male characters from the anime series ‘D.Gray-Man‘. Those who are familiar with the anime series or the manga must have heard about the Noah Family. Tyki is the third disciple of the family and the Noah name he has is Joyd. Throughout the series, he acts as one of the antagonists. He is quite handsome and has dark hair. There’s a mole under his eye. In his Noah form, Tyki takes on a very different form, where his skin becomes umber and his head features a horned helmet and his chest is covered by armor. In this form, his appearance is that of a dark knight. His white or human side likes to have fun and is sort of goofy but his dark side is heinous. His lust for blood and sadism comes out in his dark form. This side also brings out his psychopathic tendencies and is mostly due to his inner Noah. But it seems that having a light and dark side is quite fun for him. Tyki says it makes life interesting for him.

9. Rolo Lamperouge – Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion (2006 – 2007)

People who have only seen the first season of the anime, ‘Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch’ might not be so familiar with Rolo Lamperogue as his character has been introduced in the second season only. He has brown hair and violet eyes and can be mostly seen in his academy uniform. The following details about the character might be a spoiler for you guys, so read at your own discretion. Rolo appears in the second season of the anime as a brother to Lelouch. He seems to possess a kind and innocent heart and deeply cares about Lelouch. We later learn that this is not the truth. He is actually an assassin trying to pass off as Lelouch’s brother and when his gig is off, he shows his cold and violent side. But what got him a spot on this list is his obsession with Lelouch and for whom he can even kill a person and then proudly claim it. Even after knowing that Lelouch is not his real brother, he starts treating him like that and as mentioned above, he would go to any lengths for him.

8. Balder Hringhorni – Kamigami no Asobi (2014)

Balder Hringhorni is one of the main characters of the anime, ‘Kamigami no Asobi’. He is the Norse God of Light but can very well become the God of Destruction. He is quite handsome and has long hair and is mostly seen in his school uniform which consists of a shirt, a tie and a blazer with golden embroidery. Balder also wears grey-colored pants and white boots. His appearance makes him look like a female character (at least to me). Though in his human form his hair is golden, his hair turns white when he takes on the God form while his eyes turn golden. In this form, he loses all sorts of control over himself. Though at first we find him sweet and nice, we get a glimpse of his dark yandere side when he falls in love with Yui who does not love him back. He just goes insane for her and when he finds out that she might like someone else, he decides to make sure that if he cannot have her, no one should. Yup, full-on Yandere!

7. Toma – Amnesia (2013)

Toma is one of the characters from the visual novel, anime series ‘Amnesia’. He has been friends with Heroine, the main character of the anime who is amnesiac and is using the spirit Orion to regain her memory, since their childhood. He has spiky blonde hair and orange eyes. His body is lean and thin and he generally wears a black jacket with short sleeves. Toma, too, usually wears a black hairband which has four diamond-like markings on it. He is introduced to the viewers as a person who is easy-going and relaxed. He treats Heroine and Shin as his younger siblings and shows qualities of being an elder sibling to them.

However, it turns out that he has a deep darker side. Though he cares for Heroine like everyone else, he is sort of obsessed with her and lies to her about being her boyfriend. He even locks her in a cage. His justification for all this is that he is trying to protect Heroine even if it is from herself and she does not listen to him. He gives her meals through the bars and talks to her from outside the cage. Those are some serious indications of yandere love.

6. Sakamaki Ayato – Diabolik Lovers (2015)

Look, here’s the thing: most of the main male characters of ‘Diabolik Lovers’ seem to be somewhat yandere. But if I have to choose one, then it will definitely have to be Sakamaki Ayato, whose affection for the protagonist takes a somewhat inappropriate turn. Sakamaki Ayato is one of the members of the Sakamaki household. He is the third son of the house and like his siblings, he, too, is a vampire. The protagonist of the show is Yui, who after transferring to a new school, ends up living with a new family consisting of six handsome boys. Well, should be a dream come true for her, right? But nope!

The six guys who she stay with her are vampires thirsty for her blood and one of them is Sakamaki Ayato. You see where this is going, right? Ayato is quite possessive about Yui and it soon becomes very evident. But the way he shows his feelings is by sucking blood from Yui’s body. He just wants her love and affection which he did not get when he was a child. But since Yui is sort of his food source, is Ayato a yandere or just someone who loves good food?

