Tolú and Chris: Are the Perfect Match Duo Still Together?

Reality TV and love often make for great entertainment, and when people like Tolú Ekundare and Chris Hahn get together, the excitement is amplified. The two reality TV stars found their way to each other on Netflix’s ‘Perfect Match‘ Season 2, which made other contestants wary of what this duo might achieve. The series requires contestants to participate in various challenges with a partner to win the title and ultimately test their compatibility and coordination. Chris and Tolú made a great headstart when they got together, and it seemed like they were marching directly towards the prize. Though unexpected, their relationship caught the attention of many fans, and they all hope they have stayed together in real life as well.

Tolú and Chris Seemed Unshakable in the Season

Tolú Ekundare from ‘The Trust‘ and Chris Hahn from ‘Dated and Related’ started their journey on the season with different partners, but a chance encounter brought them together. Tolú had been let down by her partner Dom, while Elys told Chris that there was no spark in their connection. One evening, as the contestants were trying to match up to avoid elimination, a few of them gathered for a small party. During the festivities, Chris was asked to give a lap dance to one of the contestants, and he chose Tolú. The dance was sensational and fun, sparking a connection between them that no one had anticipated.

All the contestants sensed a spark between the two. When they got the time, Tolú and Chris talked and admitted that they hadn’t had the chance to get to know each other. They decided that matching together for the next round and exploring their connection would be worth it—and it was. The time they spent with each other in the villa and even while competing in challenges gave them the confidence that there was something between them that could make them a formidable couple.

They were often seen frolicking around the house and teasing each other, and it looked like there was a genuine connection between them. While other couples made and broke up, Tolú and Chris stuck to each other’s side, not doubting their relationship for three rounds. There were a few skirmishes that they encountered along the way but it all worked out till they end and even though they did not win, they shared they would like to continue their relationship beyond the season as well.

Tolú and Chris Have Broken Up

Tolú and Chris have stayed a part of each other’s lives and follow each other on social media, but they do not seem to have a romantic connection. Both have not made any public comments on their relationship. In one post, Chris mentioned how he and Tolú got closer but did not specify if they have stayed together since then. Their lack of declaration and absence of public affection suggests the duo has parted ways and are continuing their relationship as friends.

Tolú is Living Life as a Reality TV Star

Tolú Ekundare became a Netflix reality TV star when ‘The Trust’ premiered in January 2024, where she emerged as the winner. Before fame, she worked as a marketing manager based in Houston, Texas. The Nigerian-American diva is now settled in Los Angeles and has made strides as a celebrity and public figure. She has over 40k followers on Instagram and is also available to her fans through Snapchat. Tolú runs an LTK store and focuses on her career as a digital creator. Along with posting funny reels that tickle the bone, she also creates content centered around fashion and travel. She has collaborated with brands like Zara, Levis, Pretty Little Thing, and Fashion Nova.

Tolú is also a brand ambassador for Yitty, a clothing store, and has been featured in reputable magazines like Elléments Magazine. In May 2024, she was nominated as Most Strategic Player for the Netflix Superlative Fan Vote. Proud of her Nigerian heritage, Tolú draws inspiration from her mother, whom she is very close to. As a full-fledged reality TV star, Tolú is thriving and has no intention of stopping anytime soon.

Chris Hahn is Focusing on His Career as an Actor

Chris Hahn is currently working as a model and is represented by Ace Models Greece. Previously, he performed as a strip dancer under the name Axel Stone, though he now reserves his performances for fun and informal events, like parties with friends. A gym enthusiast, Chris enjoys challenging himself with rigorous workouts, showcasing his dedication to physical fitness. Known as quite the party boy, Chris has lit up the scenes in Portland and Vegas and has a passion for the outdoors, particularly surfing. His father, Paul Hahn, and his cousin, Jason Cohen, are significant figures in his life, providing him with the strength and support to keep pushing forward and making the most of his life.

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