Amanda and Sergio: Are the Love Is Blind Sweden Contestants Still Together?

Netflix’s ‘Love is Blind: Sweden,’ AKA ‘Love is Blind: Sverige,’ is yet another addition to the beloved ‘Love is Blind‘ franchise that has quickly captured the interest of the viewers. Among the many couples that came together in season 1 of the reality series, few went through as many ups and downs as Amanda and Sergio Rincón, especially in the light of their expectations and actions surrounding their engagement. As such, the world has now become curious about whether or not the two are still in a relationship.

Amanda and Sergio’s Love is Blind: Sweden Journey

Among the female cast members of season 1 of the Netflix series, Sergio Rincón quickly earned a very unique reputation. As it turns out, he had been evasive about sharing his name with many of his dates, which earned him a variety of reactions. Amanda entered the pod with Sergio after having heard the stories and was pleasantly surprised when he was actually upfront about his name. The two actually hit it off quite quickly, thanks to their shared sense of humor and interests.

However, Amanda was not the only woman Sergio was pursuing as he remained interested in Alexandra and Kimia. His active interest in all three women meant that he was torn about how he would deal with choosing one woman over the others. In the end, there was something he felt about his connection with Amanda that he did not think he shared with any of the other girls. At one point, he ended up telling her that he was only seeing her while he was still going on dates with the other two girls.

Though Sergio decided to end things with Alexandra and Kimia on his following dates with the two women, the news still reached Amanda, who was left feeling blindsided that Sergio had not been honest. However, Sergio was able to talk to Amanda about the same, and the two were able to move forward with the situation, with each referring to the other as their girlfriend/boyfriend. During one of their subsequent dates, Sergio gave Amanda a bracelet that was similar to the one he wore.

This, in turn, prompted Amanda to share how she was bullied as a kid for having scoliosis and wearing the necessary medical equipment for the treatment of the same. For a while, this made Sergio wonder about whether or not she was attractive, something that he shared with his fellow male contestants. Many of them did not find Sergio’s worries to be tasteful, and he himself later called himself “shallow” and commented how this only showcased Amanda’s strength as a person.

More sure than ever that he was meant to be with Amanda, Sergio Rincón decided to propose to her, something that Amanda was delighted to say yes to. Not much later, the two would meet each other for the first time, though they did not get off to the best start. Sergio could not help but comment on how Amanda was not wearing the bracelet he had given to her. He also seemed off-put by the fact that she had not given him an engagement ring.

Amanda stated that her reason for not giving Sergio a ring was that she liked the tradition of exchanging rings at the altar. This certainly put a damper on the couple’s relationship moving forward. During their vacation in Cyprus, Sergio commented how he felt unsure about their relationship and that Amanda was not doing enough. This is something that she tried to address later, but Sergio remained uncertain about what to say or believe.

Following their trip to Cyrpus, the dynamics between Amanda and Sergio actually got much better. Sergio was even able to get the blessing of his betrothed’s father, and were able to reach a consensus when it came to religion and future children. Things did get a bit complicated when Krisse-Ly came to the couple, asking Sergio to talk in private. She revealed that a group chat of female cast members of the show, which did not include Amanda, had learned about the rumors that Sergio was about to become a father as a woman in Barcelona, Spain, was pregnant with his child.

Sergio chose to talk about the speculation with Amanda himself, claiming that he did not know why such a thing was being said. He claimed that the rumor was nothing but a fabrication and that he was more in love with Amanda than ever. Together, the two certainly seemed sure about walking down the aisle.

Amanda and Sergio Said Yes at The Altar

For a relationship that saw so many ups and downs, the love and security displayed by Amanda and Sergio certainly made many of the fans believe that the two might indeed walk down the aisle. Needless to say, their mutual decision to get married to each other in a beautiful ceremony, which was attended by their loved ones, has left the fans of the show giddy. While there were many who were unsure that the two would have a happy ending, they were themselves able to prove the non-believers wrong.

So, are Amanda and Sergio still tied in holy matrimony? The two reality TV stars have not shared any updates regarding their relationship with the public. They did not call it quits while they were in Cyprus but were indeed not on the best of terms as well. However, we are positive that, if nothing else, they remain on friendly terms as they continue to follow each other on social media.

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