Kevin Kline’s American Classic to Shoot in New Jersey in August

The shooting location of Kevin Kline’s upcoming project has come to light! MGM+’s comedy series ‘American Classic’ will start shooting in New Jersey in August 2024. As revealed earlier, Jon Tenney is also part of the cast with Kline.

The plot revolves around Richard Bean (Kline), a Broadway star known for his egotism, who experiences a public breakdown and retreats to his hometown. After returning to the family-run theater where he first discovered his talent, he finds his father, the former artistic director, suffering from dementia. The theater, now reduced to a dinner theater serving murder mysteries, is run by his brother (Tenney) and sister-in-law, who is also the town’s mayor. Determined to restore the theater’s former glory, Richard plans to stage a great American classic, with himself as director and star, in an effort to save both the theater and the town.

Kline’s most recent roles include Frank Getchell in ‘The Good House,’ a film that revolves around the life of New England realtor Hildy Good after reconnecting with an old flame from high school, based on Ann Leary’s novel. He portrayed Dr. Larry Fine in the comedy-drama ‘The Starling,’ in which Lilly, grieving a loss, contends with a troublesome starling nesting near her home, leading to a journey of rediscovery. In ‘Dean,’ he played Robert in a comedic tale exploring loss, grief, and love as Dean, a New York illustrator, navigates a new romance while facing familial challenges following his mother’s passing.

Tenney portrayed Tom Woods in ’88’ and Mickey Haller, Sr. in ‘The Lincoln Lawyer.’ He also played Pub MC in ‘Wild Mountain Thyme,’ a romantic tale set in Ireland. In the horror film ‘I See You,’ he played Greg Harper, a lead investigator grappling with the pressure of a missing child case and marital challenges with his wife Jackie. His other credits include HBO’s detective series ‘True Detective,’ TNT’s police procedural series ‘Major Crimes,’ and A&E/Netflix’s neo-Western crime drama ‘Longmire.’

New Jersey has recently served as the backdrop for productions such as Prime Video’s ‘Fallout‘ and AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live.’

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