Young, Famous & African Season 2: Where Are The Cast Members Now?

Image Credit: Mosa Hlophe/Netflix

Created by Peace Hyde and Martin Asare Amankwa, Netflix’s ‘Young, Famous & African’ is an African reality show that focuses on a group of friends comprising some of the biggest celebrities in the region. As life goes on, they face many personal and professional ups and downs that often affect how their group’s dynamic is affected. The recent release of the show’s second season has undoubtedly increased the public’s interest in its star-studded cast, with people eager to know where their favorites are these days. Luckily, we are here to answer the same!

Annie Macaulay-Idibia is Thriving in Her Life Today

We are starting with Annie Macaulay-Idibia, one of the most well-known names from the show. The Nigerian superstar is happily married to Innocent “2Baba” Idibia and has two beautiful daughters, Isabel and Olivia. Though the couple tied the knot in 2012, the renewal of their vows was the highlight of the season 1 finale of the Netflix show. Despite the recent rumors about her husband having had a child outside wedlock, Annie has stayed beside 2Baba and vehemently denies such allegations. She is the proud owner of BeOlive Hair Studio in Atlanta, Georgia, which is only one of her multiple business ventures.

Swanky Jerry is Gaining Global Recognition in Fashion

Jeremiah Ogbodo, AKA Swanky Jerry, is a Fashion Stylist from Nigeria whose outfits in the Netflix show are always sure to catch your eye. Having won numerous awards over the years, the reality TV star ensures that those styled by him never fail to capture the world’s attention. Thanks to his career, Swanky is acquainted with many African celebrities and is close to several. As one of the main stars of the Netflix series, he has successfully garnered international attention.

Andile Ncube is Entertaining on SABC and Metro FM

Next, we have Andile Ncube, a beloved TV host and radio broadcaster in South Africa. The Netflix icon works alongside SABC Sport and Metro FM and is always eager to entertain his audience with much-needed entertainment. The father of four is happy to spend time with his children, whom he loves very much. He is also on amicable terms with Sebabatso Mothibi, the mother of his youngest and oldest children. However, there does not seem to be anything romantic between them as of writing. On the other hand, the exact nature of his relationship with Rosette Ncwana, the mother of two of his daughters, has not been made clear yet.

Khanyi Mbau is Navigating Stardom and Motherhood

South African star Khanyi Mbau is beloved by many and has only become more popular due to her time with the Netflix series. She is affiliated with The Klassic Agency and works under the company’s management. The actress does not seem to be in a relationship though her ex, Kudzai Mushonga, recently seems to have taken a dig at the star via Instagram stories, comparing her unfavorably to his current partner, Vanja Vincentijevic. Khanyi is also a happy mother to Khanukani Mbau, born to the actress and her former husband, Mandla Mthembu, in 2006.

Diamond Platnumz is Leading Music and Business Ventures Now

Naseeb Abdul Juma Issack, AKA Diamond Platnumz, is a musician from Tanzania who serves as the Founder and CEO of organizations like WCB Wasafi Record Label, Wasafi Bet, and Wasafi Media. He has two more well-known children, along with his daughter Latiffah and son Prince Nillan (whose mother is none other than Zari Hassan). Diamond also has a son named Dylan with Hamisa Mobetto, while his relationship with Tanasha Donna also led to the birth of Naseeb Jr in October 2019.

Though reports indicate that the musician has more children, none of them seem to be as much in the limelight as the ones previously mentioned. The ambassador of Pepsi Tanzania and Airtel Tanzania was seen dating Fantana in the second installment of season 2 though neither party has shared whether they are still seeing each other.

Zari Hassan is Managing Business and Family Life

Let’s talk about Zarinah “Zari” Hassan, also called Zari the Boss Lady, who hails from Uganda but presently lives in South Africa. The iconic businesswoman is the CEO of Brooklyn City College (BCC), established by her and her former husband, Ivan Ssemwanga. Zari and Diamond have two children, Latiffah and Prince Nillan, whom she adores. Additionally, she has three more sons, Pinto, Quincy, and Diddy, from her first marriage. On April 17, 2023, Zari tied the knot with Shakib Lutaaga in a private ceremony.

