6 Best Dark Desire Sex Scenes, Ranked

With Leticia López Margalli at the helm, Spanish-original erotic thriller telenovela ‘Dark Desire’ (‘Oscuro Deseo’) is one of the raunchiest shows to have ever descended on Netflix. After meeting a mysterious boy named Dario, Alma’s deepest desires manifest. With the simultaneous death of Brenda Castillo, Alma’s best friend, the story spirals out of control. The series packs all kinds of romance to entice the viewers – one woman takes two suitors, while the male protagonist woos both mother and daughter. Since the sexual and sensual ambiance lends the show much of its guilty pleasure charm, we have prepared a detailed list of all the steamy scenes that caught our attention. If you are in need, here is a ranked list of the best lovemaking scenes from ‘Dark Desire.’

6. Dario The Voyeur (Season 1 Episode 5)

In the episode titled “What Do You Know About Dario Guerra?” we get to see Dario’s true colors. After his business trip, Leonardo makes it up to Alma on their anniversary. Alma tries to blurt about her adultery, but Leonardo stops her midway with a passionate kiss. Although distracted, Alma gives in to Leonardo, while guilt consumes her. Meanwhile, Dario becomes the peeping tom, later taking his frustration out on Alma. The sequence, a reflection of Alma’s mind, conceals several cuts, but we get early glimpses into the dark mind of Dario.

5. Leonardo’s Recollection (Season 1 Episode 12)

The minute-long lovemaking scene in the episode “We’ve Messed Up So Much” reveals the extent of Leonardo’s relationship with Brenda. Leonardo was also involved in an affair with Brenda, much like his brother, Esteban. As he suspects Alma of having an experience of her own, the thought of his past tryst creeps upon his mind. Leonardo jumps to conclude that Esteban is copulating with Alma due to his previous grudge against Leonardo regarding Brenda. The truth, however, cannot be further than Leonardo’s imagination.

4. Pumping A Flat Tire (Season 1 Episode 3)

Alma overcomes her hesitations and decides to follow her heart. After their late-night encounter on the previous night (the night of Brenda’s death), Dario appears in the class of Alma. They strike up a conversation, and Alma feels somewhat intimidated. She thinks of escaping the stalker, but they head to Dario’s car repair shop upon finding a flat tire. The budding lovers find their rhythm, but Alma becomes confident of Dario being a stalker. The heat is always highest in the beginning, and this session will change the life of Alma forever.

3. Leonardo And Alma Try To Save The Marriage (Season 1 Episode 9)

The lengthy lovemaking scene between Leonardo and Alma occurs in the middle of the first season, in the episode “A Wicked Game Of Mirrors.” Since they have both cheated on each other, their relationship can go either way. The chemistry between Alma and Leonardo keeps the suspense alive while Leonardo recollects his time with Brenda while in bed with Alma. On the other hand, Zoe reads a passage from Cortazar’s ‘Hopscotch’ in the background while on an informal date with Dario. The sequence ends with Dario kissing Zoe, and we sense that the family is in for a lot of trouble.

2. Lys’s Dream (Season 2 Episode 4)

In a series that plays with Freudian-Jungian archetypes, the “other” of Lys Antoine makes the story further interesting. While Alma is conflicted regarding whether she can trust Dario, Lys feels the throes of passion in a wet dream. Stylistically shot and backed by a cerebral score, the sequence reveals Dario’s relationship with his aunt. However, in the time of watching, we don’t have a context to understand the importance of the scene in the story. However, it is one of the most graphically portrayed sequences between young Dario and Lys in hindsight.

1. Poor Julieta And a Prying Camera (Season 2 Episode 2)

In the episode titled “You Can Never Escape Something Like This,” Alma finds herself embracing the chaos of Dario once more. On the day before Dario’s marriage, Alma visits the venue to warn the bride-to-be of Dario’s true nature. In the process, they end up having a sensual encounter. While Alma does not think clearly at the moment, the incident would have drastic repercussions, leading to the death of Julieta. The police later find a sex tape of the episode on Julieta’s phone, and Alma becomes a significant suspect. While one of the most scandalous of the series, this is also one of the scenes where the actors are most natural.

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