Are Yolanda and Williams Still Together?

TLC’s ’90 Day Fiance’ documents how love can cross the borders of a nation. The premise rests on non-American people who come to visit their partners for 90 days on a K-1 visa. At the end of the period, they either marry them or go back home. Yolanda’s story had the fans sympathizing with her. The single mother fell in love with a British man but soon had to face the truth about Williams being a catfish.

However, reports suggest that one of the men Yolanda had a short relationship with, has claimed that she’s doing the show for money, and a platform to promote her book ‘Diet Not.’ With Yolanda and Williams’ story at a possible dead end, you might be wondering whether they are still together. We have the latest news and updates here.

Williams and Yolanda’s 90 Day Fiance Journey:

Yolanda met Williams on Instagram, and the single mom fell in love with the man claiming to be British. He wanted money to come and visit her, but she decided to visit him instead. However, Williams gave Yolanda a non-existent airport, which made it impossible for her to book tickets. He also ignored her pleas for help. To complicate matters, a stranger appeared and wanted a ransom for Yolanda’s explicit photographs.

Karra and Damante, Yolanda’s kids, helped their mother figure out that Williams is not real. Despite receiving proof about catfishing, Yolanda remained willing to delude herself rather than accepting reality. Recently, she has admitted that she still has feelings for Williams. Even if the photos he used are not real, she has put stock in their conversations and has extended an olive branch by sending him her picture, so Williams is more at ease.

Yolanda has told him that she just wants to see the real Williams. She has smartly avoided bringing up the topic of ransom and her explicit photographs. Despite the seemingly dead-ended relationship, Yolanda seems determined to make things work. So now, the question is, will her cheery optimism work?

Are Williams and Yolanda Still Together?

Yolanda and Williams’ current relationship status seems to be shrouded in mystery. Perhaps the confidentiality agreements with TLC don’t allow Yolanda to post their pictures. However, it is much more likely that they are no longer together. Recently, Yolanda put up a picture stating she is reflecting on the next chapter of her life and getting ready to leave the past behind. Perhaps it indicates that she’s moving on from Williams, who Yolanda claims to care about a lot.

Perhaps her experiences with Williams have acted as an eye-opener. In a recent post, she’s reflectively remarked that being alone is not as scary, but being with the wrong person is frightening. After losing her husband, Yolanda might have reached out to Williams, looking for affection and security. However, she didn’t find any with the catfish, and the quarantine has made her realize what to value in life truly.

Yolanda and Williams have had one of the strangest stories in ’90 Day Fiance,’ and if the single mother has moved on from the deluded relationship, it is better for her and her kids.

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