A League of Their Own Ending, Explained: Do the Rockford Peaches Win the Championship?

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Amazon Prime’s ‘A League of Their Own’ follows the story of the women playing for a first-of-its-kind Women’s Baseball League. The show focuses on the individual stories of the various characters, who converge from far and wide to live their dream of playing professional baseball. Being women, they are subject to sexism, as most people refuse to take them seriously. The series also focuses on the struggle of a young Black woman, who loses the opportunity to play for the league due to racism. Apart from this, the story dives into the topics of family, friendships, and sexuality. The central focus of the show is the Rockford Peaches. If you are wondering what happens to them in the end, whether they win or lose the championship, then here’s what you should know. SPOILERS AHEAD

A League of Their Own Season 1 Plot

In 1943, as the Second World War rages in Europe and America becomes more involved in it by sending more soldiers to the other side of the pond, the Women’s Baseball League is set up to provide some entertainment for the people at home. The women who’ve loved baseball since childhood flock to Bakersfield to display their talents and be chosen to play professionally. It isn’t until later that they realize that they are expected to play less and focus more on looking pretty and providing entertainment not with their game but with their charm. It also turns out that the ones running the league are racists, as they outright refuse to even allow Max Chapman, a black woman who’s probably the best pitcher of all the women in the league, to showcase her skills.

Despite this, the women, in the league as well as outside it, are hell-bent on proving themselves up for the task of bringing tough competition into the game. The Peaches become the most well-known team in the league, and it’s not just because of how they play. Controversies surround them as the newspapers comment on their lack of femininity, while they get a coach who refuses to train them seriously. Meanwhile, the women also go through personal struggles where they explore their sexuality, their newfound fame, and what life looks like beyond baseball for them.

A League of Their Own Season 1 Ending: Do the Rockford Peaches Win the Championship?

Image Credit: Anne Marie Fox/Prime Video

The Women’s Baseball League had been an underestimated thing when it started, but as its popularity soared, the Peaches became the ultimate underdog that everyone started rooting for. It had been a bit difficult for them to play with a coach who didn’t take them seriously, but eventually, Dove Porter came around and actually helped the team get better. But then, when he got a better option, he left the Peaches to fend for themselves.

Under the leadership of Carson Shaw, who takes her time to find the common ground between being the leader and the friend to her team, the Peaches go on a winning streak that only gets shaky when Jo is transferred to the Blue Sox. Being their best striker is not the only upper hand she’s passed on to the competition. She is also intimately familiar with every single player of the Rockford Peaches. She knows their strengths and their weaknesses. She knows how to get inside their head while deflecting their techniques to get inside the head of their opponents. She takes all this information to the Blue Sox and makes great use of it.

The Blue Sox had already been a strong team, but with Jo on their side, it became impossible for the Peaches to beat them. It shows in the final match for the championship, where the Peaches use every trick in their bag, but are no match against Jo and her new teammates. Still, they go toe to toe and manage to get some good runs. In the end, it comes so close that the Sox have to score just one run to win the game. If they don’t succeed at that, then the match would go into an extra inning to break the tie. The Peaches have to stop this run at all costs so that in the extra inning they can have their chance to make the winning score.

Unfortunately, Jo shows up to bat and, as expected, delivers a strike so excellent that the ball flies over the boundary. Everyone accepts this as a defeat for the Peaches because it would be impossible to get the ball back in the time that Jo scores a home run. But then, midway through the run, Jo twists her ankle, which was already injured due to the beating she got from the police the night at the bar. Her teammates cannot come to the ground to help her, as the rules dictate that she should finish it on her own. Her injury, however, doesn’t even allow her to stand on her own, so it seems like the only option is for the Blue Sox to forfeit the game, which would make the Rockford Peaches the winner.

While it looks like Jo is the one at a crossroads of making a decision, the responsibility of doing the right thing actually falls on the Peaches. Do they let Jo be and win the game by forfeit? Or do they help their friend who’d dreamed of hitting a home run for her team for so long, even if it’s a different team? Carson decides on the latter and she and Greta help up Jo. Soon, all Peaches come together, holding Jo and helping her finish the run and win the championship for the Blue Sox. While the Peaches lose the championship, their act of kindness and friendship makes them a winner in the eyes of the audience, whose hearts they’d already won.

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