Micah and Kaz: Is the Perfect Match Couple Still Together?

With ‘Perfect Match’ being the epitome of the ultimate reality dating competition series by bringing together a group of singles from the Netflix universe in the hopes they’d find forever, we get entertainment galore. After all, there’s drama, cattiness, swaps, lovers’ quarrels, compatibility games, and strategic mind plays at every step of the way to determine precisely who the perfect couple is. Amongst those hoping to land this title while also hoping for forever in this original series’ second installment were Micah Lussier (‘Love is Blind’ season 4) and Kaz Bishop (‘Dated & Related’), whose connection was unique, to say the least.

Micah and Kaz Felt an Attraction From the Get-Go

From the moment Micah and Kaz first came across one another in the ‘Perfect Match’ villa, they definitely felt a pull towards one another, considering they are each other’s types to a tee. However, following a conversation where they reiterated the same, they still chose to match with different individuals, thinking exploring their options would be better than sticking to the norm. So, while Micah paired up with Stevan Ditter (‘Too Hot to Handle‘ season 3), the latter matched with Xanthi Perdikomatis (‘The Circle’ season 5), only for it to not pan out in the way they expected.

After all, by the time the next round rolled around, both Micah and Stevan, as well as Xanthi and Kaz, were sure their interpersonal connections, albeit strong, were merely platonic. That’s when they came up with the idea of just swapping partners, enabling them to end up with the one they desired from the very beginning and not even face the possibility of elimination. Though little did any of them realize that Micah and Kaz would end up developing such a strong bond so quickly that they’d end up winning the ensuing compatibility challenge – it was a blindfolded kissing game, and they gave another perfect 10s.

This duo’s connection was then tested in the boardroom as they were tasked to add two women to the cast for others or Kaz to date, and the latter never even suggested he explore. In other words, within a short period, he and Micah were sure they were building something special and never even questioned it – they just continued getting to know one another more. Even when Elys Hutchinson (‘Too Hot to Handle’ season 5) tried to create a wedge between them as a form of revenge for testing her then-partner Harry Jowsey (‘Too Hot to Handle’ season 1) with Jessica Vestal (‘Love is Blind’ season 5) and him bailing, they stuck together.

In fact, Micah and Kaz calmly spoke of their differences instead of outrightly accusing one another of anything, following which the former even apologized for getting to know newcomer Justin Assada (‘Surviving Paradise‘) because it came across as flirty. However, everything changed in the next round as Kaz was sent on a date with Holly Scarfone (‘Too Hot to Handle’ season 3) because not only did he immerse himself into the experience, but he then didn’t relay everything to Micah in detail. This resulted in her calling him a liar, which upset him since he never really hid the fact he’d immersed himself in the date with Holly from her.

Micah and Kaz Don’t Seem to be Together Anymore

Once Kaz had made it clear that he didn’t lie and Micah expressed that’s how she felt, their argument/conversation dwindled as Holly asked to speak with the former in private once they were done. So, he said they’d talk later and went to have a discussion with the bombshell, just for her to shower him with compliments, while Micah was worried on the other side about being rejected for good. He didn’t choose the latter at this point, but he did passionately kiss her during a subsequent mixer after spending a whole day flirting with Christine Obanor (‘Too Hot to Handle’ Season 5). It was a boys’ day out, so he took complete advantage of it.

Unfortunately, Kaz went in a different direction without even really talking to Micah about it first, breaking her trust as well as her heart, only to soon regret his actions. He realized his feelings towards her had always been real and that he was self-sabotaging, so the minute he had a chance to be alone with her, he sincerely explained himself. The fact it was after his then-match Christine was sent on a date with someone else did raise suspicions, but he seemed utterly open and honest for the first time.

In fact, by the time the finale rolled around, Kaz even expressed his desire to continue his romance with Micah — but alas, it doesn’t appear as if they’re together anymore. Neither of them has confirmed their current relationship status as of writing, yet their social media platforms do seem to be a clear indication of the fact they aren’t involved anymore in any manner. First things first, despite the fact they do follow one another on Instagram and are rather active, they don’t ever interact via likes or comments.

The second aspect is that while she’s a travel enthusiast and a public figure based out of Arizona, he’s a professional model, NovaMEN ambassador, as well as influencer residing in London, England. So, if not for their tumultuous experience, trust issues, or anything to have ensued later, long-distance definitely would’ve caused a problem for them. Though if we’re being honest, it’s evident that no matter what, they both individually seem perfectly content with their personal and professional standing at the moment, which is all that really matters.

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