Peppermints and Postcards: Filming Locations and Cast Details

With Jim Cliffe putting on the director’s hat, GAF’s ‘Peppermints and Postcards’ is a Christmas romantic comedy film highlighting the magic of the holiday season through the faithful wish of a 9-year-old girl named Megan. She wishes for her single mother, Cara, to find true love and writes on a piece of paper — “Dear Santa, Please find my mom a Christmas love.” However, when the letter goes viral on social media, Cara’s life turns upside down only to come to a realization that what she was looking for was right on her doorstep the whole time.

Originally titled ‘It’s a Christmas Thing,’ the romantic movie’s magical vibe is complemented by the setting of Christmas. The snow-laden streets and the backdrop of some interesting locations make the viewers wonder about the actual filming locations and pose questions regarding the same.

Where Was Peppermints and Postcards Filmed?

‘Peppermints and Postcards’ was filmed in its entirety in British Columbia, especially in Kelowna. Principal photography for the holiday-themed film reportedly got underway in December 2022 and seemingly wrapped up by the end of the same month. Consisting of a diverse and rugged landscape, including forests, lakes, sandy beaches, rocky coastlines, and mountains, British Columbia has all kinds of features that make it an ideal filming site. So, let us walk you through all the specific sites that make an appearance in the GAF production!

Kelowna, British Columbia

All the pivotal sequences of ‘Peppermints and Postcards’ were lensed in and around the city of Kelowna. Situated in the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia’s southern interior, Orchard City consists of a versatile landscape, from sandy beaches to snow-capped mountains, allowing the filmmakers to utilize the terrains as they please for different kinds of productions. Since the film was taped in December, at the peak of winter, the cast and crew did not need to use fake snow and indulge in much decoration as the city was already covered in snow and adorned with Christmas decorations.

Talking about his experience on the set of ‘Peppermints and Postcards,’ one of the cast members, Benjamin J Stevens, posted on social media, writing, “As always, it was amazing to be on set and doing what I live with some amazing people. Excited to see my awkward character come to life on screen later this year!” As the movie consists of several establishing and aerial shots of the city, many of you are likely to spot some local landmarks and attractions, including the William R. Bennett Bridge, Okanagan Lake, Big White Ski Resort, Okanagan Wineries, and the Prospera Place. Moreover, the locales of K-Town have appeared in the background of many Christmas-based movies, such as ‘B&B Merry,’ ‘The Christmas Retreat,’ ‘Snowed in for Christmas,’ ‘My Favorite Christmas Tree,’ and ‘We Need A Little Christmas.’

Peppermints and Postcards Cast

GAF’s ‘Peppermints and Postcards’ features Ella Cannon, who dons the garb of Cara Miller, a single mother whose life is turned upside down. Widely recognized for her role as Peyton in Netflix’s ‘Trees of Peace,’ the Australian actress also stars in other movies, namely ‘This Is My Year,’ ‘The Lost Wife of Robert Dust,’ ‘Who Is Killing the Cheerleaders?,’ ’10 Steps to Love,’ and ‘A Maple Valley Christmas.’ Throughout her acting career, she has also been featured in a number of TV shows, including ‘Letterkenny,’ ‘iZombie,’ ‘The Dough,’ and ‘Footballer Wants a Wife.’

Essaying the role of Cara’s love interest is Christopher Russell, a Toronto native actor whom you might recognize from several other of his work. He has a number of projects under his name; some of the notable ones are ‘Wedding Bells,’ ‘A Puppy for Christmas,’ ‘A Dream of Christmas,’ ‘Love Unleashed,’ ‘Chasing Waterfalls,’ ‘Day of the Dead,’ ‘UnREAL,’ and ‘Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency.’ Furthermore, it consists of other cast members who play supporting yet key roles, including Benjamin J Stevens as Maxwell, Justin Lacey Justin Lacey as Adam, Curtis Lovell as Ned, Amelia Harrison as Megan, and Dave Kenneth MacKinnon as the postman.

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