You Go Natural Shark Tank Update: Where Are They Now?

You Go Natural (YGN) is a trailblazing brand that has revolutionized the hair accessories industry by providing innovative solutions for individuals with textured hair. Founded by Monique Little in 2016, YGN has made it their mission to cater to the unique needs of people with curly, coily, and kinky hair types. YGN’s hair accessories are designed to cater to different hair types and styles, making them versatile and suitable for a wide range of users.

Monique Little introduced her company in season 14 episode 21 of ‘Shark Tank.’ YGN’s commitment to inclusivity and diversity is reflected in its product line, which features a variety of colors, prints, and styles. The brand’s dedication to providing solutions for individuals with textured hair has earned them a loyal customer base and recognition in the beauty industry. Such a great product surely piqued our interest, and we decided to chart the company’s growth! Here’s everything we found!

You Go Natural: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

With just a sewing machine in her mother’s living room, Monique Little established her company in 2016. The company’s journey from a small-scale operation in a living room to an 8,000-square-foot production facility in East Dallas is a testament to its unwavering commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. YGN’s success lies in their ability to create functional and beautiful hair accessories that make styling and protecting textured hair effortless and chic.

Monique Little is the Chief Executive Officer of You Go Natural. As the CEO, she leads a team of talented individuals who are dedicated to innovating and improving the haircare industry. Prior to starting her own company, Monique obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business/Managerial Economics from Rutgers University – Newark. Her education, combined with her passion for haircare, has allowed her to become a successful entrepreneur.

In recognition of her achievements, Monique was named a member of the DBJ 40 under 40 – 2022 class, an honor bestowed by the Dallas Business Journal to exceptional young leaders in the community. Additionally, she was also included in the Forbes Next 1000 list, a prestigious recognition of the top rising stars and entrepreneurs across America. Monique’s leadership and innovation have been instrumental in driving the success of You Go Natural. Through her vision and hard work, she has taken her company from humble beginnings in her mother’s living room to a thriving business that is making a significant impact in the haircare industry.

You Go Natural is Expanding in its Innovative Offerings Today

You Go Natural has transformed the hair accessory industry by providing a range of products that cater to the needs of individuals who have limited time and resources to devote to their hair care routines. The brand’s product line features a variety of headwear options, including headbands, headwraps, turbans, and durags for both men and women, all of which are designed to offer convenience and style.

One of the standout features of YGN’s products is the use of satin lining, which is ideal for textured hair. Unlike natural fibers like silk, which can bond with shed skin cells and residue from hair, synthetic satin is more breathable and easier to maintain. This makes it an excellent choice for hair accessories that require regular washing and maintenance. Brand Foundry Ventures and three other investors have contributed to You Go Natural’s success by providing a seed funding round that raised $2,000,000.

The significant investment has enabled the company to grow and expand its innovative offerings in the haircare industry. The company was featured in Glossy, Essence, Women’s Health, and Allure. The brand features different products for both men and women at varying prices. The Men’s Spring collection features the Ribbed V2 Halo Turban at $35, which comes in three different colors, Oat, Java, and Avocado. The Women’s Spring collection includes the ribbed buns at $35.

Other men’s products include Velvet Halo Turbans at $40, Active Halo Turban at $38, Men’s Open T-shirt Turban at $35, and others. The women’s products include T-shirt buns at $35, Onyx Swim Turban at $48, Knotted Headband at $15, Satin Puff Pull (Set of 3) at $30, and others. Customers of the brand can buy the product from their official website or from Amazon.

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