Yeardley Love’s Family Is Now Devoted to Honoring Her Memory

It was in May 2010 when everything turned upside down for the Loves as 22-year-old University of Virginia lacrosse student-athlete Yeardley Love was found dead in her off-campus home. She was lying in her bed following a night out when one of her roommates came in a few hours later to discuss her lengthier evening, only to discover she was unresponsive, bloody, and bruised all over. In other words, as iterated by her loving family in Hulu’s ‘Death in the Dorms: Yeardley Love,’ her life was snatched away before she even got a chance to graduate or pursue her dreams.

Who is Yeardley Love’s Family?

It was back on July 17, 1987, when Yeardley was born in Baltimore, Maryland, to Sharon and John Love as the younger of two sisters — her elder sibling Lexie came into this world three years before her. They were admittedly always a happy, tight-knit group, yet they grew much, much closer once the patriarch got diagnosed with terminal cancer while his little girls were still just growing up. Nevertheless, despite his draining treatments as well as deteriorating health, he made it to every single one of their events or sports games, that is, until he sadly passed while the former was in eighth grade.

That’s when the remaining Love family members formed an even deeper connection, but the youngest also ended up developing incredible empathy as well as a fear of losing those closest to her. Little did anyone know this would inadvertently lead her to try and maintain an amicable bond with ex-boyfriend George Huguely despite their turbulent affinity’s conclusion earlier in 2010. This men’s lacrosse student-athlete already had troubles with the law, plus he was reportedly a violent drunkard, yet she never revealed anything to school officials or her family, no matter what he did.

That’s primarily because Yeardley could’ve never imagined George would go to the extent of taking her life in a physical altercation – he shook, beat, and hit her until she was at the point of no return. “I couldn’t figure out why the police [was at our doorstep],” Sharon once said, recalling the fateful morning. “I thought maybe the dog had been out barking and the neighbors had complained. I was trying to make sense of something—and then after I opened the door, they asked me if I was Yeardley’s mother, and, literally, it was all a blank after that.” Though the worst part for her and Lexie has reportedly always remained the fact it was he who’d killed their loved one.

Where is Yeardley Love’s Family Now?

Considering everything, it was only when George was sentenced to 23 years behind bars upon being found guilty of second-degree murder in 2012 that Sharon and Lexie finally breathed a sigh of relief. It has since seemingly been a long road for them to find it within themselves to forgive him, but they’ve done so for their own peace of mind as well as some sense of closure. However, the matriarch maintains she tries “not to even think about George Huguely anymore. It doesn’t do me any good. It would be a stepping backward rather than forward.” Instead, her focus is on remembering Yeardly.

In fact, to keep this young woman’s legacy alive, Sharon and Lexie co-founded the One Love Foundation to raise awareness about domestic abuse among 16-24-year-olds a mere month following the tragedy. They hence continue to unwaveringly operate this possibly life-changing organization, all the while doing their best to spend most of their free time with their remaining loved ones.

From what we can tell, they’re both based in Baltimore County, Maryland, at the moment, where Chair Sharon serves as the primary spokesperson for One Love and former IT engineer turned Vice Chair Lexie now goes by Lexie Love Hodges as a happily married mother of three. We should also mention the Loves sued George for Yeardley’s wrongful death years prior, and were awarded $15 million in compensatory damages in May 2022.

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