15 Best Demon Anime Characters Ever

The art of anime allows room for a lots of creative stuff. So, creating scary, bone-chilling monsters is something that can be achieved quite well. Over the years in shows like ‘Berserk’ and ‘Parasyte: The Maxim’ we have seen some really terrifying evil characters and demons. So, let us look at some of the most horrifying demons, vampires, and evil characters that we have seen in anime series and movies. Here’s the list of top most evil and best anime demon boys and girls. You might also find some of these anime demon sexy. The list also includes a demon king anime.

15. Ryuk, Death Note

I know you might be thinking that Ryuk is a Shinigami, not a demon. He isn’t even evil. So, why is he appearing on this list? Well, in certain religions Shinigamis are demons who make people wanna die. So, yeah technically, he can be on this list so let’s put it behind us and talk about the scary part. Just look at him. Seriously! Look at him again. If something like that creeps on your bed at night then lots of things are going to get wet. Those big, thick, red lips and big sharp teeth are the stuff of nightmare. Ryuk is one of the main characters of the ‘Death Note’ series. He was the one to kick-start the events of the anime. He is quite dubious and does nothing to help Light but rather enjoys the way light works and tells him that he will be the one to write the name of Ryuk in his Death Note.

14. Gotou, Parasyte: The Maxim

‘Parasyte: The Maxim’ is a really great action, horror genre anime. If you have not watched the series then it is recommended that you do so since it is a really entertaining anime. Every parasite which appears in this anime is really scary. They can change the physical form of their human hosts and use their body to fight against enemies and consume other humans. But Gotou takes the spotlight because of his sheer invincibility. Gotou is so powerful that he can easily defeat an army. Also, his cold demeanor gives us viewers the chill. Reiko Tamura is the one to create him as an experiment and consists of five different parasites within him. He is the antagonist of the series and that expressionless face will surely keep you up at night.

13. Them, High School of the Dead

Zombies are scary beings. There is no doubt in that unless you love playing Red Dead Redemption or The Walking Dead and want to kill zombies in real life. I found ‘High School of The Dead’ quite entertaining. But many people found it boring. Many call it even borderline porn. The latter part is kind of right but if you want to watch an erotic anime series with the main theme as zombies then you will really love the series. If you are a fan of the anime then, unfortunately, there won’t be any second season for you. Coming back to the topic, Zombies are really creepy and dangerous as hell. The way these movies, series try to make the point that this could happen and anytime a virus can make people go wild is what gets me and many other people.

12. Titans, Attack on Titan

If you try to think about some tall freaking monsters in anime who will scare the hell out of you then Titans from ‘Attack on Titan’ would be definitely on your list. The anime series has been very popular and so far there have been two and a half seasons. The second half of the third season will be airing this year possibly in the month of April. The series revolves around a time when large humanoid monsters have pushed humanity to the brink of extinction. To fight them back humans use special gears to cut the nape of the Titans, their only known weakness. The main Titans in the series are not so scaring as are the normal ones. Large eyes with a permanent expression fixed on their face as they run wild and consume humans are really scary to watch. They even run in a creepy way.

11. Menthuthuyoupi, Hunter x Hunter

‘Hunter x Hunter’ is nice, fun anime. If you like action anime where the main characters go on various adventures and fight multiple opponents then you will like this show. It follows the protagonist Gon who follows the footsteps of his father and wants to become a Hunter. Hunter is the most popular and one of the highest paying professions in the world of ‘Hunter x Hunter’. The last enemy of the anime is the King of Chimera Ants. The King has three Royal Guards and the most powerful of them is Menthuthuyoupi. He has red skin and black hair. What makes him scary is his overwhelming strength and his indifferent attitude. He exists solely to protect the King and doesn’t care about anything else thus making him an effective killing machine.

10. Betelgeuse, Re: Zero

If you like isekai anime then you might want to check out the anime ‘Re: Zero’. The story revolves around a teenage boy by the name of Subaru Natsuki whose ordinary life is thrown to the drain and what replaces it is a weird and scary experience. Subaru finds himself stuck in another world where he is beaten to a pulp by some thugs. He is then helped by a girl who is pursuing the man who stole her insignia. But later both are murdered and Subaru has to live the same experience again and again. Caster is a sin archbishop and represents Sloth. His cunningness and ruthlessness make him quite a scary opponent. His crazy expressions and laugh are quite abnormal. The way he contorts his body while talking is really creepy. One time he even licks the eye of Subaru.

9. Caster, Fate/Zero Night

This anime under the ‘Fate’ franchise follows the story of Kiritsugu Emiya who is hired by a wealthy family to fight in the Holy Grail War. Caster is a servant of Ryuunosuke Uryuu in this anime show. His ruthlessness and crazy eyes are damn uncomforting. He loves to give his victims hope before crushing them and murdering them brutally. He just cares about his own goals and will go to any length to achieve them.

