12 Games of Christmas: Shooting Locations and Cast Details

With Anthony C. Ferrante at the helm, ’12 Games of Christmas’ is a romantic movie that centers around two individuals — Kelsey and Ethan — with distinguished personalities and how their life changes one Christmas. Kelsey is a free-spirited woman who has forgotten how magical the vibe of the holiday season is. One fine day, a surprise package containing the titular game arrives at her doorstep. Kelsey rushes to her friends and lets them know about it. An excited Ethan, who loves everything about Kelsey and Christmas, expresses his long-time desire to get hold of the game. When Kelsey, Ethan, and their group of friends play the board game, they are transported to the surreal and charming realm of Yuletide.

After realizing that they are stuck in the game world, which is a stunning and wintry X-mas town, a game master greets the crew of six and explains that the only way they can get back home is through, i.e., by playing the game. Soon, Kelsey realizes what she has been missing and embarks on a mission to not let her perfectionist attitude get in the way of her celebrating everything the festival stands for. As they spend more time with each other, the bond between the friends grows deeper and stronger. One thing leads to another and sparks fly between Kelsey and Ethan. The GAF production transports the viewers into the fantastical world of Yuletide that emanates the spirit of Christmas, leaving questions about the actual filming sites in their minds.

Where Was 12 Games of Christmas Filmed?

’12 Games of Christmas’ was lensed in the state of California, in the western part of the country. Most of the filming likely took place in San Bernardino County, particularly in Skyforest and a few other areas. The production of the movie commenced in September 2023 and carried on for a few weeks before concluding in the first week of October of the same year.

Skyforest, California

For the purpose of filming, the production team of ’12 Games of Christmas’ settled on the city of Skyforest, located in San Bernardino County in Southern California. The unincorporated community is nestled on a ridge in the high ranges of San Bernardino Mountains and boasts some stunning vistas of the region. To be specific, the cast and crew shot the majority of the movie at SkyPark at Santa’s Village, an adventure park in the captivating outdoors of Skyforest in Lake Arrowhead. Several sequences, such as the one that features the group playing the game, were taped inside and around a quaint little cabin named Santa’s House.

Formerly referred to as Santa’s Village, the year-round park offers multiple adventures and theme-based recreational activities for both kids and adults alike. The scenes featuring Kelsey and Ethan enjoying a train ride around the town of Yuletide were shot with them aboard the Northwoods Express Train Ride, an electric-powered attraction that offers a tour of the entire place. In all likelihood, the filming team might have shot a few other scenes in other portions of the park.

12 Games of Christmas Cast

In the Christmas-themed film, Felisha Cooper essays the character of Kelsey, the perfectionist. You may recognize the actress from her performance as Sasha Thompson in ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ and Sarah in ‘Swedish Dicks.’ Throughout her career, she has bagged pivotal roles in several interesting projects, some of which are ‘Date of Honor,’ ‘Vacation Home Nightmare,’ ‘The Hustle,’ ‘Let Me Go My Queen,’ ‘Love by Design,’ and ‘The Last Ship.’ Johnny Ramey joins Felisha in the movie as the co-lead Ethan, Kelsey’s love interest who believes Christmas is the best time of the year.

Having worked in the industry since he was a teen, Johnny received acclaim for his work on ‘Poz Roz’ as Sylvester, ‘Rage Room’ as Puja, ‘The Hustle’ as Jr, and ‘Rustin,’ where he stars as Elias Taylor. His other works include ‘Buried in the Backyard,’ ‘Act Your Age,’ ‘Calling for Love,’ and ‘A Baby at any Cost.’ The main cast also stars Exzinia Scott, Ernest Pierce, James Zimbardi, Erica Duke, and Aria Surrec, who portrays Jenna. Aside from the aforementioned main cast members, the GAF production also boasts a talented supporting cast that comprises Roberta Sparta as Monica, Nicole Danielle Watts as Amelia, Jake Blakeslee as Luke, Ana Krista Johnson as Grandma Connie, and Rachel S. Heslin.

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