Your Honor Season 2 Episode 1 Recap: What Does Olivia Delmont Want From Michael?

Showtime’s ‘Your Honor’ follows the story of Michael Desiato, a judge who is forced to go down the road of lies and deceit when his son, Adam, kills the son of a gangster by mistake. The first season has Michael desperately trying to keep his son’s crime a secret, but all of it unravels in the end when Adam ends up dead. In the second season, we find a hopeless and helpless Michael who has given up on life, but there are still a lot of things that need to be dealt with. At the end of the first episode, a couple of new characters enter the fray, one of whom might become Michael’s motivation to do away with the crime families in New Orleans once and for all. Here’s what the ending means. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Your Honor Season 2 Episode 1 Recap

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A flashback reveals what happened in the immediate aftermath of Adam’s death. An inconsolable Michael confessed everything to Nancy Costello, but lands in prison for a completely different reason. Here, he tried to starve himself to death, but the prison officials don’t want him to die on their watch, so he is force-fed. This is when a federal lawyer, Olivia Delmont shows up to have a chat with Michael. When he shows complete disinterest in helping her, she gives him a good reason to change his mind.

Going back to the murder, Eugene is horrified by what happened to Adam and he runs away. Carlo and his men chase after the boy but he succeeds in getting away. He is caught by Mo’s people, who hide him from the Baxters, while the two gangs try to negotiate a peace treaty. Mo doesn’t want Eugene’s actions to lead to a gang war and unnecessary bloodshed. Still, Gina and Carlo have something else in mind. Meanwhile, Fia tries to communicate with Michael, but he completely ignores her. Instead, he does his best to indulge in something that has a higher chance of killing him.

Your Honor Season 2 Episode 1 Ending: What Does Olivia Delmont Want From Michael?

All of Michael’s wrongdoings go to waste the moment his son dies. Adam was his whole world and with him gone, Michael has no reason to live. He confesses everything, hoping to go to prison or better yet, get killed because of snitching on Jimmy Baxter. However, Olivia Delmont has something else in mind for him. Discovering how he had closely worked with the mob boss in keeping his son out of jail, she wants to use him to put down the Baxter family and their criminal empire once and for all.

When Nancy Costello presents Michael’s confession, wanting to use it as evidence against him, Delmont advises keeping the recording a secret. She is not against sending Michael to prison, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they should completely waste his potential as someone who can help stop criminal activities in the city. On her behest, Michael is charged with a made-up crime, something along the lines of tax evasion, and his files are sealed so that no one can try to pick apart their elaborate lie.

At first, Delmont tries to have a normal conversation with Michael, asking for his help. However, when she discovers that he is too drowned in his sorrow to care about the rest of the world, she comes up with a very good reason to bring him back to reality. It turns out that in his confession, Michael also incriminated his best friend, Charlie Figaro, who is up for mayor in the next election.

It was Charlie who, not knowing the true nature of the crime, helped Michael get rid of the car that killed Jimmy Baxter’s son. Following Adam’s death, Michael was in no state to think about what he was saying, otherwise, he would have kept Charlie’s name out of it. Unfortunately, Delmont has his confession on tape and she threatens to use it against Charlie, which will not only ensure his defeat in the elections but will also put an end to his career. Charlie might also have to face prison time. Feeling guilty about putting his best friend in such a situation, especially when Charlie always had his back no matter what, Michael decides to go forward with Delmont’s plan and is released from prison.

Was Fia Pregnant? Did She Have Adam’s Child?

This episode repeatedly highlights the lack of motivation for Michael. Adam was his only family and with him gone, there is nothing left for Michael to fight for. Even though he has agreed to work for Delmont, he is motivated only because of his loyalty to his friend. There is nothing that makes things so personal for him that he completely dedicates himself to the job like he did when he needed to save Adam. At the end of the episode, however, it looks like Michael might find his motivation soon enough.

In the previous season, Fia Baxter and Adam Desiato met and fell in love, even when everything around them felt like falling apart. After Adam’s death, Fia tried to reach out to Michael. She wrote him letters, but not only did he never respond, he never even read the letters. He kept her at a distance mainly because she is Jimmy’s daughter. However, in not talking to her, he misses the chance to find out that he has a grandson.

Apparently, Fia got pregnant while Adam was still alive. It was only after his death that she discovered she was going to have a child. She decided to keep the baby and felt obligated to include Michael in its life, considering that the child was Michael’s only living blood relative now. While he remains unaware of the baby’s existence, Micahel will eventually find out about it. This might be the push he needs to really dive into the mission of bringing down Jimmy Baxter and his criminal family because Michael wouldn’t want his only grandson to be brought up by criminals and eventually become one someday.

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