Fantana is Overcoming Loss, Advancing in Music

Francine Nyanko Koffi, AKA Fantana, works under the management of Fabian Sebastian Thorpe and is thriving in her career as a musician. As of writing, she has about 4.5 thousand monthly listeners on Spotify, with her YouTube channel boasting over 10 thousand subscribers. The artist from Ghana was involved with Diamond during the show’s second season. However, in January 2023, she shared the heartbreaking news of the tragic death of Ayanle Husein, someone she seemingly had been with for some time before the incident.

Nadia Nakai is Navigating Personal Loss

Next, we have Nadia Nakai Dlamini, a South African rapper and television star who has captivated the world with her work. Due to her hard work and skills, she has received many awards, including the 2021 SA Style Awards for Most Stylish Performing Artist and the 2019 All Africa Music Awards for Best Female Artiste in Southern Africa.

Nadia is also the proud host for the reunion episodes of ‘Love and Hip Hop South Africa.’ As fans of ‘Young Famous & African’ might be aware, she had been dating Kiernan Forbes, or AKA, for some time. However, the relationship came to a tragic end when he was shot to death in Durban. South Africa. Nadia is still on good terms with AKA’s daughter, Kairo Forbes.

Luis Munana is Expanding His Entrepreneurial Ventures

Previously seen in ‘Big Brother Africa’ season 9, Luis Munanan is a well-established entrepreneur. In fact, he is the Founder of Waka Waka Moo, also serving as its Managing Director. The Netflix star established MTC Windhoek Fashion Week and is presently its Director. Some of Luis’ other notable positions include being the Creative Director of Zuriel (another company he helped found) and the Founder of RaZul, which was launched on May 6, 2023. In addition, he is the Chief Operating Officer of Voigush Media and has had the honor of being featured in Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list in 2019.

Naked DJ is Thriving in DJing and Personal Life

More famously known as Naked DJ, Quinton Masina is a well-known DJ, radio host, and record producer. The artist has garnered much fame through his appearance in the first two seasons of ‘Young, Famous & African,’ acting as one of the most prominent cast members. Presently, he is affiliated with The Klassic Agency. The artist’s relationship with Kayleigh Schwark is going well, with the two often seen in each other’s company in formal and informal settings. Naked is also close to his son, Phiwe Masina, who turned 17 in February 2023.

Kayleigh Schwark is Enjoying Life with Naked DJ

Footballer Kayleigh Schwark has undoubtedly gained her fair share of fans thanks to her time in the Netflix reality series. Her relationship with Naked DJ has remained a pivotal part of the show for its first two seasons, and the couple seems to be enjoying their time together. Besides, Kayleigh appears to have developed a good relationship with her boyfriend’s son Phiwe, much to his happiness. She is partnered with The Klassic Agency, like many of her co-stars.

Bonang Matheba Continues to Influence Post-Show

Despite her abrupt exit in the middle of ‘Young, Famous & African’ season 2, Bonang Matheba’s impact on the public is far from minimal. The South African star is the proud Founder of House Of BNG. Additionally, she has been part of many entertainment projects over the years, often hosting various prestigious events, like ‘Miss South Africa 2019.’ Bonang’s fan following is impressive, with over 5 million followers on Instagram.

Innocent “2Baba” Idibia is Nurturing Family Now

Celebrated Nigerian musician Innocent Ujah Idibia, AKA 2Baba, was seen briefly in the show’s second season. Despite the various speculations regarding his marriage with Annie Macaulay-Idibia, he seems to have a loving relationship with his wife. Apart from his daughters, Olivia Idibia and Isabel Idibia, with Annie, 2Baba is also the father to 5 more children. He has two kids with Sumbo Ajala and is a father to Pero Adeniyi’s three children.

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