7 Anime Like Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac You Must See

Saint Seiya: Knights of The Zodiac‘ is an action-adventure anime that first aired on Netflix. The plot follows Zeus’s daughter, Athena, the Goddess of War, who is protected by a youngster’s group called “Saints” amidst heroic battles. The series is obviously inspired from the Greek mythology. Check it out the entertaining anime here. Here’s the list of best anime similar to ‘Saint Seiya: Knights of The Zodiac’ that are our recommendations. You can watch several of these anime like ‘Saint Seiya: Knights of The Zodiac’ on Netflix, Crunchyroll or Hulu.

7. Naruto (2002)

‘Naruto’ is one of the most popular anime ever in its kind. It is an introduction to the world of anime for many beginners. The story is great  for more than one reason and one among them is that it features a plethora of interesting characters. It holds all the powers of a perfect anime and leaves an indelible mark afterwards. Today, this anime is on this list because it is similar to ‘Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac,’ again, for more than one reason. Both shows have multiple one-on-one battle throughout the series and the strength coming from within is given utmost importance. We also come across themes of loyalty and brotherhood pop up regularly throughout the course of the series.

‘Naruto’ is about a kid who wants to become one of the greatest ninjas. He also wishes to become the leader of his village. But there is something evil lurking within him. The deadly nine-tailed demon attacked the village on the day he was born. The village Hokage fought the demon fox and sealed its Chakra within the baby Naruto. Though the Hokage wanted people to treat Naruto as a hero, people ostracize him because of the Chakra. But it isn’t going to faze Naruto who joins the Ninja academy and practice hard to become a professional ninja. The anime follows his adventure as he overcomes various obstacles to become the greatest ninja of his generation. The series is a bit too long but it is worth it (You can skip the filler episodes).

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6. Tenkuu Senki Shurato (1989)

‘Tenkuu Senki Shurato’ is a fantasy anime with lots of action and magic. The animation is nice enough, given that it is still 80s, and the plot is kind of interesting. The series is 38 episodes long with each episode being 24 minutes in length. Both ‘Tenkuu Senki Shurato’ and ‘Saint Seiya: Knights of The Zodiac’ evoke a similar feel in us. They first showed up during the 80s and hence share stylistic similarity. Both are Shounen shows based on action, magic and fantasy. They have warriors donning all types of armors and lots of battles and stuff. If you enjoyed one then it’s good advice to check out the other.

Shurato and Gai are two boys in their late teens. During a martial arts tournament, they are sucked into a ball of light only to find themselves in a mystic place when they wake up. Everything about the place seems divine where they find out that Shurato is the reigning King of the world they have been transported to. This piece of information makes Gai hostile towards Shurato. But the adventure has just started and drama has just begun to unfold. It is going to engulf both these friends. If you like anime with an ’80s  flavor to it, then go ahead and give it a try.

5. B’T X (1996)

‘B’T X,’ which came out in the ’90s, has the ’90s air all over it. The animation and the art style are very much akin to that era. If you want something like ‘Saint Seiya: Knights of The Zodiac’ and enjoy watching sci-fi and Mecha genre, then you should definitely give ‘B’T X’ a try. Both Manga have been created by the same Mangaka, Masami Kurumada and thus have quite similar art style and feel. Both shows have warriors in shiny armors and lots of action. Basically, if you watch the one, you get a feel of the other. The series has a total of 25 episodes with each episode being around 22 minutes in length.

The protagonist of the story is Teppei who has been training 11 years straight with a mysterious woman named Karen. When Teppei sets out to visit his older brother Kotaro at a science conference, things take a turn for the worse. Even before he can unite with his brother after a decade, tragedy strikes in the form of a woman named Aramis. She kills everyone present at the conference and kidnaps Kotaro. Now, Teppei has to save his brother at any cost before it is too late. As he follows Aramis’ trail, he crosses paths with ‘B’T X,’ the mechanical horse. It seems it is broken but with the help of Teppei’s blood, the horse comes back to life. They join forces and embark on a journey to rescue his brother.

