Where Is Angela Gutierrez From My 600-lb Life Now?

‘My 600-lb Life’ is a fantastic TLC reality series that depicts the journey of obese individuals as they try to shed weight under the care of Dr. Now and his carefully supervised weight loss program. While he offers to help them with a weight-loss assist surgery, these individuals must first work hard on their own to lose a required amount of weight for it to be safe and to prove to him that they are, in fact, serious about their health and well-being. However, not every story that we see is a success story, and that’s the case for Angela Gutierrez.

Angela Gutierrez: My 600-lb Life Journey

First introduced to us on season 7, the 44-year-old Ohio native, Angela Gutierrez weighed 608 lbs when she decided to leave everything and focus on her health by entering into Dr. Now’s program. “It’s just not human to be this fat,” she said during her episode. “I’m not human. This is it. If I don’t do this right now, then just sign my death certificate.” The mother of two didn’t want to bother her kids, who she thought she’d burdened enough, so she contacted an old flame, Eric, who still had affection for her, to help her on her journey.

The reality star had gone through the gastric bypass surgery once before in her 20s, when she weighed close to 400 lbs, and it had helped her shed weight. However, soon after that, because her kids were taken away from her due to her attempted suicide, she let herself go and gained back all that she had lost, but this time, it was worse. After that, she became a full-time mother and took care of her two children while also taking the responsibility of raising her tween niece.

Her son, Chris, 19, was her primary caretaker, because her elder daughter, Andrea, 23, had been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis a few years ago and required a lot of care on her own. Her life just got tougher at every turn. Deciding to focus on herself now and improve her way of life in every way possible, Angela traveled to Houston with Eric and began her weight loss journey.

Dr. Now wanted Angela to lose weight on her own first, so he gave her a strict diet plan and exercises. Unfortunately, Angela couldn’t do what was required of her, and so in eight months, she dropped out of the program on her own. At the end of her episode, during a Skype call with Dr. Now, Angela claimed that she had lost 120 lbs since she had left the program. But, it didn’t look like she had lost any weight at all, and Dr. Now made that much clear, even going as far as to call her “delusional.”

Where Is Angela Gutierrez Now?

While we wish we had good news when it came to Angela and her weight loss progress, but even after a deep dive into her Facebook and TikTok accounts, it doesn’t seem like her physical frame has changed much since her television debut. She never really responds to fans and hasn’t talked about her weight since she left the show, so we don’t even have a way of knowing if she is trying to continue her weight loss journey or not.

According to her Facebook profile, she is back in Ohio and is enjoying spending her time with her family and friends there. She has made it clear that she supports the lawsuits that have been filed against Megalomedia, the show’s production company, and has suggested that she might, one day, sue the company for negligence as well. However, apart from that, she hasn’t mentioned the show much at all. Her posts, more often than not, just focus on her cats and her niece Lacy.

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