Your Honor Season 2 Episode 4 Recap: Why did Eugene Come Back to New Orleans?

The fourth episode of Showtime’s ‘Your Honor’ Season 2 makes things more dangerous for Michael Desiato, who is forced to bring his friend, Charlie Figaro into the complicated events that he has been stuck in since his release from prison. The events happening in the background also get messed up as Big Mo finds herself trying to clean up yet another mess which comes with its own set of consequences. The entry of a new character also threatens to ruffle things up in the future. Here’s a look at everything that happens in this episode and what it means for the judge and his friends. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Your Honor Season 2 Episode 4 Recap

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Jimmy Baxter invites Michale Desiato to his fiftieth birthday party. At first, Michael thinks that it is because of his meetings with Fia. But when the gangster asks him to bring Charlie Figaro as his plus one, Michael realizes that there are bigger things at play, something regarding the deal that Charlie had mentioned in their last meeting. Olivia Delmont considers it a great opportunity for Michael to be the spy and try to stumble on anything that might help her build the case against Jimmy Baxter.

Meanwhile, Big Mo becomes more desperate to get the money and realizes that something has gone wrong because Lil Mo is not responding. From her police contact, she discovers that he has been arrested. The question of the bag full of her money, which she urgently needs to make her claim on the club becomes more important by the minute, especially when the man with whom Lil Mo had arranged the deal comes knocking around his aunt’s house.

Your Honor Season 2 Episode 4 Ending: Why did Eugene Come Back to New Orleans?

Things haven’t been easy for Eugene and his family since the beginning of ‘Your Honor’. His brother, Kofi, got wrongly convicted for the death of Rocco Baxter and was later killed by Carlo in the prison. Gina Baxter, believing that Kofi was the one who murdered her son, didn’t stop at just his death. She had Kofi’s entire family die in an explosion that destroyed the house and killed everyone inside it. The only reason that Eugene survived was that he was not there at the time.

At the end of Season 1, Eugene stirred things up after he tried to shoot Carlo at his party, but shot Adam instead. He ran away but was caught by Big Mo who wanted to protect him from the Baxters but was ready to give him up to the law if that would mean getting a favor from Mayor Charlie Figaro. Before that could happen, Lil Mo made the choice to let Eugene go. He left him at his aunt’s place in Houston, where Eugene, still traumatized by the entire experience, tried to build a new life. When Lil Mo told him never to come back to New Orleans, he took it seriously. But at the end of this episode, we find him back at Big Mo’s door.

One of the most important things for Eugene is loyalty. Lil Mo saved him, so when he gets in trouble, the boy knows that he has to do whatever it takes to help him. The moment he sees the bag of money, he knows that Big Mo will kill Lil Mo if the money is lost. He hides it under his bed, but when Roger comes looking around the next day, Eugene realizes that the money is not safe inside the house. So, before Roger and his men can come back to search the house, which they later do, Eugene runs away with the money. He knows that the only place it is safe is at Big Mo’s, so he comes back to New Orleans even when he knows how dangerous it is for him because he doesn’t want Lil Mo to die because of it.

Why Didn’t Jimmy Baxter Kill Michael?

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Ever since the death of his son, Michael Desiato had been trying to have himself killed. He couldn’t do it himself, so he looked for reasons that would lead to his death. At the end of this episode, when Jimmy Baxter puts a gun to his head, Michael is ready to accept his death. It would rid him of his miserable existence, along with the pressure of working for Olivia Delmont and living with the guilt of putting his best friend in danger. Jimmy isn’t aware of what’s happening with Michael and Delmont, but he realizes that Michael wants to die and that’s the satisfaction that he doesn’t want to give him.

Another reason that Jimmy doesn’t kill Michael is that he considers the judge the only way to get to Charlie Figaro, who holds the power to let him have the land on which he plans to build his next big venture. The gangster doesn’t like the fact that Michael is bonding with Fia, who has become more and more distant over the past year. He already holds Michael responsible for the death of Rocco, who was killed by Adam. Now, seeing that his own daughter prefers to confide in Michael rather than him is a cause for concern.

Despite his anger, it is not beneficial for Jimmy to kill Michael. Apart from getting to Charlie Figaro, he knows that Michael is also important to Fia. If he mysteriously dies, Fia will know that his father had something to do with it and it will worsen their already strained relationship. Michael being alive is more beneficial to Jimmy at the moment, which might just be the thing that helps the judge do what Olivia Delmont wants from him.

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