7 Shows Like Hache You Must See

Some of the best crime shows in recent times are being made in languages other than English, and thanks to Netflix, now users across the world can get a peek into such magnificent works on television with ease. The Spanish series ‘Hache‘ is one show which all crime thriller lovers must watch out for.

Set in Barcelona in the 1960s, the series revolves around a woman called Helena who is trying to strengthen her position as one of the leaders of a heroin cartel by getting romantically close to the cartel boss. The series takes us right into the heart of Catalonia during the 1960s where we see the Spanish underworld like never before. ‘Hache’ brings to us a rather complex story which has been intrinsically linked in a beautiful manner, with the plot getting clearer to us as the show progresses.

If you have enjoyed watching ‘Hache’, here is the list of similar shows you might want to check out. You can watch several of these shows like ‘Hache’ on Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime.

7. Farina (2018)

This Spanish series is also based in the world of criminals, and the lead character of the show is a fisherman called Sito Miñanco who gets involved with a gang of tobacco smugglers because of his ability to drive a speedboat. Soon enough, Sito rises through the ranks, but seeing the reluctance of his employers to start a drug smuggling business, he starts a gang of his own. Here, he gives up the trade of tobacco and instead focuses on something more profitable cocaine. If Sito manages to create a supply line, he will control the entire cocaine operation of Europe. An intensely paced thriller, ‘Farina’ is a crime series that provides you all the excitement and drama and danger that you would expect from the best of the lot.

6. Four Seasons In Havana (2017)

This 2017 Netflix original miniseries is set in the city of Havana in Cuba and is based on the book ‘The Havana Quartet’ by Leonardo Padura Fuentes. The story of ‘Four Seasons In Havana’ centers around a James Bond-like detective called Lieutenant Conde, who goes around the town solving some of the most fascinating and brutal cases, and also bedding some of the most beautiful women.

However, unlike James Bond, this series is much grittier and based in the horrors and dangers that are the order of the day in the Cuban underworld. Besides the criminals, Lieutenant Conde also has to be mindful of the high levels of corruption that he witnesses within the Havana Police. Along with his journey through crimes and mysteries, this series also lets us explore the city and makes all the nuances of this city an intrinsic part of the tale.

5. La Casa De Papel (2017-)

One of the finest crime shows on Netflix, ‘La Casa De Papel‘ is a heist story centering around a criminal mastermind who simply goes by the name of ‘The Professor’. His plan is not to steal any money or valuables but to print billions in legitimate currency at the Royal Mint of Spain. In order to carry out his plan, The Professor hires eight people with unique sets of skills who would not back out of the project at any cost whatsoever. These eight people pull some strings, blackmail and abduct people, and create a situation where their plan is bound to work smoothly.

The characters and the plot of this series are rather well-written and never travel down a clichéd road at any point of time. Fresh, dynamic, and full of surprises, this is a series you should not miss.

4. High Seas (2019-)

This Netflix original Spanish series centers around two sisters, Eva and Carolina Villanueva, who travel from Spain to Brazil on a luxury cruise after the death of their father. What was to be a smooth ride suddenly becomes a rather disturbing one when they discover a number of family secrets when the cruise becomes the hunting ground of a brutal murderer. Now it is upon these two sisters to solve the murders and get to the bottom of the entire fiasco.

The series is set in the 1940s, and being based entirely on a ship, the sartorial choices of the characters had to be exact to bring out the feel of the period. This is what the showmakers have excelled at. Moreover, the intense dramatic moments along with the murderous mystery make this show a magnificent potboiler.

3. The Time in Between (2013-2014)

Another Spanish period piece, ‘The Time In Between’ follows the life of a woman called Sira Quiroga who lives in Madrid during the Spanish Civil War when General Franco was launching massive strikes upon the Republicans with the help of Nazi Germany. During this tense period, Sira works as a dress designer whose clothes are highly popular among the wives of some of the Nazi officials who have shifted to Spain. Sira’s life goes through several ups and downs during this time and slowly we realize the strength of her character and her resolve to traverse through the perils of life on her own terms.

This series delves right into the heart of Spain when the country is going through a massive turmoil. The picture we get is one that has been painstakingly recreated and certainly deserves a watch.

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2. Surviving Escobar: Alias JJ (2017)

We all know Pablo Escobar as one of the fiercest criminals in recent history. His life and examples of his ruthlessness are known to everyone who has watched the series ‘Narcos‘. This 2017 TV series tells the story of one of the most well-known criminals in Escobar’s gang, Alias “JJ”. When Escobar’s influence starts to decline, JJ surrenders himself to the law. Inside the prison, he meets several friends and foes, and there too JJ creates a gang of his own in order to survive the wrath of many who are quite eager to kill him at any given chance.

This series is one of the best when it comes to showing how the fringes of a massive cartel look when the center of power starts to crumble. We always concentrate on the stories of kings and leaders, but here is the story of a follower who is struggling to survive without his leader. The series is powerful, poignant, and can easily rank among the best gang-related shows on television.

1. Cable Girls (2017-)

This Netflix original series is set in 1920s Madrid when Spain managed to get its first national telephone company. This new sector has opened up a number of job opportunities, and our story follows the lives of four women who have taken up jobs as cable girls in the company. We follow their professional and personal lives as they establish themselves in the male-dominated workforce in Spain and manage to stand out with their own merits. This series makes it clear to us the many hardships women faced in the early 20th century when they stepped out of the confines of domestic space.

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