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4. Legendary Armor Samurai Troopers (1988)

‘Legendary Armor Samurai Troopers’ is an adventure, sci-fi anime with lots of action. Also, if you like anime having samurai themes, you can give this anime a try too. ‘Legendary Armor Samurai Troopers’ and ‘Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac’ are quite similar. They came out in the late ’80s and share a similar visual style. Also, their plots revolve around warriors wearing shiny armors. But while ‘Sanit Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac’ deal with Greek mythology, ‘Legendary Armor Samurai Troopers’ base their themes on Japanese culture.

In this anime, Talpa used to be an evil emperor. His goal was to conquer all the dry lands on Earth and declare the Emperor. But his plan gets foiled when he is defeated and banished to a finding neverland. Since Talpa’s armor is quite powerful, it is divided into 9 different suits. According to the lore, people possessing these suits gain mystical powers. Now, Talpa has returned to fulfill his dream and has got hold of 4 suits. This means that it is up to the Ronin Warriors, a group of people who hold the 5 remaining suits, to defeat Talpa. The series has a total of 39 episodes with each episode being around 23 minutes in length.

3. Tekkaman Blade (1992)

‘Tekkaman Blade’ is an adventure, action and sci-fi anime. It is also a Mecha genre anime and if you love space adventures, this anime has a feast of outer space adventure too. The anime came out in the early ’90s with pretty decent animation. Also, the anime is quite fast-paced at the beginning and although it slows a bit at the middle, it resumes its pace as the series nears its end. The anime shares some similarities with ‘Saint Seiya: Knights of The Zodiac.’ Both anime feature shiny armors which the characters wear to become powerful. Recurring themes like putting one’s life on the line to protect something important is there in both the shows.

‘Tekkaman Blade’ has a total of 49 episodes with each episode being around 25 minutes in length. Set in 2300 A.D., the plot follows the villainous alien race Radam who plot an imminent invasion of Earth. The space ring, Earth’s topmost unit, is easily defeated. Even the space knights can’t seem to defeat them. But then comes a man, Blade. He has the power to transform into a Tekkaman, one of the deadliest forces in the universe. He has no memory of his past but just a desire to defeat the Radam. So, he starts fighting alongside the space knights against the invaders. But where did Blade come from?

2. Bleach (2004)

Bleach‘ is again a popular series to come out of the anime universe. The show garnered widespread critical acclaim. It has a great plot, decent action sequences and interesting characters. ‘Bleach’ and the next anime on the list might seem a bit far-fetched, but they aren’t. There are lots of similarities between ‘Bleach’ and ‘Saint Seiya: Knights of The Zodiac’, especially when it comes to the soul society saga in the former.

Also, both shows have lots of action. It’s possible that many of you have already watched ‘Bleach,’ but if you haven’t you are missing out a lot of thrill. The anime follows the story of Ichigo Kurosaki who can see ghosts. One day to save his family from a monster called Hollow, he accepts the power of an injured soul reaper named Rukiya Kuchiki, and becomes a substitute soul reaper himself. Now, he must perform the duties of a soul reaper by sending souls to the soul society and protecting the world from evil monsters and spirits.

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1. Dragon Ball Z (1989)

When it comes to plot over action content, we can all agree that ‘Dragon Ball Z’ and ‘Saint Seiya: Knights of The Zodiac’ follow a similar path. Both shows seem to be about training harder and harder to become stronger and involve manipulating Chi and inner strength. The protagonist in ‘Dragon Ball Z’ is an orphan who trains hard to become the greatest warrior. But it costs him five years for Goku to win the Martial Arts Tournament.

He is now living peacefully with his wife. But then comes a warrior from outer space named Raditz. He says that Goku is a Saiyyan, a powerful alien race, who had been sent to destroy Earth. But his savagery has been suppressed by the human company and amnesia. Raditz tries to forcefully take Goku with him but in vein. He then warns Goku that it is just the beginning as far bigger threats are approaching Earth. Soon, this planet is going to be a theater for bloody intergalactic conflicts.

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