5. Creed Diskenth – Black Cat (2005 – 2006)

Creed Diskenth is one of the main antagonists of the anime series, ‘Black Cat’. ‘Black Cat’ is an entertaining adventure, comedy anime about characters having superpowers. Creed Diskenth is the leader of the group by the name of Apostles of The Star. He used to be a member of a group called Chronos. He has silver white hair and lavender-colored eyes. Creed loves killing and is a cold-hearted murderer who gains pleasure by taking another person’s life. People would think that he is out for revenge, given the suffering he had to go through during his childhood, but turns out it is not the case.

Creed Diskenth just hates anyone and everyone and those who do not obey or follow him, he kills them. He does all of this out of pure hatred for everything in this world. He loves exercising his power and is deeply narcissistic. He wants to become immortal so that he can remain the embodiment of perfection forever. Creed is highly obsessed with the protagonist, Train, whom he wants on his side and gets rid of anyone who is an obstacle between them. He can go as far as to killing innocent people if it helps him get Train. His fixation for the protagonist of the series lands him a spot on this list.

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4. Griffith – Berserk (2016 – 2017)

If you have not seen ‘Berserk’ and have it on your viewing list, then steer clear of this since it is going to contain some spoilers. Griffith is one of the main characters of the action anime series, ‘Berserk’. The series is pretty violent and has lots of blood, gore, and nudity. Griffith is the leader of the Band of The Falcon, a group of mercenary which fights on behalf of the side that pays them. He is a wonderful swordsman and has unparalleled skill. He is always calm and composed and is shown to be possessing a high amount of intelligence. Griffith is quite possessive about stuff he thinks he owns.

When he meets Guts, he wants him to be his and defeats him in a swordfight and lays claim over him. His love for Guts is very explicit and he often gets more favors than any other members of the Band of The Falcon. So when Guts leaves the band, Griffith goes mad and eventually loses his mind. This, coupled with his imprisonment and torture, brings the hidden dark side out of him and makes him one of the most violent and cold-hearted villains of all time.

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3. Suboshi – Fushigi Yugi (2001 – 2002)

Suboshi is one of the main characters and a celestial warrior from the anime series, ‘Fushigi Yuug’. He is a Seiryuu warrior whose twin brother, Amiboshi, also happens to be a warrior. Suboshi is quite talented when it comes to fighting. He is cruel and violent and often loves inflicting pain on others. But lately, he has become quite affectionate towards Yui, whom Seiryuu makes the priestess. Suboshi worships Yui and treats her like the priestess. He deeply cares for her and would go to any lengths just to protect her. This might result in him taking violent measures if it means ensuring Yui’s safety. He would also do anything he can to get Yui whatever she asks for. If someone hates Yui, then he despises them too and makes them pay. So, when Yui expresses her dislikeness for Miaka, he starts treating her as Yui’s enemy. If he believes that anyone can or has hurt Yui, he makes sure they get the punishment he thinks they deserve.

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2. Seiji Yagiri – Durarara! (2015 – 2016)

Durarara!‘ is an entertaining series. I really enjoyed watching the series as it is quite fun and is filled with mysterious and supernatural stuff. Siji Yagiri is one of the supporting characters in the series. He is on this list because of his love for Celty’s head. People who are unfamiliar with the series need to know a little bit about Celty. She is an Irish fairy who is looking for her stolen head in this anime series. Seiji has been in love with her head for quite some time and every action he does is geared towards making him presentable for the time when the head wakes up. He later begins a relationship with Mika, another Yandere, and falls in love with her face. He even stabs Shizuo with pens to protect Mika whose face he loves.

1. Shuu Tsukiyama – Tokyo Ghoul (2018)

Shuu Tsukiyama is one of the main and recurring Ghouls from the popular action-horror anime series, ‘Tokyo Ghoul’. For those who have not seen it, ‘Tokyo Ghoul’ is an anime which is set in a world where Ghouls exist alongside humans. They can disguise themselves as humans and love to eat human flesh. Ken Kaneki is the protagonist of the anime who, after finding out that the girl he went on a date with is a ghoul and is going to kill him, gets into an accident which hurts them both. He wakes up in a hospital only to find out that he has become a ghoul-human hybrid due to doctors transplanting the girl’s organs in him. Shuu Tsukiyama is popular among the ghoul community as the gourmet ghoul. He becomes obsessed with Kaneki’s sense and taste of blood and wants to eat him. One time, he takes a handkerchief, which has Kaneki’s blood on it, to the restroom and sniffs it to orgasm. His obsession with Ken makes him go to extreme lengths just to get him on his plate.

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