Micah Lussier: The Love is Blind Contestant is Now Ready to Move On

Image Credit: Monty Brinton/Netflix

In Netflix’s ‘Love is Blind,’ we are introduced to various contestants who are easily able to form a place for themselves in our hearts. Consider Micah Lussier, the start of the show’s fourth season, whose highly intriguing love story helped her gain the admiration and attention of many. Though her on-screen journey was not exactly what the reality TV star might have envisioned, she did walk away with new memories and lessons that she holds close to her heart. As such, her appearance in the recently released reunion of season 6 of the dating reality show has made many people curious about the latest updates in her life.

Micah Lussier’s Love Story Did Not Have the Ending She Wanted

Entering the Netflix show’s fourth iteration, Micah Lussier was determined to find love in this unique form of social experiment. Fortunately for her, she found herself gravitating towards two different men. Her bond with Paul Peden was a simple and easy one, with comfortable flirtations and sigh-worthy dreams of the future that made many fans root for the two. On the other hand, Micah also became close to Kwame Appiah, who, in turn, was also pursuing a connection with Chelsea Griffin.

Ultimately, when the time came for her to make her final decision, Micah chose to be with Paul, finding herself preferring the chemistry she had with him. Her decision to reject Kwame’s suit hurt the man, but Micah did not waver in her conviction and later said yes to Paul’s proposal. Shortly afterward, Micah and Paul met each other for the first time and did not seem to have any regrets at all when it same to the physical side of their relationship, indicating a strong start for them.

Indeed, Micah and Paul’s time as honeymooners was one that they enjoyed a lot. However, when they returned home, Micah was shocked to learn that her co-star and friend Irina Solomonova had tried to flirt with Paul. She asked him about this, to which Paul claimed that he had never told her about any such a thing because he had not even realized what was going on, alluding that this was because he was confident enough in her love for his now-fiancee. In turn, Micah confronted Irinia, who apologized for everything, claiming that it had never been her intention to hamper Micah’s relationship.

From this point onward, Micah and Paul’s relationship seemed like smooth sailing unless the topic of the future came up. This was primarily because Micah expressed a reluctance to move to Seattle, Washington, fully, as staying in Arizona was seemingly essential for her work. That said, the easy connection between Paul’s mother and Micah seemed like a good indication of their future together. Hence, when Paul said no to getting married at the altar, many were shocked, including the bride herself. Paul claimed that this was because he had a hard time envisioning Micah in a parental role and doubted that she was “nurturing.”

Where is Micah Lussier Now?

Following her on-screen wedding ceremony, where she ultimately did not get married, Micah Lussier apparently tried to date Paul Peden for some time. However, they decided to part ways and tried to move on. About a year later, during the ‘After the Altar’ episodes of the season, it was revealed that Mciah and Paul had remained in touch, and the former remained on good terms with Paul’s mother. However, Micha soon learned that Paul was dating someone else and wanted to move on. This prompted Micah to decide to end her connection with Paul for good so as to close that chapter of her life and start anew.

It seems like Micah has taken the resolve to move on close to her heart. Having appeared in the reunion episode of season 6 of ‘Love is Blind,’ she revealed that she was going to be one of the many famous faces to appear in the second season of ‘Perfect Match.’ However, as of writing, she has chosen to remain close-lipped about whether or not she found a partner during her second time as a reality TV participant.

Now based permanently in Seattle, Micah works as a Marketing Campaign Manager for Salesforce. She is also a Fashion Nova ambassador and has become a social media content creator. Presently, she has over 353K followers on Instagram. The reality TV star also enjoys traveling, having recently visited places like Costa Rica and Mexico’s Cancún. Even more recently, she celebrated her 28th birthday in Napa Valley, California, on March 7, 2024.

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