Are Amanda and Tash From MAFS Australia Still Together?

The title of ‘Married At First Sight’ is pretty self-explanatory. Two complete strangers meet for the first time at the altar on their wedding day, after being matched up by relationship experts. Then, as they go on their honeymoon and start living together so as to get to know each other, their journey is documented to be seen by millions of viewers worldwide.

With the different relationships being full of drama, tears, and sizzling romances, the reality dating series is addictive to watch. The seventh season of the Australian edition made its way to Lifetime in America, bringing the stories of 12 complex couples, including one same-sex duo. Wondering what happened to the latter and where they are now? Keep scrolling!

Amanda and Tash: Married At First Sight Journey

Being the first lesbian couple to have appeared on the show, Amanda Micallef and Tash Herz had the fans hoping that they could find their happily ever after with each other. The individuals both had a hard past, which stopped them from being able to find their true love, but when they started their journey with a very emotional and heartwarming wedding ceremony, it seemed like their love life was ready to turn around for the better.

However, their relationship was anything but smooth sailing. Tash wasn’t attracted to Amanda at all, and it was glaringly obvious from her lack of enthusiasm. The missing spark between the couple led them to bicker and fight constantly, whether they were alone or in front of other cast members. Therefore, finally, during the second commitment ceremony, they both mutually decided that leaving the experiment would be the best option for them.

After their decision was finalized, Amanda tearfully apologized to the gay community for how her relationship with Tash unfolded. “Unfortunately, this relationship has not been a representation of what gay relationships are really like. There are a lot of good functioning gay couples out there, and I’m sorry that this didn’t do the gay community justice this time around.”

Are Amanda and Tash Still Together?

No, their decision to stay away from each other was final. Amanda and Tash never reconciled, nor did they try to. Following their disastrous stint on the reality television series, both parties made headlines for igniting a feud with each other. But, after months of trash talking and making digs at each other for various reasons, on May 6, Tash took to her Instagram to settle the feud with her ex “wife” by asking her fans to stop trolling Amanda.

She made it evident that she wants to move on from that experience and wants no negative feeling to linger long term, especially from her side, so that she can happily live her life with her new girlfriend, Madison Hewitt. Tash found love with Madison just a little while after leaving the show, and since then, she hasn’t shied away from gushing about her girlfriend or how happy she makes her. Madison has even made an appearance on Tash’s YouTube channel for a video where they talked about their relationship and much more.

Tash has also posted the following picture to show her appreciation for her girlfriend, and alongside it, she wrote: “Thanks for making twilight references mid argument so I’ve got no hope ever of staying mad at you, always letting me ask you everything you’ve eaten since you’ve woken up, finding me funny when I’m being so weird, kissing me the best I’ve ever been kissed, making me the most epic playlist I’ve ever been made and more than anything, just seeing me and loving me like I deserve and reminding me that I do, deserve it. Can’t wait for our first Mardi Gras together baby. Wild for you. ??♥️”

Amanda, on the other hand, seems to be enjoying the single life and is focusing on her work as a coach for Divine Physiques Coaching more than anything. Putting emphasizes on the importance of both physical and mental fitness, Amanda is working hard to use her platform to help people achieve their goals for living a healthy life.

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