12 Best Zombie Movies on Hulu Right Now

Zombie movies come in two kinds: funny or scary. Lately, there has been a third addition to it: romantic. Whatever the kind, zombie movies are an interesting experience. Even if they are fantastical, they are a lot of fun. There is a weird sick pleasure in watching blood being splattered around like water and people getting killed like flies. No one know why do we enjoy watching scenes that in normal world would make us sick. But we do know that there are plenty of zombie movies that you can watch sitting at home. That’s why this list.

With the advent of online streaming services, movie lovers don’t have to venture out to catch up a movie. Most are nowadays preferring to watching movies sitting in the comforts of their home. Netflix, of course, has the lion share of eyeballs, but Hulu is not far behind. So, if you are planning to watch a zombie movie with bunch of your friends, you can just invite them to you house and it on TV or laptop. Here’s the list of top zombie movies on Hulu that are our recommendations for you and your friends.

12. 28 Weeks Later (2007)

This sequel to Danny Boyle’s ’28 Days’ is a good zombie movie. You get scary scenes, you get action sequences, you get the infected trying to kill you, and all the while there’s a chance of all hell breaking loose. Yup, it is a nice little zombie movie. The performances are good and the plot is good enough for a zombie movie I guess. The events in this movie take place six months after the first movie. The Rage Virus which had struck mainland Britain has been taken control of. With the American intervention, the area has been successfully quarantined and repopulation efforts are ongoing. The story focuses on the reunion of one family. Turns out that one of them has a terrible secret that very well may put the entire population in jeopardy again. It looks like the rage virus is back and it is stronger than ever. Will the recovering population survive another brutal and annihilating wave of the infected?

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11. V/H/S 2 (2013)

If you like gory and scary stuff and don’t care much about plot then go for ‘V/H/S 2’. The direction of the film is like its predecessor and the story is told via watching of several VHS tapes. The individual stories that we get to see on the tapes are okay and sometimes engaging. While some stories have a decent concept the execution might be a bit poor. I personally enjoyed the one with the clinical trials and then the safe haven one. The performance of the cast is good enough. After all, this movie relies heavily on gory stuff to get to the audience. The story begins with two private investigators investigating a case. They are working to find clues to the disappearance of a male college student. They go to the student’s house and are greeted with a strange scene. There appears to be no one in the house but there is a collection of VHS tapes and televisions in a room. Also, there is a laptop in the room which appears to be still recording. They stop the recording and watch it from the beginning only to discover strange and scary stuff that messes with them dangerously.

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10. Survival of the Dead (2009)

Though many people bash this film for being trash, I found this film quite funny. You can say in a way that it’s so bad that it’s good. I enjoyed the characters and the sarcastic nature of the film. Believe me, if you have nothing better to do and have some 90 minutes to spend then go for it. Don’t go out looking for interesting plots and unexpected twists but rather try to immerse in the silliness of the film. I guess that can be said about most zombie movies. In the Plum Island, Patrick O’Flynn and Seamus Muldoon are the heads of two feuding families. Patrick is against the survival of the dead and wants to eliminate all of them while the Muldoons have tried to keep their zombie relatives safe so that they can be cured when a cure is found. This results in a direct conflict between the two. Meanwhile, a group of survivors saves a boy from a group of hunters. The boy instructs them to go to Plum Island from where Patrick has been broadcasting a message asking survivors to come to the island. But upon reaching their they see the island is swarming with the undead. A fight ensues between them and the Muldoons.

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9. Shaun of the Dead (2004)

I love Simon Pegg’s acting and enjoy his role in the ‘Mission Impossible’ films. ‘Shaun of the Dead’ is one of the best comedy genre zombie movie that I have ever seen. This funny and satirical take on a zombie apocalypse is really entertaining to watch. I guess I have watched this movie two to three times and enjoyed it every single time. The protagonist of the movie is Shaun who is a 29-year-old man. He doesn’t have any real goal in life. Shaun is the temporary boss in a store he works in. But his colleagues don’t take him seriously. He is also having problems with his girlfriend, Liz. Liz is fed up with Shaun and breaks up with him. This is the day Shaun wakes up and decides to turn his life around and fix things. This requires him to reconcile with his ex and win her back and also try to mend his relationship with his mother all the while trying to deal with the zombie apocalypse that has struck London. Yup, that’s the challenge you need to get your life back on the track.

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8. Rec (2007)

Let’s again shift our gear back to the serious scary stuff. ‘Rec’ is a movie that will give you the chills. The movie is appropriately scary with an interesting enough plot and nice performances. ‘Rec’ creates an atmosphere that gives you goosebumps. Also, it is a different take on zombie movies. The protagonists of the movie are Angela Vidal and her cameraman Pablo. They are trying to shoot a documentary about firemen at night. The title of their documentary is ‘When You are Asleep’. Fortunately, for the duo, the firemen receive a distress call from a building and they suit up to go. Angela and Pablo follow the firemen as they go to the said building. Upon reaching the place they find that the place has been surrounded by police and the residents of the building have gathered in the lobby. The firemen accompanied by two policemen enter the building and are followed by our reporter and cameraman. But soon they find out that this venture is much more dangerous than they thought. They need to get ready for an experience that they will never forget ever.

