Love is Blind Season 6: Who Are Still Together? Where Are They Now?

If there’s one thing absolutely nobody can deny, it’s that relationships are not easy — they require constant efforts, open communication, true care, and understanding every step of the way. This much is actually even evidenced through Netflix’s ‘Love is Blind,’ a reality dating series living up to its title as well as breaking all bounds of romance and tension since its 2020 premiere. So now that the sixth installment of this original has landed on our screens in its entirety, let’s find out precisely how it panned out for its leading cast members, plus where they stand today.

Amy and Johnny Are Still Head Over Heels

From the moment Amy and Johnny first came across one another in the pods, there was a clear spark between them that only kept rising as they got to know one another on a deeper level. It was thus a happy surprise when the words “I love you” slipped from his mouth on day 7, to which she obviously responded in a positive manner and then ultimately said yes when he proposed. However, nobody expected their chemistry to pan out the way it did because it was honestly near perfect – and that was despite them agreeing not to get physical owing to concerns over birth control.

While Amy and Johnny did feel undeniably attracted to one another, the fear of her getting pregnant when they were not ready stopped them from going all the way every time — she wasn’t on birth control. They thus gradually discussed their safety preferences, researched every possible option, and ensured they were both comfortable at every step before going to the altar. The fact the former’s father had also given his approval to their union upon meeting him was also a big plus, so the couple said yes at the altar, and we’re happy to report they’re still in matrimonial bliss.

AD and Clay Are Leading Separate Lives

Although Amber-Desiree and Clay started off on extremely rocky terms with their love triangle with Matthew Duliba and his insistence on knowing her looks, they managed to get engaged. Then came their fiery physical connection, but the former made it clear from day one itself that he was worried about cheating because that’s all he’d seen in life growing up from all figures and role models. He insisted he loved AD, but he couldn’t get over that fear of doing something bad and of commitment, leading him to say no at the alter admittedly without realizing the gravity of his words.

Clay broke AD’s heart, and she made it clear she had no intention of waiting around for a man who didn’t seem to respect her time or care about her feelings, meaning she didn’t want to see him anymore. And from what we can tell through this 33-year-old former cheerleader turned real estate broker’s social media platforms, she has stuck to her word by doing her best to move on in life. As for the 31-year-old enterprise sales/entrepreneur, it appears as if he’s simply still working hard on not just his business but also himself in/around the Charlotte, North Carolina area to build a better future.

Chelsea and Jimmy Seem to be Single and Doing For Themselves

With Chelsea’s love triangle with Jimmy plus Trevor Sova and Jimmy’s deep connections with both Chelsea and Jessica, their storyline was one for the books in every way. However, almost as soon as they came across one another, it became clear their in-person involvement might be as complex as their time in the pods, and it held true. She was a bit insecure owing to all of her exes cheating on her, while he often let his sentence delivery take over the emotional aspect, making them tumultuous from the word go – they had a fight during their romantic getaway itself.

However, things only worsened over time, with Jimmy calling her clingy and Chelsea accusing him of getting physical with Jessica, along with much much more. They did manage to talk out their differences most times, yet when the weddings were approaching, he made it clear he was not ready to walk down the aisle just yet because of the way they’d been arguing, driving her to leave for good. Since then, though, it appears as if this duo has both put in work on themselves and are doing really well in North Carolina – while the 31-year-old has since evolved from a flight attendant to a wedding planner, the 28-year-old is still in software sales.

Laura and Jeramey’s Split Was Good For Them

While it’s true Laura and Jeramey did come across as a near idyllic couple in the pods despite his romance with Sarah-Ann too, things quickly crumbled for them in the real world in more ways than one. Not only did he not shut down a direct message from the latter on social media, but he also talked to her until 5-5:30 in the morning upon bumping into her in person during a night out. The worst part, he shared his location with his fiance at home and then tried to lie to her/hide the entire truth, leading her to walk away and him not making any serious efforts to understand her anger.

However, Jeramey did hear Sarah-Ann vent during a get-together a few days later before asserting it was “obvious” he’d “made a mistake” in his choice, meaning he wished he’d chosen her. Since then, Laura and her ex have understandably kept their distance, focusing primarily on their professional lives as a 34-year-old account director and 32-year-old intralogistics specialist, respectively. There have recently been rumors he was engaged to someone else entirely during filming, but he has since asserted it’d ended before filming began, plus he’s now deeply involved with Sarah and even lives with her – they moved in together in October 2023. As for Laura, it appears as if even she’s dating someone else at the moment.

Kenneth and Brittany Are Content With Their Individual Lives

Kenneth and Brittany were nearly the epitome of what every couple should be with the way they respected one another’s beliefs, values, limits, and hesitancy from the get-go, but their spark just didn’t pan out in reality. The lack of physicality between them seemed to bump them both despite their initial promise not to go all the way until marriage – they planned on sticking to this, yet they always wanted something that reiterated their initial physical attraction during the reveal. It turns out, only the latter was struggling; the former was simply adjusting to his new personal-professional balance and playing everything by what his fiance felt comfortable with.

This unfortunately didn’t help their bond, and they both very mutually and amicably decided to part ways – in fact, they still remain on good terms, as evidenced by their social media profiles. As for their individual standings at the moment, the 26-year-old continues to put his relationship with god first while also still serving as a middle school principal and thriving. Brittany, on the other hand, is a successful 25-year-old senior client partner and is doing her best to continue on her quest for her true love while also admittedly learning to be more patient and understanding. Though most importantly, owing to their pure emotional connection, it looks like they are now the best of friends.

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