Alone Season 10: Where Are The Contestants Now?

Encompassed by undulated terrain, uncharted wilderness, and the biting cold of the mountains, History Channel’s ‘Alone’ chronicles the journey of ten contestants as they go head to head in a battle of survival. Cut off from the world, the reality television show captures the journey of the participants as they forage and hunt nature’s bounty to survive in the wild. The tenth iteration of the series features contestants overcoming the impossible in Northern Saskatchewan, Canada. Fans have been curious to know more about the competitors ever since the season came to a close.

Alan Tenta is a YouTube Creator Now

In the grueling test of will and might, Alan Tenta managed to overcome countless obstacles and survive in the biting cold for 66 days. Having lost almost 80 pounds, the Columbia Valley resident was crowned the winner of the season. After the season came to a close, he returned to his hometown and resumed his life as a teacher, parent, and husband. Alan is currently teaching English, Social Studies, and Physical Education at the David Thompson Secondary School in Invermere, Columbia Valley.

Besides this, he also teaches outdoor education to the students. In addition to imparting vital outdoor survival skills to students, the reality star has also become a YouTube creator and regularly takes to his social media platform to share his latest escapades in the wild. He is happily married to Lisa Tenta, the Vice-Principal of David Thompson Secondary School, and the couple share parental duties for their children – Davis and Mackenzie.

James “Wyatt” Black is Enjoying Family Bliss Today

Despite losing the top spot to Alan, Wyatt was assured that his journey was complete and there was no reason for him to prolong his stay in the wild. Since the season ended, the survivalist has returned to his work as a renovator and interior designer. Based in Bracebridge, Ontario, Wyatt continues to helm the operations of his company – Maple Creek Renovations LLC. On the personal front, the reality star shares domestic bliss with his high school sweetheart, Michelle, and their sons, Andrew and Evan. After his appearance on the show, the television personality has amassed a significant following on social media, where he regularly shares his experiences as a survivalist and fisher.

Mikey Helton is Focusing on His Health Today

Image Credit: Mikey Helton/Instagram

Displaying an eclectic mix of survival and procuring skills, Mikey was one of the forerunners throughout the season. However, after almost two months in the wild, the Georgia native felt that he wanted to walk out of the biting cold on his own instead of getting a medical evacuation. After the show, the reality star returned to continue his trade of carpentry. Having lost 85 pounds on the show, the television personality is also focusing on recouping his health and paving the way for future endeavors.

Since his appearance on the show, Mikey has appeared in live television interviews and even kickstarted his own YouTube channel. On the personal front, he continues to make professional strides to ensure that his family gets the best of everything. Mikey’s youngest son, Nikolai, is on the autism spectrum. Naturally, the television personality has also been vocal about autism and how the spectrum affects each individual differently.

Melanie Sawyer is Living a Life Close to Nature

Mapping her journey from the backwoods of England to the wilderness of North Saskatchewan, Melanie Sawyer has climbed several obstacles. After spending more than forty days in the wild, Melanie decided to tap out of the competition and return to her life with her fiance. The former model continues to compound her passion for the wild and her love for history through the Thunderhawk Living History School.

As the founding member of the organization, Melanie continues to promote living history programs and partake in displaying historically accurate events of the 18th century. Besides teaching people how to forage and live off the land, Melanie also surrounds herself with the bounty of nature. Along with her fiance, Brian McCormack, the reality star is based in the Adirondack State Park, where they regularly meander through the woods.

Tarcisio “Taz” Ramos Dos is Focusing on His Creative Pursuits

Brought up in Sergipe, Brazil, Taz had overcome his share of survival challenges. From crossing the Utah Desert to living in a homestead in Western Massachusetts, the professional actor and musician has returned to explore his creative pursuits. Most recently, the television personality has been working on Brazilian music as part of the Samba Trio. The group has even performed at several concerts in Western Massachusetts. Fans and readers can find more about the multi-instrumentalist on his Instagram page. He is also a direct support professional and helps people who are on the autism spectrum. Besides this, the father of two twins continues to enjoy life as a survivalist and wilderness expert.

Cade Cole is Back to Being a Hunting Guide

Without relenting to the conditions of the wild, Cade remained steadfast in his resolve to walk away with the top prize. However, after losing consciousness 23 days into the competition, the hunter from Wyoming ultimately headed back home. Since his exit from the show, the Texan native has returned to his work as a hunting guide and tracker. Besides this, Cade is also a great shot and hunts legally in the Rocky Mountains as well. Despite his initial hesitance to join the show and leave behind his family, the television personality has returned to the domestic bliss he shares with his wife, Danielle, and their toddler son.

Jodi Rose is Spending Time With Loved Ones Now

Having overcome a critical injury, the former teacher has returned to her life as a cattle rancher. While Jodi has been open about the farming incident that severed her leg, she has also showcased that nothing can stop her. The television personality continues to overlook the operations of her cattle ranch in the middle of the Wind River Indian Reservation. In addition, she also works with her family to provide high-end tables through her furniture business, Wild River Tables. After 22 days in the wild, it was Jodi’s love for her family that led her to tap out from the season. Since the season came to a close, the rancher has been spending her time with her partner Frank and their children – Zak, Klayton, Josie, Josh, and Isac.

Luke Joseph Olsen is Focusing on His Ventures Today

Born to Larry Dean, the bestselling author of ‘Outdoor Survival Skills,’ the Hawaii-based survivalist hoped to walk away with the top prize of the season. However, intestinal problems ultimately became Luke’s undoing on the show. Since then, the former recreational cannabis business owner has been lending his consultancy to a number of operations across Oregon and California. Not just this, he also helms the operations of Dichroic Images, a glass artist business, and even runs a home school enrichment program by teaching ancestor skills at Pono Outdoor. Besides this, Luke harnesses his time by teaching tourists and locals diving and surfing. The proud member of PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) is happily married to Delia Olsen and has a son named Osiris.

Ann Rosenquist is Focusing on Spending Time With Family

Despite being in her 50s, the Minnesota native felt that she was up to the grueling challenges presented in the wilderness. Using her strength, mettle, and acumen, Ann survived in the biting cold of North Saskatchewan for almost 20 days. However, starvation and heart palpitations ultimately led her to tap out from the competition. After the season came to a close, Ann returned to working at her farm called the North Wind Organic Farm. As an organic farmer, Ann continues to sell in-house handmade products to locals and continues to live sustainably off the land, along with her partner Tom and their Border Collie. Not just this, the television personality is also close to her daughter, Saffron, who recently tied the knot.

Lee Ray DeWilde is Focusing on His Business Today

Having spent years in the Alaskan wilderness, Lee Ray managed to forage and get through 18 days of the competition before deciding to leave due to starvation. Nevertheless, the part Caucasian and part Native American continues to make a widespread impact through his work. The television personality owns an aircraft charter business and continues to provide services to the people of his village during emergencies. Besides this, Lee Ray also enjoys domestic bliss with his wife, Lilly, their five children, and grandchildren. So, even though his time on the season was cut short, Lee Ray continues to embark on new adventures in the wild, like his brother, Ricko DeWilde, who is often seen on National Geographic’s ‘Life Below Zero.’

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