Alara and Stevan: Are The Perfect Match Couple Still Together?

Netflix’s ‘Perfect Match,’ which brings together single reality TV stars to mingle and match up for various challenges to find their ideal partner, has always been a success. So, it is no surprise that the second season was equally fun-filled with some of the greatest matches. One standout pair was Stevan Ditter from ‘Too Hot to Handle’ Season 3 and Alara Taneri from ‘Dated and Related.’ Their connection was an instant hit, and even though their coming together ruffled some feathers, it didn’t take long for them to become a strong and reliable alliance determined to win. They learned from each other, overcame their vulnerabilities, and showcased the power of love.

Alara and Stevan Were Unwavering in Their Commitment

When Stevan Ditter entered the second season as a self-described “playboy,” it seemed like love was the last thing on his mind. Initially, he chose to partner with Micah, but by the next round, he got together with Micah’s friend Xanthi after the two girls switched partners. Stevan’s only goal was winning and lasting until the end of the season. However, things changed for him in the third episode when he was sent on a date with Alara Taneri.

The two of them biked together, then sat down on the edge of a picturesque waterfall and chatted. While Stevan acknowledged that Alara was not typically the kind of woman he dated, he recognized how much fun they had with one another and saw a potential partner in her. Fun-loving Alara felt the same way, so when Stevan asked her to match up with him, it was an undisputed yes from her side. In a few days, the two were inseparable, seen cuddling in the house and taking every chance to be next to each other.

As time went on, Stevan and Alara claimed they were the strongest couple in the group, having been together the longest with very few altercations. Their relationship was tested when both were sent out on dates with other people, and other contestants predicted they wouldn’t stick together. But when it was time to reunite, Stevan and Alara came back together. Though Stevan mentioned having had a nice time on his date, he reassured Alara that his intention to be with her remained fully intact.

The only argument Stevan and Alara had was towards the end when it was suggested the group play Spin the Bottle and the former did get up to grab a bottle, making the latter think he was interested in kissing others. However, upon noticing the change in her demeanor immediately, he suggested they talk and calmed all of her doubts and nerves within a few moments. So, of course, they not only remained coupled up until the very end but also said “I love you” during their final dates – though, they sadly did not win.

Stevan and Alara Are Not a Couple Anymore

Since the show stopped filming, Alara Taneri and Stevan Ditter have yet to be seen together, and their interactions on social media are limited. While it’s possible they could be keeping their relationship under wraps to keep it private, the fact that Alara follows Stevan on social media, but he does not follow her, makes things less likely to work out between them. Alara has been seen meeting up with other co-contestants like Micah Lussier but has not been spotted with her on-screen beau. Neither has made public comments about the status of their relationship, but fans have been frequently inquiring about it.

Stevan Ditter is Working on His Acting Career

Stevan Ditter is a professional model represented by Envy Management. He frequently collaborates with renowned photographers such as Fernando Medina and Andre Gunyen, showcasing his comfort and skill in front of the camera. Stevan’s modeling portfolio includes work with clothing and fashion brands like Fashion Nova for Men and Strata. In addition to modeling, he is also a DJ, releasing mixes under the name FTHR FGR on platforms like SoundCloud and TikTok. His versatility extends to being an OnlyFans star, where his popularity has surged since becoming a well-known Netflix reality TV icon.

Alara Taneri is Slaying With Her Fashion Choices

Since appearing on “Dated and Related” with her brother, Ceylan Taneri, Alara Taneri has become a social media star, amassing about 194k followers on Instagram alone. Proud of her Turkish-Cypriot ancestry, Alara grew up on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus and has now settled in Wales, where she works as a fashion designer. She holds a fashion degree from Hereford College of Arts and has leveraged her platform to collaborate with various fashion brands, including La Moda and SOUTH.ST, and Fashion Nova. Additionally, she has partnered with accessories and makeup brands like GHD Hair and Simmi London for shoes, consistently showcasing her impeccable fashion sense.

Alara is a regular at London Fashion Week, where her 2024 looks were nothing short of phenomenal. She often shares her home projects and DIY fashion endeavors, highlighting her creative brilliance. From Ibiza to Coachella to Las Vegas, Alara has enjoyed memorable experiences and is thriving in the life she has built for herself.

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