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7. World War Z (2013)

Brad Pitt stars in the zombie-themed movie ‘World War Z’. The plot of the movie is nice and the performance of the actors are great. The movie is not just trying to survive the zombie apocalypse but also trying to find the source of the infection and trying to find a cure. Brad plays the role of Gerry Lane a retired UN investigator. Now, since the job is over he decides to return to Philadelphia and devote his time to his loving wife and two daughters. But nope, God has other plans for him. Turns out that the city has become a center for an epidemic. This mysterious epidemic turns people into zombies. Thankfully, Gerry’s boss wants him back on the team and thus he and his family get a spot on the safe air carrier. With his family safe, Gerry needs to get back to work. He needs to find the source of the infection and also try to find a cure. This quest of his takes him all around the world, all the while trying to survive the infected. Will Gery survive in saving the world from this impending doom.

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6. ZMD: Zombies of Mass Destruction (2009)

Before getting to the plot of the movie let’s talk a bit about it first. We know that zombies can be funny creatures. Movies like ‘Zombieland’ and ‘Shaun of the Dead’ has exploited that fact beautifully and have captivated audiences worldwide. I know ‘ZMD: Zombies of Mass Destruction’ tries to do the same. But yes it fails immeasurably in trying to reach the charisma of the above-mentioned movies. Then why did I include the movie on this list, you ask? Well, it’s kinda similar to the reasons that I mentioned in ‘Survival of the Dead’. This is a B movie and is silly and the best part I guess is that they know the fact that they are silly. When you have that knowledge you can do whatever you want with the movies and the characters and just try to do whatever it takes to make the movie entertaining. No, you will not love it and recommend it to your friends but yes you will have a few giggles as you watch this movie. As for the plot, it is simple. Terrorists decide to use a biological weapon that contains infectious zombie virus. Soon, the zombie outbreak wreaks havoc.

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5. Contracted (2013)

‘Contracted’ has a very unique and different take on the zombie genre. I mean it because if you haven’t come across it in any list featuring zombie movies then while watching it you wouldn’t have had a single thought about it being a zombie movie. I saw this movie on a zombie movies list and watched it. After watching for some thirty minutes I went back on the internet and searched it again to confirm if I was actually watching a zombie movie. I liked the refreshing approach to a genre that has been exploited since time immemorial. One of the things that stood out in the movie is the visual effects and the makeup. they really give this movie the feel that it needed. The movie is about a beautiful girl named Samantha. She has had a rough break-up with her girlfriend Nikki and to cheer up decides to attend a party. There she is drugged and raped. The days that follow are quite strange for Samantha as her body starts changing. She visits a doctor who tells her that she has STD. But turns out it is something much more violent.

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4. Dawn of the Dead (2004)

‘Dan of the Dead’ is your everyday zombie movie. You have an outbreak and you are trying to survive with other people. It also has that cliche in which a loved one becomes a zombie too. The protagonist of the movie is a beautiful nurse, Ana. After completing her shift she goes home to her loving husband. Ana cuddles up with her husband and does not pay any heed to the news that is showing reports of a plague. Soon, a young girl from next door enters their room and bites her husband. He dies but again stands up and tries to attack Ana. Ana flees the house and escapes in her car only to find that everyone in the town has gone mad and are feeding on people. After her car crashes she is saved by Kenneth and they along with other survivors lock themselves up in a mall. There they learn that a plague has struck the nation where people have turned into zombies who crave human flesh. Will the survivors be able to hold up until rescue appears?

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3. Night of the Living Dead (1968)

I was searching for vintage horror movies when I landed on ‘Night of the Living Dead’. I watched the film and really enjoyed it. The film is one of the pioneers of the zombie movie. It is a black and white film which enhances the scary feeling that the film has. Barbara is one of the main characters in the movie who along with her sibling Johnny go to the cemetery to visit their father’s grave. But they soon find themselves in trouble as zombies attack them. Barbara manages to flee and takes asylum in a farmhouse. She is soon joined by other survivors. There they learn that an infection has spread which is reanimating the brain of the dead people and they are returning back from the dead with a craving for human flesh. The small group of survivors tries to survive the apocalypse but tension soon starts to ensue within the group itself.

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2. Land of the Dead (2005)

Well, the master of zombie movies George Romero is back with another zombie flick named ‘Land of the Dead’. If you are into horror movies especially the ones with zombies in them then you will enjoy watching this movie. The plot is set in a modern-day world. Here, the world is infested with the undead and the people who have survived the epidemic have closed themselves off in a fortified city. Beyond the walls of the city lie the undead who are constantly on the lookout for fresh meat. Within the city, rich people live in skyscrapers while the poor try to survive on the street. But soon internal tension begins which might end up causing trouble for the people. Also, the outcasted zombies are evolving to a better version.

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1. The Beyond (1981)

‘The Beyond’ is a good horror movie that has the living dead in it. It links the living dead with hell which kind of sits well. Liz is the protagonist of the story. She inherits a hotel in Louisiana. Liz wants to reopen the hotel and spends her savings trying to renovate the place. But soon mysterious deaths occur in the place. Dr. John McCabe feels for Liz and assists her in investigating the deaths. Liz then meets a blind woman who tells her to leave the place as soon as possible as there is an impending danger. Liz soon discovers that the hotel stands on one of the gates of hell. The gates of hell open and the dead re-enter the world of the living.

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