8. God Hand, Berserk

God is the almighty King. He walks beside all of us and cares for us. But believe me, if you are from the world of the ‘Berserk’ anime then you would seriously not want God to walk beside you. But the idea of God in an anime like ‘Berserk’ is kind of different. Hell, it is the complete opposite of what most of us believe. Here, Gods are a bunch of overpowered demons who rule over humans and other creatures and manipulates them. They have the power to even alter-reality. We got a glimpse of these terrifying divinities in the eclipse episode in which they made Griffith enter their ranks. The episode like other episodes of the series has lots of blood and gore. If you ever go to the world of Berserk, don’t pray.

7. Gluttony, Fullmetal Alchemist

‘Fullmetal Alchemist’ is one of the best anime out there. If you have not seen it yet then first of all spoiler alert, also make sure to go for the 2009 version since it is longer and has a better ending. If you love anime a lot then it would be better to watch both the versions. In this anime, Homunculi are a nasty bunch of creatures. Though at first, we believe that they are artificial human-like creatures who are the result of certain experiments by alchemist but later we find out that they are born after an alchemist tries to do human transmutation. Out of all the homunculi, Gluttony is the scariest. He is always hungry and will eat anything and everything. The way he asks lust to allow him to eat certain unfortunate humans is quite terrifying. You won’t want to invite him to your party.

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6. Hidan, Naruto

Being a shounen anime ‘Naruto’ has over 400 episodes including ‘Naruto: Shippuden’. Since any action movie, series, or anime is as good as its villains, Naruto has an array of powerful enemies. One such enemy is the group by the name of Akatsuki. The Akatsuki is a strong and scary bunch of ninjas who have deserted their village and are now seeking to steal all tailed-beasts. One of the most terrifying members of the group is Hidan. He is an immortal being who survives even the most fatal of injuries. But what makes him scary is his ability to curse his opponent after consuming their blood. This grants him an opportunity to become a voodoo doll linked with his enemy. Thus, inflicting any injury on his body will affect his opponent. The bone-chilling factor rises due to his psychopathic personalities.

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5. Barragan, Bleach

‘Bleach’ is an entertaining shounen anime which plays with the supernatural themes. It makes being a soul reaper look cool and cute rather than beings with scythe coming to take away your soul. The strongest enemy that our main characters face in the entire series is most probably the Arrancar. Aizen was the one to create them. Though most of them were quite strong I think the most terrifying would be Barragan. The guy could literally slow your movements and one touch could make you age so fast that you will turn into decaying bones in a matter of seconds. His ability can even decay entire landscapes. It is scarier when you start to realize that he can do it without releasing his true form.

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4. Nosferatu Zodd, Berserk

Given the content and theme, it is obvious that ‘Berserk’ has lots of demons and beings which are worthy of this list. Nosferatu Zodd is one of them. If you are not a member of the God Hand then it is better not to meddle with this guy because he WILL KILL YOU. He has been doing it for 3 centuries and is known as the God of War. The way he slaughters his victims is just bloodcurdling. We get to see him fight Guts and whom he dominates easily. But then we realize that it is not his true form. Cause, of course, his true form is going to be much more terrifying and demon-like (and I don’t mean demon as in Highschool DxD).

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3. Jason, Tokyo Ghoul

Yakumo Oomori, better known as Jason is one of the most terrifying villains that Ken Kaneki faces. He is an executive of the Aogiri Tree. He got the nickname Jason due to his psychopathic tendencies and violent nature. At first, we see him killing his victims violently but then we get to see a much darker side when he begins to torture Ken Kaneki whom he kidnaps. He keeps on cutting off Ken’s, lets them grow again and then repeats the process. He is the one to pass the finger cracking habit to Ken. Yamini got this habit from his sadistic interrogator in Cochlea.

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2. Earth Demon, Demon City Shinjuku

If you are not fond of watching creepy monsters on screen then it is better that you watch this anime since it is basically filled with the goriest and creepiest beings. The anime is not that good so you be missing anything. Rebi Ra is a psychic who opens a portal to hell in the Shinjuku city. There he summons three large freaking demons. The scariest of them must be the Earth Demon. It is based on spiders and if you have arachnophobia then it is going to be a nightmare to watch this demon tear through human flesh. It even has razor-sharp teeth in its stomach.

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1. Akira’s Father, Devilman Crybaby

Netflix’s ‘Devilman Crybaby’s was a hit. The show is quite entertaining and has interesting characters. But be warned, the show is filled with gore, violence, and sexual imagery. Though most demons were creepy, scary, and gory Akira’s father has to take the top spot due to his appearance which includes dead human faces stuck on the body and also because expecting to see your dad alive only to find out that he has turned into a demon and murdered your mom, is something that will scar you for life.

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