Are Yolanda and Williams From 90 Day Fiance Still Together?

How lonely do you need to be to trust any random stranger over the internet? Especially, when the person at the other end does not reveal his true identity? And have you wondered how dangerous the consequences can be? Well, this is exactly what happened to Yolanda on ’90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days’ season 4. She was blackmailed and catfished and still, she could not stop loving the man, who claimed to have feelings for her. So, where is Yolanda now and is she still connected with her lover? Let’s find out.

Yolanda and Williams: 90 Day Fiance Journey

Yolanda, a 51-year-old widow, is a native of Vegas and she lives with her six children. She lost her husband to kidney disease and was depressed for a long time. But finally, she decided to move on and started concentrating on her health. While documenting her fitness and weight loss journey online, she met Williams, a 40-something man from Manchester, England.

She was instantly attracted to his British accent and as a widow, it was very easy for the man to woo her. Williams used to contact her only via phone and refused to come on video — saying that his camera was broken. A vulnerable Yolanda, in spite of the skepticism of her kids, decided to meet him and embrace a better life. But things took a complicated turn when he started blackmailing her over confidential, personal pictures. When confronted, Williams claimed that his account was supposedly hacked.

Obviously, Yolanda was catfished. But throughout the show, she kept denying it and defending the man who claimed to have feelings for her. The only voice of reason here was Lana, Yolanda’s daughter, who had been trying to make her mother face reality all this while. Lana was especially aghast when she learned that Yolanda had even given Williams their address so that he could send her flowers.

Later, it was also revealed that Williams’ Instagram photos were that of an Italian bodybuilder named Michele Di Lucchio. Moreover, when Yolanda told him that she was planning to meet him in England, he would not disclose the name of the international airport.

SPOILER ALERT: In the end, it is revealed that Williams was not Williams at all! He was someone from Nigeria with an eye for feeding on the insecurities of lonely women. His name is Uche Gucheano Ibeh aka Guche and he is a Nigerian singer.

Are Yolanda and Williams Still Together?

Apparently not. And this is such a relief. We had a look at Yolanda’s Instagram profile and she seems to have moved on. She is dedicatedly committed to her fitness journey and keeps posting inspiring images of her progress. On April 7, 2020, she uploaded a picture with the caption: “It took me a while to learn “Being alone is not scary….but being with the wrong person is a lot more frightening!” ?? Take this Quarantine time to reflect on what really counts….????????!!”

In March 2020, she even tagged Uche in one of her posts and wrote: “So sad what people will do and say when u “reject” all their advances and try to be a good friend. But the saddest thing is that people will believe them!!! ??‍♀️??‍♀️.”

This means that Yolanda has finally realized the true face of the man behind the screen. And we are happy for her. Uche has clearly decided to leave behind his past as well. His Insta handle is packed with single pictures of him going about with his life. But we really hope he leaves his habit of preying on vulnerable women and embraces a more honest approach in the future.

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