Amy Morrison From HSN Likes to Enjoy Various Sports With Husband and Son

Image Credit: Amy Morrison on HSN/Facebook

The Home Shopping Network (HSN) is at the forefront of modern consumerism, providing a platform for people to shop a wide range of products from the comfort of their homes. The network boasts several charming and talented hosts who have spent years developing a following and selling products to audiences nationwide. One prominent figure specializing in beauty and fashion is Amy Morrison, HSN’s Beauty Report host.

Over the years, Amy Morrison has become a trusted expert and a familiar face in beauty products, style, cosmetics, and luxury branding. Her vast knowledge of the subject and warm presence have enabled her to capture the attention of her audience. Let’s look behind the scenes to learn more about the remarkable Amy Morrison and her journey.

Amy Morrison is Very Close to Her Family

Amy Morrison hails from Ann Arbor. She is a Ferris State University graduate and celebrates her birthday on October 7 of each year. She loved horse riding and even qualified for the US Equestrian team when she was younger. However, she gave up the sport when her last horse passed away. Amy’s journey is a testament to her strength and resilience, and she has managed to carve a niche for herself in the world of beauty and style. She has showcased her unique perspective and passion for the beauty industry to millions over the last two decades by sharing her expertise and overcoming challenges.

Family has played a significant role in her life, and she considers herself incredibly lucky to have her parents with her. The name of her parents isn’t known, but the bond she shares with them is undeniable. Amy’s father served in the Navy right before the Vietnam War, which has made her appreciate the country’s military even more. The charming host is the godmother to two godchildren who have served the country for years. No details are available for her siblings except that she has two beautiful nieces named Lauren Farrelly and Logan Farrelly. She also has a cousin, whose name hasn’t been disclosed, with whom she has been friends with for over 40 years.

Amy Morrison’s Professional Journey

Amy Morrison is more than just a host on HSN; she is a true authority in the beauty and makeup industry. She started working for HSN in 2005 and, throughout the years, has remained an integral part of the network. Her show, Beauty Report, airs every Wednesday at 9 PM, where she gives exclusive offers and insights into the latest beauty trends to her audience. At HSN, her role is beyond that of a show host, as she is recognized as the network’s Resident Beauty Expert. As a seasoned shopper, her expertise goes beyond the camera, and she often does product reviews to give valuable insights to her viewers. She also has a keen eye for innovation and quality, which makes her a valuable asset to HSN’s programming.

Amy Morrison is Happily Married Since 2005

Yes, Amy Morrison has been married to her husband since February 12, 2005, and the couple has a son together named Stephen. The family lives together in Nokomis Beach, Florida, and often go golfing, boating, fishing, and trying out adventure activities such as ziplining, whitewater rafting, or hiking up the Devils Bridge in Sedona, Arizona. Her commitment to her family isn’t limited to people in her immediate household, as she is a loving pet owner. She has a giant Schnauzer dog named Duke and a rescued cat named Samantha. She often showcases her love for both on her social media.

Amy also greatly appreciates her best friend, Colleen Lopez, Fashion & Jewelry Curator, as both often meet up and share updates with their followers. She is just as committed to her audience as well, and her return to the screen after only 6 weeks of surgery proves that. At the age of 37, Amy was diagnosed with breast cancer. She was able to get the tumor removed and go into remission. However, five years later, her cancer returned, and she had to get a mastectomy to be safe in the future.

Amy was featured as a breast cancer survivor at the 2017 Magnolia Ball, Moffitt Cancer Center’s annual fundraiser. She talked about getting cancer for the second time in a testimonial video for the same, saying, “The second time was defeat, and I knew that it was going to kill me. And I kept thinking.. What is my husband going to say to my son if I die? And I just didn’t want my son to grow up without me. They had to perform a mastectomy because the cancer could have come back.”

Just six weeks after her surgery, she was back hosting on HSN, and none of her audience knew the battle she had been through. Her journey has not been without challenges, but she emerged as a survivor, demonstrating his determination and spirit. Amy Morrison’s presence on HSN extends beyond the typical host-viewer relationship as her audience sees her as a source of inspiration and embodiment of beauty. From her expertise in beauty products to her triumphs over health challenges, her story is the one that resonates with many. There is much more to Amy than meets the eye as she uplifts and empowers those around her. We wish her all the best for her future!

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