Alana and Charlie: The Love Island Stars Have Separated

To win a genuine connection, a streak of singles enter ‘Love Island’ and experience the highs and lows of dating in an enclosure. As the men and women arrive in a tropical paradise, they’re faced with numerous challenges and choices. The hopes of finding the right person are further torpedoed when other people enter the picture. The reality dating series features the heartbreak, drama, and yearning the singles feel throughout their courtship with other men and women. The third installment of the series features Alana Paolucci and Charlie Lynch. Given their whirlwind connection on the show, fans have continued to wonder more about their relationship outside the house.

Charlie and Alana’s Love Island Journey Together

Making his way into the ‘Love Island’ villa after the Casa Amor segment, 30-year-old Charlie Lynch was introduced to the singles as a newbie on Day 19. For the Texas native, things had been clear from the start. Charlie’s heart had lurched towards Cashay Proudfoot from the very beginning. However, since Cashay was still figuring out her feelings for Melvin “Cinco” Holland at the time, she decided to explore a prospective connection with Charlie, as well. As their time in Casa Amor ended, Charlie and Cashay headed into the ‘Love Island’ villa hand in hand.

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However, Cinco was still steadfast in his feelings and affection for Cashay, which eventually led her to wonder the same. Seeing how Cashay was torn between him and Cinco, Charlie decided to pursue other singles. His wishes were answered when 28-year-old Alana Paolucci entered the house. While Alana and Charlie’s affection for each other continued to grow, their growing closeness also meant that Charlie gravitated away from Cashay. Ultimately, the final coupling session drove him to choose between the two.

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Given their growing closeness to one another, Charlie was torn between his ever-evolving attraction to Alana and his feelings for Cashay. Nevertheless, he decided to choose Alana and continue their journey on the show hand in hand. The duo set the foundation for a growing relationship and embarked on an exciting journey together. Ultimately, the couple placed fourth in the season and left the show excited for the future.

Why Did Charlie and Alana Break Up?

While their journey on the show had led fans to expect a brewing romance, things turned out to be quite contrary for Charlie and Alana. After the cameras stopped filming, the individuals acknowledged their actual feelings on the matter and whether they see a potential partnership in the future. Not too long after they left the ‘Love Island’ villa, Charlie sat down in an interview with Pop Culture and remarked on “how different things would have been” if he had chosen Cashay in the last coupling session. He said, “I would be remiss if I said that I didn’t still think about my decision..part of me does about (that).” The statement came as a shock to Alana, who happened to be with him in the same interview.

After Charlie made his feelings known to fans, Alana also addressed her reaction to the moment in a since-deleted Instagram Q&A story. She iterated, “At the time, I wasn’t too happy, as you can see. But we’ve talked about it, and it all makes a little more sense.” Later, Alana clarified the nature of their relationship in the ‘After the Island’ podcast. She said, “We’re not in a relationship. We still have a lot to work on as far as communication is concerned…but we’ll play it by the ear and see if we can make it work, I guess..” Even though the duo had plans to go on dates and try out new things together, everything ultimately came to a halt. As such, Alana and Charlie decided against pursuing each other outside the villa.

Since their appearance on the show, the individuals have been making new strides. Charlie and Alana have now become online creators and continue to grow their audience through different channels of media. Charlie is now an Instagram, TikTok, and Cameo creator. The entrepreneur is an avid traveler and represents Rule One Proteins, a vitamin and supplement company.

Alana has also found professional and personal success. She is now a model and continues to showcase her skills in several campaigns. With a burgeoning following, she endorses tried and tested brands, too. The Instagram and TikTok influencer has found love with Sebastian Sartor, a producer who has worked with Kanye West, Pusha T, Gashi, and other artists in the past. The couple has been together for more than two years and continues to share moments of bliss with fans online.

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