Where Is Angie J From My 600-lb Life Today?

TLC’s docu-series ‘My 600-lb Life‘ and Dr. Now have worked miracles on some, while for others, the entire weight loss process has been nothing but drama and chaos. Each obese individual that comes on the show has just one goal – get fit to live a long healthy life, but for a few, the will power and hard work required to actually reach a weight that would enable them to get the weight-loss assist surgery is not easy.

Angie J My 600-lb Life Journey

The season 7 episode 19 subject Angie J, full name Angela Marie Dunham-Johns weighed 643 lbs when she went to meet Dr. Now in Houston for the first time. Even though she had obstacles, she had a supportive husband by her side. “I want to see her get better so she can have a life, and we can have a life together.”

Of course, Angie’s backstory as to how she reached this far is as horrific as any other. When she was little girl, Angie was molested by a family friend, and when she tried to confide in her drug-addict mother, she just brushed it off. And again, at the age of thirteen, Angie went through the trauma of being raped by a 27-year-old, in what she referred to as her “first relationship.”

Angie got pregnant as a result of that rape and went through the entire pregnancy just to give her child away. Considering that she was a child herself, it had to be done. But, the whole experience made her turn to food as a coping mechanism, after which she quickly started gaining weight.

The then 39-year-old finally decided to turn her life around and went to Dr. Now in hopes of getting the life-saving weight-loss surgery she needed.

Where is Angie J Now?

Angie was one of the most controversial and argumentative subjects of the series. She not only refused to follow the diet charts and exercises given to her but often got angry at others when they were trying to help her out. On quite a few occasions, she called Dr. Now’s weight loss program “bulls-t.”

At one point on the show, Dr. Now said that he could tell that Angie was on drugs because of the way she was slurring her words. When he ordered a toxicology test, Angie tested positive for marijuana, revealing that she was heavily smoking during her time in the program.

In 8 months, Angie had lost only 49 lbs, nowhere near the required number for her to be approved for the surgery, and so, she was dismissed with the final weight of 594 lbs. However, Angie’s weight loss journey didn’t end with her time on the program.

According to her Facebook public images, it does look like she has lost a significant amount of weight, especially from her face. Following her time on the show, she worked hard to lose weight on her own and was able to receive the weight loss assist surgery from somewhere else in September of 2019.

Now, she is able to function, walk, and do day-to-day tasks all by herself. Angie claims that she has lost more than half of her body weight since her peak of almost 650, and honestly, it shows. We do hope that she can continue on with her journey and reach the goals that she has set for herself.

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