Min-young and Jin-seok: Are the Single’s Inferno Couple Still Together?

While there’s no denying dating is complicated, it’s also an unmatched experience owing to the way it brings forth a sense of self, authenticity, emotionality, as well as vulnerability at every turn. That’s honestly why reality productions like ‘Single’s Inferno‘ have been all the rage globally over the past few years, with the prime example being An Min-young and Lee Jin-seok’s stint in season 3. So now, if you wish to learn more about this particular couple — with a focus on both their time together in the original series and their current standing — we’ve got the essential details for you.

Min-young and Jin-seok’s Single’s Inferno Journey

Although Jin-seok’s physique often makes him appear quite threatening, his candid, humorous as well as slightly goofy personality immediately made him a fan favorite despite all odds. This only expanded once he expressed interest in An Min-young, especially since she had already proved herself to be rather kind in a few hours – just their introduction and lunch were enough for her to work her chark. The truth is, in his own words, his ideal type is “someone who’s very nice and bubbly. I tend to open up a lot quicker to people like that,” making it near impossible for him not to be drawn to her.

There was a moment Jin-seok even expressed he often prefers women with sharp physical features to match his own, yet the fact Min-young is the utter opposite did not bother him one bit. In reality, her soft smile actually melted him whenever she was around, which all started with her simply ensuring he felt welcome, comfortable, and included by initiating small talk. She was just taking care of him without expecting anything in return because that is precisely who she is, but her efforts impressed him to such an extent he could not get her out of his mind. Thus came their first Paradise meeting.

Their chemistry was unmatched, yet things did waver between Min-young and Jin-seok for a little while with the entry of Cho Min-ji midway through their stay. He’d already made it clear he was not interested in anyone else or playing games, but once the former indicated she was a bit curious about others and felt trapped since they assumed she was taken, he started holding back. Little did she know she’d soon come to regret this decision as midway newcomer Cho Min-ji immediately took a liking to this humourous hunk and even whisked him away to Paradise (with Min-woo) without any notice.

That’s when Min-young’s heart grew fonder, unaware Jin-seok was liking this bombshell’s charm too — but fortunately, things worked out in their favor as the latter fell for Gwan-hee shortly after. He also came to the understanding his first pick was the one for him, albeit he held a minor grudge to annoy her until the end, not because of her pause but her quick turnaround when he wavered. Therefore, of course, in the end, Min-young and Jin-seok chose one another without any hesitancy or doubt, following which they indicated this would be the start of a new chapter for them, without any teasing or anything.

Min-young and Jin-seok Could Still Be Together

Considering Min-young and Jin-seok’s entire stint, along with how they were always so physically and mentally at ease around one another, it’s highly likely that they are still together. The truth is neither the 26-year-old Pilates studio director as well as instructor nor the 31-year-old businessman has revealed their exact relationship status as of writing, so we’re going to remain optimistic until they state otherwise. After all, their charm, connection, as well as positivity were such that even if they’re not romantically involved anymore, they would most probably still be great friends. Plus, in the post below, in the second slide, Min-young has her hand on Jin-seok’s shoulder, which could be an indication of their continued involvement.

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