Do Hardin and Tessa Get Married in After Everything?

Castille Landon’s romantic movie ‘After Everything’ ends with significant developments concerning the relationship between Hardin Scott and Tessa Young. Throughout the film, Hardin tries to explain himself and get back together with Tessa, who had broken up with him after he published a novel about their togetherness without her permission. Whenever he reaches out to her, she makes it clear that she has moved on and he should too. As his stay in Lisbon lasts longer than expected, Hardin displays his willingness to move on from the grief of their separation as well. Still, the movie ends with a much-awaited union of the two soulmates but without opening up all about their togetherness! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Hardin and Tessa Seemingly Get Married

At Landon and Nora’s wedding, Hardin shows up as a changed man. He displays maturity and calmness in front of not only Tessa but also his parents. Even when he talks to Tessa after a long while, he doesn’t let his emotions control him. Rather, he apologizes to her wholeheartedly, admitting the mistakes he has made without trying to justify himself once again. Tessa accepts Hardin’s emotional transformation and gives him space to open up his heart to her. Their conversation leads them to sex, only for her to confess her love for him after twenty-five long months. Realizing that their connection cannot be threatened or destroyed by any sort of separation, Hardin proposes to Tessa.

Tessa doesn’t take long to reply yes and makes it clear that she wants to marry Hardin “someday.” After a flashforward, we see them together in a house, leading a family together with a young girl, who seemingly is their daughter. Tessa is pregnant with a baby as well. Considering how far they have come together as a couple, it is safe to say that they most likely are married. Tessa’s “someday” must have materialized between Landon and Nora’s wedding and the former’s second pregnancy. Since she replies yes to Hardin’s proposal without any sort of doubt, they may not have waited long to get married.

If that’s the case, Tessa and Hardin’s marriage materializes because of the growth the latter displays after returning from Lisbon. His time with Natalie teaches him that he has made several mistakes over the years that he cannot undo now. Hardin has always been a hothead. He is not used to being considerate and placing himself in others’ shoes to understand what his loved ones go through. Although these issues are rooted in his childhood trauma, he hasn’t taken any initiative to change himself until he meets Natalie. In front of her, Hardin has to accept his mistakes without anything to say to justify himself.

Accepting such a vulnerable position makes him understand why Tessa broke up with him as well. As far as Tessa is concerned, she broke up with Hardin impulsively. Their separation can be seen as the result of her shockingly knowing about the book he wrote about their relationship without her permission. When the shock wanes, her anger and resentment towards him also dwindle. After a point, she becomes proud of him for being an international sensation and heartthrob after the publication of his novel. Hardin has suffered immensely and dealt with several concerns throughout his life. Therefore, Tessa admires him for picking himself up to become a world-renowned writer despite unintentionally using their relationship for it.

Along with being proud of Hardin, the love Tessa has for him gradually resurfaces as her anger decreases. That’s why she counts the months they have been separated even while saying to him that she has moved on. That can also be the reason why she doesn’t get together with anyone else and seeks comfort in a brother-sister relationship with Robert. Tessa may know that, despite their separation and the lies she tells herself and Hardin, he is the love of her life. Thus, their marriage is nothing but an inevitability. Over the years, they have made it clear that they are meant to be together forever and even if they haven’t officially tied the knot yet, it’s just a technicality in their case.

As Hardin and Tessa prepare to step on to a new phase of their lives as parents of not one but possibly two children, it doesn’t matter whether they have gotten married in front of the world. More than anyone, they know that they cannot live without the other. At the end of the day, such an assurance counts more than any official document that identifies them as husband and wife.

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