American Born Chinese Ending, Explained

Disney+’s ‘American Born Chinese’ is an action comedy television series created by Kelvin Yu. It is based on the eponymous graphic novel written and illustrated by Gene Luen Yang. The series stars Ben Wang, Jimmy Liu, Daniel Wu, and Michelle Yeoh in the lead roles. It follows Jin Wang and Wei-Chen, two outcast teenagers navigating ordinary high school issues when they are roped into a conflict between mythical Gods. With the entire world at stake, Jin and Wei-Chen must accept their true heritage and destiny to defeat the forces of evil. Naturally, viewers must wonder if and how Jin and Wei-Chen succeed in their quest. If you are looking for an explanation about the ending of ‘American Born Chinese,’ here is everything you need to know! SPOILERS AHEAD!

American Born Chinese Plot Synopsis

‘American Born Chinese’ opens with the son of Monkey King, Sun Wukong, stealing his father’s magical staff and escaping to the West. In the United States, Jin Wang is an average teenager and the son of first-generation Chinese immigrants. Jin dreams about playing on the school’s soccer team and going on a date with his crush, Amelia. However, Jin’s life is distributed when Wei-Chen, a new Chinese exchange student, arrives at his school, and Jin is tasked with showing him around. Wei-Chen tries to befriend Jin but only frustrates the latter with his overly confident personality.

After an altercation with Wei-Chen, Jin becomes the subject of an internet meme and misses out on the school soccer team. While Jin tries to fix his social life, his parents, Simon, and Christine Wang, are going through a difficult period in their marriage. Soon, it is revealed that Wei-Chen is Sun Wukong’s son who stole his father’s magic staff. Wei-Chen is on a quest to find the all-power Fourth Scroll and wants to use it to stop Niu Mowang, aka Bull Demon King, from starting an uprising in Heaven. Wei-Chen believes that Jin is the guide who will lead him to the Fourth Scroll.

Although Jin and Wei-Chen slowly start becoming friends after the latter reveals his true identity, Jin remains preoccupied with the perils of high school life. Meanwhile, Niu Mowang attacks Wei-Chen’s guardian, Guanyin, and destroys her magical mirror. Later, Niu Mowang attacks Wei-Chen and steals Sun Wukong’s magic staff, hoping to use it to find the Fourth Scroll. Eventually, Wei-Chen learns from Ji Gong, The Scholar, that the Fourth Scroll contained the Sutras of Power and was dispersed in the mortal realm. As a result, it can have the shape of almost any object.

Wei-Chen learns the Fourth Scroll was made from two pieces of jade belonging to families that have warred for centuries. As a result, Wei-Chen deduces that  Christine’s pendant is the Fourth Scroll. However, Ji Gong, who works for Niu Mowang, steals the pendant before Wei-Chen. Jin defeats Ji Gong in a fight and reclaims the pendant but refuses to return it to Jin, whose parents are fighting over Christine losing it. As a result, Jin and Wei-Chen’s friendship sours. On the other hand Niu Mowang who was Sun Wukong’s best friend centuries ago, attacks and morally wounds The Monkey King.

Wei-Chen fails to save his father and discovers that the pendant is powerless. Meanwhile, Guanyin appears in Jin’s vision, making him realize his purpose in the conflict between Heaven and Niu Mowang. As a result, Jin finally understands his destiny and decides to team up with Wei-Chen to stop the Bull Demon King before it is too late. However, without the magic staff and the Fourth Scroll, Jin and Wei-Chen face an uphill battle as Niu Mowang prepares to destroy Heaven with the staff’s powers.

American Born Chinese Ending: Do Jin and Wei-Chen Stop Niu Mowang?

In the finale, Jin and Wei-Chen find themselves in a fight against Niu Mowang during the Autumn Equinox, an event that aligns Heaven and the mortal realm, opening a pathway between the two. The event coincides with Jin’s soccer match as he is about to make his debut. As a result, Jin and Wei-Chen race against time to stop their evil nemesis from using the Earth to destroy Heaven. Jin seeks his friend Anuj’s help, and the group quickly realizes that Niu Mowang’s plan is based on all the comics and books inspired b Sun Wukong. As a result, Jin, Wei-Chen, and Anuj learn everything they can about Niu Mowang.

Jin deduces that Niu Mowang must have used his shapeshifting powers to blend with the crowd while the door between the two realms opens. The trio stages a play about Niu Mowang and Sun Wukong, with Jin playing the Bull Demon King, in a bid to draw him out. Jin’s plan succeeds as his insults directed at Niu Mowang result in the spectators erupting in laughter, which draws him out. However, Niu Mowang uses the magic staff and sets the destruction of Earth and Heaven in motion.

Wei-Chen uses his martial arts prowess to fight Niu Mowang while Jin and Anuj scramble to remove the staff from the earth’s surface, stopping the destruction. Ultimately, Jin sacrifices himself, jumping at the staff as it is about to explode. However, Jin survives, and his fall ends Niu Mowang’s uprising. Sun Wukong, who was revived by Jin’s parents, arrives and reclaims his staff. He captures Niu Mowang and takes him to be judged by the Jade Emperor. With the apocalyptic event averted, Jin is hailed a hero by the school and receives the social acceptance he had craved all along.

Do Jin and Wei-Chen Find the Fourth Scroll?

The Fourth Scroll is the primary mystery that binds together all the different plot threads of the series. It is supposed to be an all-powerful object that holds the Sutras of Power obtained during a pilgrimage to India centuries ago. However, it has been lost to time. Wei-Chen sees its power as the only way to stop Niu Mowang, fulfill his dream, and step outside his father’s shadow. During the climactic battle, Jin sacrifices himself to save the world but survives and stops the destruction, leading Sun Wukong to address him as the Fourth Scroll.

After the fight, Wei-Chen admits he has no idea why or how Jin is the Fourth Scroll. However, since he successfully stopped the magic staff from destroying the two realms, it is confirmed that Jin is the Fourth Scroll. Earlier, it is stated that the Fourth Scroll resides in an object that signifies the harmony between two warring factions. Thus, it is implied that Jin’s lineage and heritage, which he is not connected to, is the reason he is the Fourth Scroll. Jin unlocks his true potential only after coming to terms with his self-identity. Jin reconciles his public image with his true self, and this honesty brings out his latent powers.

Who Is Iron Fan? What Happened to Jin’s Parents?

After defeating Niu Mowang, Wei-Chen, and Sun Wukong disappear, only for Wei-Chen to later show up outside Jin’s house when Jin returns from the soccer match. Wei-Chen reveals he will be returning to Heaven and bids farewell to Jin. However, Jin is shocked to find an intruder when he enters his house. Jin is greeted by Princess Iron Fan, who reveals she is holding Jin’s parents hostage. However, she speaks in Mandarin, causing her words not to affect Jin as he is not fluent in the language.

Earlier in the series, a flashback reveals Niu Mowang and Princess Iron Fang met at a party in Heaven. It is implied they had a romantic interest in each other. According to Chinese folklore, Princess Iron Fang is the wife of the Bull Demon King. Thus, the ending implies that she is after Jin, the Fourth scroll, after learning about his true power. Princess Iron Fang likely wants to use Jin to save her husband from the Jade Emperor and Sun Wukong, leaving Jin to save his parents by embarking on another adventure.

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