15 Best Dragon Ball Super Spoilers of All Time

I was kinda upset after I finished watching ‘Dragon Ball GT’. I mean come on, the only good thing in that was Goku’s Super Saiyan 4 transformation and that’s it. That could have been the whole series as far as I care. But then it was announced that a sequel to ‘Dragon Ball Z’ known as ‘Dragon Ball Super’ will be released. I loved ‘Dragon Ball Z’ and had some expectations for its sequel and I need to commend the creators for really hitting it hard this time. The series was a hit and aired for nearly three years before its end on March. The series had some pretty crazy moments that became popular with the fans. Here is a list of top Dragon Ball Super spoilers ever.

15. Beerus hits Bulma and angers Vegeta (Episode 8)

If you watched the ‘Ressurection F’ movie you might remember the scene where Beerus gets annoyed by Bulma and smacks her. This angers Vegeta so much so that he jumps to his powerful Super Saiyan form and fights Beerus. But the God of destruction turns out to be the more powerful as he easily smacks down Vegeta. Though Vegeta lost we were kinda reminded about how much he actually cares about his family.


14. Goku Fights Beerus  (Episode 13)

Let’s start with an action sequence since that is what the series is famous for. In ‘Dragon Ball Super’ we get to see the red Super Saiyan God form. Yup, it’s that Super Saiyan which appeared in ‘Battle of Gods’. Here Beerus, the god of destruction duels with Goku who changes into this form. The fight sequences are cool and give an insight on how powerful the red-haired Godly form is.


13. Whis Sensei (Episode 15)

What if your personal trainer is the one who trains the Gods? It is gonna be freakin’ awesome, right? This fateful thing happened to Goku and Vegeta when they were trained by the God trainer Whis. They even got a pretty good bargain for all those training. All they needed to pay Whis was earth’s delicious delicacies. The training was the best training for the Saiyan’s as they attained the Godly powers.


12. More Gods: Vados and Champa (Episode 25)

Well, we have been getting the hints of a multi-verse within the realms of ‘Dragon Ball Super’ and the introduction of Champa and Vados just makes it clear. They are the Gods of Universe 6. It is revealed that Champa is the brother of Beerus. Though he looks fat and unfit make no mistake of his strengths as he is equal to Beerus. Vados is his attendant and is revealed to be Whis’s sister.

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11. Vegeta Goes Blue (Episode 27)

Yup, our Saiyan prince is never the one to take the back seat and why should he? I mean he is the prince of Saiyan’s. Sick of being behind Goku in terms of power level Vegeta starts training with Whis and achieves the Godly Super Saiyan Blue form. This is revealed during his fight with golden Freiza who is clearly outmatched by this Godly power. The scene, however, ends with Freiza destroying the planet.

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10. The Almighty King arrives (Episode 41)

Ever wondered who is the most powerful God? Well, for now, it’s Zen-Oh. He is the ruler of 12 universes (I am not joking). His arrival gave Berus and Champa cold sweats. After being entertained by the fight between Goku and Hit, Zen-Oh decides that there will be another tournament and this time it will be the most powerful fighters of all the 12 freakin’ universes. He is one of the main characters to forward the Dragon Ball Super tournament arc.

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9. Super Shenron (Episode 41)

Well, fans have been waiting for this one, ever since the prize of the tournament between Universe 6 and 7 was hinted at. This was an intense scene as the super dragon balls were used to call the all-powerful dragon Super Shenron. His power is such that he was able to restore the earth from Universe 6 at the request of Beerus. Seeing this majestic creature on the screen was really fulfilling.

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8. Super Saiyan Rose (Episode 56)

If you know Black Goku then you are surely going to enjoy this fight between the Saiyans and Black Goku. Goku and Vegeta arrived in the future along with Trunks to defeat Black Goku. Vegeta wins the rock, paper, scissors game (yup, their childish attitude haven’t changed) and fights Black. But even in his Super Saiyan Blue form, he is unable to defeat the power Super Saiyan Rose form of Black Goku as he soon stabs Vegeta with a pink sword fashioned from his energy. Turns out this form is much more powerful than the Super Saiyan Blue form.

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7. Trunks vs Zamasu (Episode 66)

As much as I loved this fight and enjoyed it to the fullest, the emotions running throughout the scene kinda makes you feel for Trunk. He hasn’t been able to save his world and is really sad. He emotions grow so much show that he achieves a sort of new form by absorbing the spirit energy. He then fashions this energy into a sword and cuts the God Zamasu in half. Yup, he literally sliced a God.

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6. Gohan goes full Chirrut (Star Wars reference) (Episode 80)

This fight was freakin’ awesome. Yup, our most powerful Super Saiyan from the Cell saga, Gohan, makes a comeback in this trial fight for the tournament of power. The stakes become high when he is blinded by his opponent, Lavender. Did he just stand they’re weak, throwing random punches? Nope, he used his Super Saiyan energy as makeshift radar to locate Lavender and bring the fight to him (as I said freakin’ awesome).

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5. Roshi’s Back (Episode 105)

Not I am not referring to his back as a body part; I meant he returns with a bang in ‘Dragon Ball Super’. We get to see the glimpse of the Veteran fighter when he fights off several combatants and defeats them. However, the various attacks he took during those matches take a toll on him as he drops down on the ground supposedly dead as Goku tries desperately to revive him.

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4. Kefla vs Goku (Episode 116)

If you love the Ultra Instinct form of Goku then you will be delighted to see it in action against the fused form of Caulifla and Kale, the Saiyans from Universe 6. At first, Goku is dominated by Kefla’s overwhelming strength and power as they take on the offensive forcing Goku to a corner. Well, Goku is the best for a reason as he once again shines and emerges victorious by getting into the Ultra Instinct mode. This fight shows one of the most electrifying Kamehameha.

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3. Android 17 fights alongside the Saiyans (Episode 127)

If you ever wondered what happened to the cool and vicious Android 17, you don’t have to anymore. He makes a comeback in the tournament of power arc and fights with Jiren alongside Goku and Vegeta. This is the first time he has been in some serious fighting scenario after the Cell saga. Though he is clearly outmatched by the Gods he tries to hold his own as he continuously attacks Jiren.

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2. The Epic, Super awesome Ultra Instinct (Episode 129)

This scene actually gave me more Goosebumps than that one time I chanted Bloody Mary three times before a mirror. Man! This scene was the most awesome transformation scene I have seen recently in ‘Dragon Ball’. We see Goku clearly outmatched by Jiren even in his Super Saiyan God form. But when you think it’s another bad day for the Saiyan lo and behold he transforms into something that is considered to be the best form yet ‘The complete Ultra Instinct’. In this form, Goku starts to overwhelm Jiren.

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1. Goku teams up with Frieza (131)

To defeat the powerful Jiren, Goku needed some support. Little did the fans know, that the help will come from the most unexpected of places. Frieza decides to step in and help Goku, his former rival, in defeating Jiren. The scene is a colorful mix of Frieza’s and Goku’s purple and golden aura. The match ends in a combined uppercut by Goku and Frieza. This final fight was the best way to conclude the series.

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