Netflix’s Airplane Mode Ending, Explained

Airplane Mode‘ presents itself as a redemption tale for a social media addict and influencer. The Netflix film follows the story of Ana, who works for True Fashion, promoting their clothes. However, the company toys with her personal life, just to increase sales.

Airplane Mode Plot Summary

Ana’s social media addiction combined with True Fashion’s nefariousness, leads to an accident. Following this, her parents decide to send her on a social media detox, which basically means, she is sent to her grandfather’s country home, without a phone. Ana learns a different way of life and finds love there.

Ultimately, it all comes crashing down when she realizes her parents, grandfather, and lover, all lied about the court order requiring her to give up her phone. A dejected Ana gets back to being a social media influencer for a company promoting dogs’ fashion. One might assume that the tale would go from there to Ana giving up her job as an influencer altogether, and forgiving those that wronged her.

However, the finely crafted movie infuses an element of revenge to make the ending all the more thrilling. Let us walk you through what happens at the end of ‘Airplane Mode’, and what it means in the context of the movie.

Just when you think that Ana will go her own way, and start building things from scratch as an influencer for pet fashion, ‘Airplane Mode’ throws a curveball at us. John, her boyfriend from the countryside, who now works as a caterer, finds out that True Fashion is about to steal Ana’s ideas. They plan to pass them off as their own, and the only way to stop them is before the product is launched.

Ana is pressed for time and has no choice but to make peace with those closest to her, who are willing to help her out. They hit upon a scheme to get even with True Fashion. Firstly, Ana plans on sneaking off into True Fashion’s boss’ office to gather proof of the theft.

She is caught in the act, but the subsequent confrontation between her and the boss is recorded by Ana’s mother. She has Ana’s boss on tape, admitting that she stole the influencer’s ideas. Meanwhile, Ana’s grandfather pretends to be a famous Italian fashion editor, thus commanding the attention of Ana’s boss, and her assistant.

This gives Ana the much-needed opportunity to get on the ramp and grab the attention of everyone at the fashion show. She accuses her boss outright, and when she denies her action, the tape is played for everyone. The jig is up, and Ana’s boss is booed off, and later arrested.

Ana makes up with John, and the credits go on to show the families happily spending time together. As far as the movie’s ending goes, it does not have any surprises. As a feel-good film, it hits the nail on the head, and shows the protagonists in a happy place.

Airplane Mode Ending, Explained:

‘Airplane Mode’ ends on a positive note for Ana, most of all. She gets in touch with her old dreams of being a designer. The movie almost comes full circle, as Ana’s time as a social influencer had diminished her dreams. With a company like True Fashion giving her validation, by way of stealing her ideas, it is not too hard to imagine that Ana would find it in herself to return to fashion designing.

Moreover, this return marks Ana’s sense of belonging, which her time as a social media influencer could not provide. One only has to see Ana’s lack of direction and understanding of her true self. She says that nobody understands her, despite thousands of people following her every move online. In contrast, Ana is very sure of her roots, when she stands up to True Fashion’s boss, saying that the line of clothes she designed is inspired by her heritage and her grandparents’ love story.

Therefore, the ending serves to show Ana’s sense of belonging. Not only does she realize who she is, but she also returns to those who care for her. Ultimately, she learns to forgive the lie told to her when she realizes that these are the people who love her and would stick their necks out for her. Ana might have left destruction in her wake, earlier, but she becomes a healing individual, who helps mend her father’s relationship with her grandfather.

She also makes up with John, and the two proclaim their love for each other. Ultimately, we also see True Fashion’s boss being dragged away in cuffs, and the woman who is used to manipulating the limelight does not want any cameras on her at the moment. Therefore, ‘Airplane Mode’ retains its refreshing sense of humor about how we shirk social media at times of personal embarrassment.

That being said, the ending adequately brings Ana’s story to a fitting conclusion, in helping her find her place in life, learning to give and accept love, and realizing the things in life which are real.

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