Yesim Cetir: How Did Paolo Macchiarini’s Patient Die?

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The abrupt truncation of a young life filled with promises is undeniably painful, yet the anguish deepens when the cause is unveiled to be the avarice, negligence, and complete disregard of another. It is even more profound when the revelation surfaces that it was brought about by the greed and negligence of another. Yesim Cetir found herself ensnared in a parallel tragedy, her existence cut short by the very doctor she had long trusted. This betrayal subjected her to years of excruciating pain. Yesim’s story unfolds in Netflix’s ‘Bad Surgeon: Love Under the Knife,’ shedding light on the heartbreaking consequences of misplaced trust within the realm of healthcare.

Yesim Cetir Entered Treatment with Hope

At 26 years old, Yesim, a university student in Turkey, became the unfortunate victim of a botched operation in her home country aimed at addressing her hand sweating issues. This procedure resulted in damage to her trachea, lung drainage complications, and a persistent chronic cough. While these conditions were not life-threatening, they significantly diminished her overall quality of life. When the highly acclaimed Dr. Paolo Macchiarini visited Istanbul, Yesim’s family eagerly decided to meet him, and on March 25, 2012, Dr. Macchiarini agreed to lend his assistance.

Yesim’s initial surgery took place on June 24, 2012, with the Ministry of Health in Istanbul covering the expenses for her medical procedure. To facilitate the surgery at the Karolinska Institute, they sent over half a million Euros. Yesim was the third person to undergo this groundbreaking operation and the fifth individual globally. The intricate procedure involved the removal of her damaged trachea, replacing it with a plastic windpipe, and enveloping it with stem cells. This innovative approach aimed to stimulate the regeneration of new cells, essentially creating a new windpipe that would function as her organ.

How Did Yesim Cetir Die?

Unfortunately, Yesim’s medical journey took a perilous turn when the replacement of her initial graft proved unsuccessful. The doctor had to return to the Karolinska Institute to conduct a second surgery, replacing her graft with another plastic trachea on July 9, 2013. Following this operation, Yesim’s condition became critical, necessitating her placement in the intensive care unit. Meanwhile, the unfolding story of Dr. Macchiarini’s deceptive practices began to surface. As the complexities of her case persisted, Yesim was eventually transferred to Temple University Hospital in Philadelphia, US. There, attempts were made to perform a lung-trachea replacement surgery, but regrettably, it failed. Yesim succumbed to her prolonged suffering on March 19, 2017, enduring immense pain and discomfort for over four years. Yesim’s father, who had disregarded treatment for his cancer diagnosis, passed away shortly after his daughter.

In 2022, the district court in Solna grappled with the cases of three patients, all of whom had undergone surgeries under the care of Macchiarini. Astonishingly, he was found guilty of causing bodily harm only in Yesim’s case, resulting in a suspended license. Macchiarini staunchly maintained his innocence. However, in June 2023 justice took a firmer stance when an appeals court in Stockholm pronounced him guilty of gross assault against all his patients, leading to a sentence of 2 years and 6 months in prison. This legal reckoning highlighted the gravity of the harm inflicted on those who had placed their trust in Macchiarini’s care.

Yesim’s story, marked by hope, deceit, and ultimate tragedy, serves as a stark reminder of the profound impact that individuals in positions of trust can have on the lives they touch. It urges society to scrutinize, with unwavering vigilance, those entrusted with the sacred responsibility of healing, ensuring that justice prevails even in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds.

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