You Should Have Left Filming Locations

You Should Have Left’ is a psychological thriller that is creepily timely in the world locked down due to a deadly pandemic. It tells the story of a person who gets trapped in a house and no matter how hard he tries, he can’t escape it. The film plays with this idea of confinement in a way that makes us reconsider our surroundings and contemplate the situation that landed us in a specific place. Because it is mostly set in one place, the location becomes a critical element to the story. If you want to know where ‘You Should Have Left’ is shot, here’s the answer.

Where Was You Should Have Left Filmed?

‘You Should Have Left’ follows the story of a family that finds a perfect vacation house in Wales. They arrive at the place, thinking that it would give them a break from their busy and otherwise hectic and tiring lives. However, it turns out to be the worst experience of their lives as bad things start to happen there. Because the location is in Wales, the production set camp there to get the actual vibe of the place while also throwing the characters in unknown surroundings.

Wales, Great Britain

The real action in ‘You Should Have Left’ begins when the Conroy family finds a beautiful house to rent in Wales. Once they reach there, they find it better than expected, but eventually, the whole experience turns out to be horrific. Because most of the film takes place inside the house, it was the most important location for the film. Director David Koepp didn’t want some gothic-style conventional haunted house that creaks and groans to induce horror. He had a very specific form of a modern house in his mind and he found the one that fit perfectly with his imagination in Wales.

The Life House in Llanbister, Radnorshire serves as the main location of the movie. Designed by a British architect, John Pawson, it was completed in 2016 and is available to rent online. When Koeppe and Kevin Bacon found it, they instantly knew this was the one they needed to tell their story. A lot of scenes, especially in the first part of the film have been shot on location. The exteriors, country shots, and walk in the forest scenes are filmed near the property.

As the story progresses, Theo realizes that the house is much more than what it appears to be. On measuring it, he finds that the rooms are bigger than their measurements on the outside. This creates a sense of disorientation for the protagonist, which is emphasized with the long hallways that keep changing location.

To get this effect, the production designed the interiors of the house on a soundstage in Wembley, London. After giving the audience a look into the basic structure of the house, the director wanted to play around with its dimensions, which is what he got through the sets. He added a second story to the building, which is actually just one-story. Additional doors, hallways, and staircases were added to give a sense of more depth to the house.


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