6 Anime Like Eromanga Sensei You Must See

Eromanga Sensei‘ is a romantic comedy anime peppered with Ecchi stuff. The series showcases sibling romance and is kind of fun and entertaining if you don’t mind such a morally ambiguous theme. Here’s the list of best anime similar to ‘Eromanga Sensei’ that are our recommendations. You can watch several of these anime like ‘Eromanga Sensei’ on Netflix, Crunchyroll or Hulu.

6. New Game! (2016)

‘New Game!’ is a slice-of-life, comedy anime. It is fun to watch and is one of those anime which you would want to see while relaxing. Nothing too serious ever happens during the narrative but that isn’t to say that it is just mindless fun. There is some good material in there too. The series shares some similarities with ‘Eromanga Sensei.’ Both anime are about artistic visions. They depict characters who want to make it big in life. In’Eromanga Sensei,’ the protagonist dreams about a light novel, while in ‘New Game!’ it is a game.

But if you want Ecchi stuff, then this anime might disappoint you. The plot, which features mostly  all-female cast, follows the lead character Aoba Suzukaze who loves playing games and her favorite game series is the Fairies Story. She wants to become a game designer and joins Eagle Jump which is the company behind Fairies Story. Fortunately, Aoba gets assigned to a project which is going to lead to the development of the third installment of the Fairies Story. She also gets to work under the lead character designer Kou Yagami. The anime showcases the various stages involved in game designing and what obstacles the designers face and how they overcome them.

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5. Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai (2010)

‘Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai’ is a slice-of-life, comedy anime which is pretty entertaining with well-defined character designs and decent animation. It is a different take on the relationship between a brother and a sister. It doesn’t go explicitly towards incest but stays in the domain of love, hate and lots of fights. The similarity between ‘Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai’ and ‘Eromanga Sensei’ goes beyond the plot, premises and characters. Both of the stories come from the same author. They have similar character design and the setting feels kind of similar too.

The anime follows siblings Kyousuke Kousaka and Kirino Kousaka. The former is 17 while the latter is 14. The relationship between them is not as good as you want it to be. Kirino ignores her brother all the time and they haven’t had any decent conversation in years. So, there is no hope of reconciliation, right? Well, one-day Kyousuke finds that a DVD has been dropped near the entrance of his house. Though the cover is of a magical girl anime but inside is a DVD for an adult sibling incest game. He tries his best to find out the owner of the game by bringing the topic up while having dinner but to no avail. That night his sister comes to his room and takes him to her room to show him a huge collection of such games. The anime underlines the fact that everyone has a secret-life that you never knew about.

4. Imouto sae Ireba Ii. (2017)

‘Imouto sae Ireba Ii.’ is a romantic-comedy anime with a total of 12 episodes of around 23 minutes each. The title of the show translates to ‘A Sister’s All You Need.’ So, yeah you might be forgiven to think that it is all about incestuous relationship. But although the show does delve into that region, it crosses various other lines of absurdity that you cannot be offended by just this one particular thing. If you want to simplify the show, then it is a gag comedy which has no ending,  thus following the structure of a slice-of-life anime. ‘Imouto sae Ireba Ii.’ is on this list because it shares some similarities with ‘Eromanga Sensei.’ Both shows are Ecchi and have some fan service stuff embedded in them. Both have the Siscon theme and there’s a character in the series who is connected to the manga industry.

The anime follows Itsuki Hashima, the lead character in the anime and his friends Nayuta Kani, Miyako Shirakawa, and Haruto Fuwa. He also has a younger step-brother named Chihiro who takes care of him by cooking and doing other chores. Itsuki and his friends are in the light novel, manga industries. Itsuki’s stories are filled with themes of fixation on younger-sisters. But the anime is not just about that. It is about a bunch of characters trying to be successful and giving each other a good time. Eventually, they come to terms with certain trauma from their past.

3. Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata (2015)

Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata‘ takes place in a school setting. It is a harem comedy filled with romance and Ecchi stuff. The show is fun and entertaining and contains a total of 12 episodes with each episode being around 23 minutes in length. Though there isn’t any Siscon involved in this anime, it has a few things in common with ‘Eromanga Sensei.’ First of all, we have a game/manga developer who is trying to make a game/manga which involves erotic theme and Ecchi stuff. So, yeah both shows include a multitude of lewd drawings. This anime is for those who enjoy ‘Eromanga Sensei’ without being too hooked on to the brother-sister relationship. It is also a good anime for people who like harem and Ecchi stuff.

The anime follows Tomoya Aki who is an Otaku and loves anime, manga, and visual novels. He is passionate about these things and is inspired to create his visual novel. But obviously, he cannot do the task alone which is why he calls his skilled friends to do the illustration and script for him while he directs. One day he stumbles upon the beautiful Megumi Katou and decides to base his main character on her. But for a visual novel to evoke strong emotions in the players the creator needs to feel those emotions too, right? Will Tomoya understand this fact?

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2. Sekaiichi Hatsukoi (2011)

‘Sekaiichi Hatsukoi’ is a Shounen-ai. So, yeah it is all about same-sex love between men. The anime has two seasons with each season having a total of 12 episodes with each episode being around 23 minutes in length. But what does such an anime have to do with ‘Eromanga Sensei.’ Well, here’s the thing the main characters of this anime work in the manga industry and there’s some romance between them. That’s the only similarity that you will find between the two anime.

Ritsu Odonera is a literary editor working in his father’s company. But day-in and day-out he has to face his coworkers who berate him for being just an example of nepotism as he is favored by his father not for his skills but rather because he is his son. This hurts his pride and he quits his job to join Marukawa Publishing. But instead of getting a job as a literary editor he is transferred to the Emerald editing department as a manga editor. The boss of the department is Masamune Takano who used to be Ritsu’s high school crush. But after an incident which led to the latter’s heartbreak, he has been avoiding love at all cost. But Masamune has made it his agenda to make sure that Ritsu falls in love with him again.

1. Ore ga Suki nano wa Imouto dakedo Imouto ja Nai (2018)

‘Ore ga Suki nano wa Imouto dakedo Imouto ja Nai’ is an Ecchi romantic comedy. But before you jump into it head-on you need to know a few things. The series is not for people who enjoy a good plot and a nice character development. It is rather for someone who is planning to sit through a 10 episode series where each episode is around 23 minutes in length that has nothing to offer more than just stereotypical and outright explicit romance between a brother and his sister. The anime gets a spot on this list because the premise of the anime is kind of similar to that of ‘Eromanga Sensei’. Both shows are about a manga author and the incestuous romance between a brother and a sister. The animation is good enough and there are lots of Ecchi and fan service stuff. So, only if you enjoy these things, then you will find the series entertaining.

The anime follows siblings Suzuka Nagami and Yuu Nagami. Suzuka, who is in her middle school, is pretty and brilliant in her academics. She is also the student council president. One time she writes a novel about a sister who is extremely fond of her brother. The story gains some recognition as it wins a light novel award. But her father is strict and she cannot jeopardize her student council president position. So, she decides to give her brother the credit for writing the story under the pen name Chikai Towano. Over the course of her working side-by-side her brother, she starts cultivating forbidden feelings for him.

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