7 Shows Like Behind Her Eyes You Must See

Based on Sarah Pinborough’s best-selling novel, ‘Behind Her Eyes’ is a gripping psychological thriller that packs within itself a twist ending that is hard to predict. Deftly blending mystery and supernatural elements, the series tells the story of three characters whose lives gradually intertwine. Louise works as a secretary in a psychiatrist’s office and develops a relationship with her boss, David.

Louise also strikes a friendship with David’s wife Adele but keeps her affair out of Adele’s purview. Dark secrets lurk behind David and Adele’s marriage which soon catches up to Louise. The series keeps you hooked till the end as the three characters try to figure out their footing on slippery grounds. We decided to curate a list of 7 shows similar to ‘Behind Her Eyes’ that will enthrall you with each episode. You can watch most of these shows like ‘Behind Her Eyes’ on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.

7. Losing Alice (2020-)

Written by Sigal Avin, ‘Losing Alice’ is an intriguing erotic thriller that centers on Alice, a film director who gets enamored by a 24-year old screenwriter, Sophie. What starts as an infatuation soon descends into an obsession that forces Alice to compromise her moral integrity. The series explores issues like guilt and jealousy integrated into a story that uses flashbacks to delve deep into the characters’ minds. The thematic similarity with ‘Behind Her Eyes’ is visible in the series’ narrative, making it an enthralling watch.

6. The Sinner (2017-)

The Sinner’ revolves around detective Harry Ambrose who is on a quest to solve crimes committed by unassuming people and dig deep into the motivations behind it. The series is a compelling watch with many unpredictable twists situated in its mystery. It is named after (and based on) the eponymous novel by Petra Hammesfahr. Even though the premise of ‘The Sinner’ is different from ‘Behind Her Eyes,’ the twist endings and the startling revelations become their common ground.

5. Quicksand (2019)

‘Quicksand’ is a Swedish crime-drama based on a novel of the same name by Malin Persson Giolito. It revolves around the investigation in a school shooting case whose perpetrator, Maja Norberg, is arrested. Eventually, her denial of the crime makes the investigations complicated as the narrative moves back and forth from the past to the present. In its six episodes, the mini-series presents a gripping plot that gradually increases our anticipation for the truth. ‘Quicksand’ approaches its mystery like ‘Behind Her Eyes’—a slow incursion into the truth that keeps the audience guessing about the secrets.

4. Switched (2018-)

‘Switched’ is a Japanese television series based on the manga ‘Sora Wo Kakeru Yodaka’ by Shiki Kawabata. The plot follows the suicide of high school student Zenko Umine which is witnessed by another student, Ayumi. Seeing the tragic incident, Ayumi passes out only to wake up in Umine’s body. Essentially, the student’s bodies are switched as Umine inhabits Ayumi’s body.

As the narrative progresses, it takes the viewers through the twists and turns of the characters’ lives wading through the secrets of their past. The show is similar to ‘Behind Her Eyes’ as it resembles the enigmatic ending of the supernatural thriller. Without delving into many details, it will be safe to say that if you have watched ‘Behind Her Eyes’ then ‘Switched’ will be a satisfying watch.

3. The Sister (2020)

A four-part mini-series, ‘The Sister’ is a British supernatural thriller based on Neil Cross’ novel, ‘Burial.’ Nathan is a devoted husband who wants to strengthen his relationship with his wife. When his dark past knocks on his door, he has to create a web of lies to keep the secret from spilling out. Quite literally, a ghost from his past liaison haunts him as he has to confront an acquaintance who threatens his filial relationship. Nathan’s conundrum is similar to David’s issues, and the secret is situated in the supernatural plane—an excursion that is reminiscent of ‘Behind Her Eyes.’ If you are up for a heady psychological investment into the occult, then ‘The Sister’ is a must-watch.

2. The Stranger (2020)

Based on Harlan Coben’s novel, ‘The Stranger’ is a British mystery thriller series adapted for the screen by Danny Brocklehurst. A stranger reveals a secret to a man, which devastates his personal life. The stranger is an enigmatic woman who is linked to further revelations that also affect the man’s wife. The meticulously crafted narrative keeps the viewers hooked to their seats as the secrets unfold one after the other. The trio of the characters is caught in an overlapping mystery that entwines their fates. Needless to say, ‘Behind Her Eyes’ follows a similar approach, with secrets driving the motives of its characters.

1. Tell Me Your Secrets (2021-)

Can someone achieve intimacy in a relationship in the face of dark truths? This question is a central tenet of ‘Tell Me Your Secrets.’ Much like ‘Behind Her Eyes,’ the show deals with horrific deeds of the past that come back to haunt the present. A tense psychological thriller, ‘Tell Me Your Secrets’ asks questions about intimacy, relationships, and secrets that stand to shake a person’s belief system. Its narrative strongly resonates with ‘Behind Her Eyes’ as it primarily deals with three characters whose lives are intertwined under strange circumstances.

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