Yesi Reyes: Tough as Nails Star and Her Partner Have a Shared Love for Travel

Image Credit: Matt Barnes/CBS

Created by Phil Keoghan and Louise Keoghan, CBS’ ‘Tough as Nails‘ is a reality TV series featuring a bunch of working-class Americans and Canadians from different parts of the country who face off against each other in a set of challenges that test their physical strength, mental capability, agility, life skills, and endurance, taking place in real-life scenarios. One of the contestants who wears the calluses on her hands as a badge of honor is Yesi Reyes. Her grit and determination to do well in the competition have made her one of the fan favorites. So, are you interested in knowing everything you can about her personal as well as professional life? Well, luckily for you, we have got you covered!

Yesi Reyes Shares a Close Relationship With Her Family

Yesi Reyes was born in May 1991 in the sprawling Southern Californian city of Los Angeles in a loving household. She spent most of her childhood in the City of Angels as well. Yesi has come a long way as she joined the cast of the fifth installment of ‘Tough as Nails’ at the age of 31. While she might have had a close relationship with her family members growing up, it doesn’t seem to be the case as of late, especially in the case of her brother, Javi.

The siblings seemingly have not seen eye to eye for about nine years now. Owing to the strained relationship between her and her brother, Yesi hasn’t been able to spend time with her beautiful nephew, Javi Jr., as well. In a heartfelt post from July 2020, Yesi expressed how much she misses her nephew and how she hopes to reconcile with her estranged brother in the near future and finally throw Javi Jr. a birthday party. Aches hit my heart as I think of the handful of times I’ve seen your sweet face, held your hands, or simply heard your laugh. Six years have gone by and it breaks my heart to not have a relationship with you. What gives me hope is the blood that runs through our veins, you will always be a part of me,” she wrote.

Yesi added, “Though I’ve missed some of the sweetest moments of your childhood thus far, like seeing you blow your candles out or simply spoiling you with sweets & gifts, I remain faithful. I miss your face and little body so much. I’m sorry that we continue to miss the mark. As adults we have become so naive to believe that time is on our side and change can come at a later date with our broken relationships, but it’s unfortunate because we miss out on so much life.” Interestingly, when Yesi appeared on ‘Tough as Nails’ to showcase her prowess, Javi Jr. was seen celebrating her aunt’s achievements and being proud of her on social media.

After shrugging off the idea of surfing at first, when one of her friends offered her a surfboard, Yesi came to a realization that she should be open to having an open mind and learning new things. So, although she is still learning, surfing is something she does quite frequently in her free time. Surfing isn’t the only water activity she enjoys doing, as she is quite fond of jetskiing as well. Being a self-aware and emotional person, Yesi tends to use writing as an outlet to pen down her true emotions from time to time. Yesi is also a vegan and loves all things nature.

Yesi Reyes’ Professional Journey

Back in 2017, Yesi Reyes decided to become an ironworker. Just four years later, in August 2021, she graduated from being an apprentice to Journeyman, thanks to her determination to keep striving to be better and her passion for the job. Given her challenging job, she was able to find the challenges in ‘Tough as Nails’ quite doable and probably less challenging as compared to others. Being a woman in this field of work, she also inspires tons of women across the world to follow their dreams and do what they love doing. Apart from her primary profession, Yesi also offers assistance at Interior Greens, an eclectic showroom that deals with vintage decor and greenery arrangements at Melrose Avenue in LA.

Yesi Reyes Share a Healthy Bond With Partner Gigi

Yesi Reyes has been in a healthy and loving relationship with the love of her life, Gigi Peretz, since March 2021. She was born and raised in Israel and has Moroccan and Polish ancestry, and is the founder of Interior Greens. Gigi has driven Yesi to do better in life and become a stronger person than she was before. More than two years later, they are still madly in love with each other, and together, they rescue adorable stray dogs and help them find foster homes. Talking of dogs, they are parents to more than a couple of furry little bundles of joy themselves, one of whom is named CJ, who has been with Yesi before Gigi entered her life. Gigi had lost two of her dogs, Lily and Sunshine, when Yesi met her.

During those tough times and in moments of grief, Yesi was there for Gigi, making her feel better with tender love and care. The healthy bond that the couple shares is something every other couple strives for in their relationship. We get a glimpse of the same in various posts of the skilled ironworker on her social media profiles, where she shows her gratitude and undying affection towards her partner. Yesi also shares a tight bond with Gigi’s brother Snir, who is an interior designer. The pair even travel together frequently, as in April 2022, Gigi and Yesi explored the streets of Paris holding hands. We wish both of them a bright future ahead and years and years of togetherness and love!

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