Hallmark’s We Need a Little Christmas: All Filming Locations and Cast Details

Directed by Kevin Fair, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries’ ‘We Need a Little Christmas’ is part of the network’s ‘Miracles of Christmas’ series. This feel-good holiday film is about Julie, a single mother who moves to a new home with her son, Gavin, after the passing of her husband. Now, she is left to run their architectural design business on her own. As Julie and Gavin gear up for the family’s first Christmas since the tragedy, the former struggles to connect with her son and move on with life. Soon, Julie crosses paths with her elderly neighbor, Irene, who lives alone, and they soon form an unexpected bond.

The movie explores themes such as grief, love, and friendship and depicts them in a wholesome manner. The film’s tone is vibrant and colorful, and almost all scenes comprise a snowy backdrop decorated with Christmas ornaments. Besides this, the overall movie carries a rustic vibe, making us curious about where the film was shot. Let’s find out!

We Need a Little Christmas: Where Was it Filmed?

‘We Need a Little Christmas’ was shot entirely in the southern interior of British Columbia, specifically in Kelowna. The filming reportedly took place between May 2022 and June 2022 for about three weeks. The vast landscapes and pleasant weather of the city in the westernmost province of the Great White North set the tone for the off-beat holiday film. Now, let’s look at the movie’s specific locations.

Kelowna, British Columbia

Located in the mesmerizing Okanagan Valley, the city of Kelowna served as a backdrop for ‘We Need a Little Christmas.’ With majestic mountains, serene blue waters, and rocky beaches, the place has it all. It’s quite interesting to see how the city’s refreshing scenery translates into the film’s heartwarming Christmas aesthetic.

Leading lady Erica Durance thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the story. In an interview with MediaVillage, she described how she felt excited after reading the script. What appealed to her is how the film explores different types of love and relationships that are seldom represented. She said, “I found it all relatable, with so many different relationships and interactions that were all so different and so sweet. I just felt this had a little piece of something for everyone who watches.”

Besides this, the actress mentioned how she has followed the work of co-actor Lynn Whitfield and was in complete awe of her. While speaking to the aforementioned website, she said, “In my first scene with her, I was pretty starstruck. It was challenging as I lost my lines a few times and just got lost in her eyes. She is the loveliest person on the planet. When you’re starstruck, you give a person their space, but she reached out with wonderful conversation and so much advice.”

While talking about Azriel Dalman, who plays her son, Erica lauded his talent and found him to be a “100-year-old man in a young body.” She appreciated his patience while doing scenes with her and said he even helped her with a big monologue. In the film, their characters share an intriguing relationship where Julie tries to bond with Gavin while he struggles to cope with the loss of his father. This dynamic, along with several others, lies at the narrative’s core and is portrayed in an authentic and realistic way.

We Need a Little Christmas Cast

Erica Durance essays the role of Julie in this Christmas movie. She is best known for her work in shows like ‘Smallville,’ ‘Supergirl,’ and ‘Saving Hope.’ You may recognize her from other Hallmark films such as ‘Color My World with Love‘ and ‘North to Home.’ Veteran actress Lynn Whitfield plays Irene, Julie’s kindhearted neighbor. Having worked in the industry since the 80s, Lynn has several notable movies and shows in her name, including ‘Vacation Friends,’ ‘Heartbeat,’ ‘Greenleaf,’ and ‘The Josephine Baker Story,’ for which she scored an Emmy.

Patrick Sabongui, who appears as Peter, is noted for his performances in shows like ‘The Flash,’ and ‘Homeland.’ Azriel Dalman portrays the character of Julie’s son, Gavin. The young actor can also be seen in Hallmark’s ‘Coyote Creek Christmas,’ and Lifetime’s ‘Soccer Mom Madam.’

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