Peacock’s All Her Fault Starts Filming in Toronto in June

Image Credit: West Cork Literary Festival/YouTube

The television adaptation of Andrea Mara’s novel ‘All Her Fault’ is finally moving into production! The Peacock series will be filmed in Toronto between June and December. As revealed earlier, Megan Gallagher is adapting the book for the screen.

The plot revolves around Marissa Irvine, who arrives at 14 Arthur Avenue in Chicago to pick up her young son Milo from his first playdate with a boy at his new school. But the woman who answers the door isn’t a mother she recognizes. She isn’t the nanny. She doesn’t have Milo. And so begins every parent’s worst nightmare.

In Mara’s novel, as Marissa grapples with the agony of her son’s vanishing, she embarks on a relentless quest to uncover the truth behind his mysterious disappearance. Amidst the spreading shockwaves within her community, fingers are pointed, suspicions arise, and dark secrets unravel, painting a vivid portrait of a community torn apart by tragedy. With twists, turns, and shocking revelations across its pages, ‘All Her Fault’ delivers a tale of suspense and intrigue. The novel earned a spot on The Sunday Times’ best crime fiction list.

Mara, an accomplished author, has achieved notable success with her books consistently ranking as bestsellers on platforms like The Sunday Times, The Irish Times, and Kindle. Her works have earned multiple nominations for the Irish Crime Novel of the Year awards, reflecting her talent and acclaim within the literary community. Currently residing in Dublin, Ireland, Mara lives with her husband and three young children.

Gallagher’s creative portfolio includes a range of projects within the crime thriller genre. Notably, she conceived ‘Wolf,’ a tense drama that centers on a family ensnared in the chilling machinations of a psychopath within the confines of their rural abode. Her contributions extend to Apple TV+’s thriller series ‘Suspicion.’ Additionally, Gallagher’s creative vision drove the development of ‘Seizure,’ an exploration of detectives grappling with a perplexing case involving the deaths of four boys. Furthermore, she also created ‘Grenseland,’ a tale of a police detective navigating the murky waters of morality and duty amid a murder cover-up.

In addition to the series, Toronto will host the shooting of several upcoming television shows later this year, including ‘Star Trek: Starfleet Academy‘ and Netflix’s ‘Tall Pines.’

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