Albert Lopez: Where is Rosa Peral’s Ex-Lover Now?

Directed by Manuel Pérez and Carles Vidal Novellas, Netflix’s ‘Rosa Peral’s Tapes,’ AKA ‘Las Cintas de Rosa Peral,’ presents a different side to the well-known story surrounding the death of Pedro Rodríguez. The case had caught the attention of people across Spain, with two suspects blaming each other for plotting the murder of one man. While the Spanish documentary movie sheds much light on the life of Rosa Peral, it is only natural to wonder where Albert López, the other accused, is these days.

Who is Albert López?

A member of Guàrdia Urbana de Barcelona,  Albert Lopez Ferrer used to live in Barcelona, Spain. During his time in the force, he got close to his partner, Rosa Peral, who had initially been in a relationship with Ruben, the father of her two daughters. Slowly but steadily, the two formed an intimate connection, bonding on various emotional levels. However, their chemistry was never actualized into a proper relationship in the conventional sense of the word, as Rosa was unwilling to be with a partner who did not want to settle down or have a family. This was a breaking point for her as she claimed she wanted to put her daughters above anyone.

Rosa Peral and Albert López

When Rosa Peral started dating Pedro Rodríguez, those close to her could not help but comment about the similarities between her current partner and Albert, with Rosa herself admitting that her friends had said to her that the two men looked quite alike. In early 2017, Albert went to Rosa’s house and got upset upon learning that she was living with Pedro, having been under the belief that Rosa was still involved with him. This devolved into an argument between Albert and Rosa, though the former claimed that he had no issues with Pedro. Following that, even the digital conversations between them were extremely heated.

However, around March 2017, apparently, things had changed as there was a noticeable difference in Albert’s attitude, and he seemed much calmer. He and Rosa continued to talk, though the latter claimed it was only to maintain civility and so that she could clear things up between them. On April 8, 2017, there was a plan for the two to meet up, though Rosa had brought some friends along to the same. Albert had apparently given her a ring, indicating his intention for her.

In May 2017, Albert was accused of killing Pedro, and it was believed that he and Rosa had planned the act together. Pedro’s body was found on May 4, 2017, in the trunk of his car, and both the car and the victim had been burnt to an extreme. According to Albert, he had not actively participated in the crime, and Rosa had locked Pedro’s body in the trunk. He claimed that the only reason he had helped them burn the car was because he believed he was in a relationship with Rosa at the time of the crime.

Albert López Remains Imprisoned

Albert López was arrested for his association with the killing of Pedro Rodríguez in May 2017. After the legal proceedings went on for several years, he was sentenced to 20 years in prison for his crimes. He and Rosa Peral, who was also convicted, were asked to pay €885,000 as compensation to Pedro’s family. Given the conflicting statements given by the convicted duo, an accurate set of events could not be established, though it was the belief of the prosecution that Rosa had drugged Pedro while he was at home and then Albert had taken away his body to lock in the trunk of the vehicle that was later burned. Though Albert has appealed the conviction in the Catalonia High Court and the Supreme Court, the original ruling stands as of writing.

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