An American in Austen: Shooting Sites and Cast Details Explored

A Clare Niederpruem directorial, ‘An American in Austen’ is part of Hallmark’s Lovuary and Jane Austin, and sees a Jane Austin fan transported back in time to the regency era of England to meet her ideal man. Harriet is a librarian obsessed with ‘Pride and Prejudice,’ especially wanting to meet a perfect handsome stranger like Mr. Darcy from the book. When her boyfriend makes a grand proposal, she is unable to give him an answer, still holding out for her fairytale romance. Seeing a shooting star, Harriet makes a wish for the same and soon wakes up in a carriage taking her to a stately manor.

Harriet’s wish is answered, and she enters the time of ‘Pride and Prejudice,’ meeting the Bennet sisters as their American cousin. However, her illusions are soon shattered when she meets Mr. Darcy, whose arrogance and snobbish behavior ticks her off. As Harriet becomes embroiled in the romance and drama of the time, she learns lessons about love, commitment, and responsibility. The period film treats us to picturesque views of the English countryside, lavish mansions, and sprawling estates. With such an authentic recreation of the time, the movie’s backdrop might pique the interest of some in discovering where it was filmed.

An American in Austen Filming Locations

‘An American in Austen’ recreated its historical setting in Ireland and Bulgaria. Principal photography began in early October 2023 and was wrapped up in about a month by November 2, 2023. While shooting the regency-era scenes, the actors found essaying their characters a breeze owing to the costumes and locations creating an atmosphere of the historical time. “The costumes are wonderful, but I think they are really important when you are getting into character and being on set,” said actor Nicholas Bishop in an interview. Allow us to take you through the various sites used by the film to depict 19th-century England.

Drogheda, Ireland

A port town on the east coast of Ireland, Drogheda’s surrounding landscape became the primary filming destination for much of the movie’s exterior shots. The home of the Bennet sisters that Harriet first arrives at, is actually the Beaulieu House and Garden to the east of Drogheda. The 18th-century estate and its surrounding lands can be seen extensively throughout the film. Built in a rare Dutch style, the Beaulieu House is open to visitors and events for a limited time during the summer months. Along the banks of the River Boyne in County Louth, Drogheda exudes an enchanting ancient charm as one of Ireland’s oldest towns, making it a captivating filming location for a period movie.

Maynooth, Ireland

In the university town of Maynooth, the filmmakers picked out the Carton House to depict Mr. Darcy’s grand home. The mansion served as the seat of the Earls of Kildare and Dukes of Leinster for over seven centuries. It is now a Fairmont-managed hotel that offers modern amenities while maintaining the historical charm attached to the former home of the Irish aristocracy. We can first spot the site when Elizabeth and Harriet hike across the countryside to it. As the home to Ireland’s oldest university and steeped in centuries of history, Maynooth boasts a wealth of architectural treasures and picturesque landscapes that provided the team with a rich backdrop for their historical storytelling.

Sofia, Bulgaria

The regal capital of Bulgaria became a destination for the filming of ‘An American in Austen.’ Locations in Sofia were likely used to portray the modern backdrop seen in the film alongside interior scenes. With its cobblestone streets, rich cultural heritage, and ancient landmarks, Sofia is a gem for the filming of period movies.

An American in Austen Cast

The film is led by Eliza Bennett, donning the garb of Harriet. The English actress is most well known for her role of Jules Thomas in ‘Sweet/Vicious.’ She can also be spotted in ‘Broadchurch,’ as Lisa Newbery, in ‘Nanny McPhee’ as Tora, and in ‘Inkheart,’ as Meggie. Stepping into the shoes of Mr. Darcy is Nicholas Bishop. You may have seen his work as Maxim Alonso in ‘Industry,’ Ned in ‘Lady Chatterley’s Lover,’ and Richard Pugh in ‘The Critic.’

Nell Barlow enacts Elizabeth Bennett. Nell has previous experience acting in a period piece as Lady Beatrice Gresham in ‘Doctor Thorne.’ She has gone on to feature in productions such as ‘Sweetheart,’ ‘Behind Her Eyes,’ and ‘Consent.’ Other cast members include Dominic Andersen as George Wickham, Calypso Cragg as Mary, Erica Ford as Kitty, Catherine Hannay as Jane, and Grace Hogg-Robinson as Lydia. The supporting cast includes Bert Seymour as Ethan, Toby-Alexander Smith as Mr. Bingley, Joseph Richardson as Mr. Collins, and JR Esposito as Taxi Driver.

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