30 Best Anime Traps of All Time

Anime is unique in the sense that it gives viewers a unique perspective of society. It tries to inculcate every social group and offers a respectable representation to everyone without ever being inconsiderate or offensive. Though “Trap” is a kind of rude term to describe those people who do not fit the gender stereotypes, we are using it here since the word is well-known among regular anime viewers and manga readers. Well, with that out of the way and without further ado, let’s jump into the list of top anime traps ever. Some of them are extremely cute and appear even prettier because of their playful antics. In case you wish to watch them, we have provided a link to the shows that appear at the end of each recommendation.

30. Shidou Mariya, Maria Holic

Deuteragonist of ‘Maria Holic,’ Shidou Mariya is an intelligent and compassionate teenager who also happens to be the older twin brother of Shizu Shidou. He attends the all-girls Catholic school, Ame no Kisaki, in place of his sister dressed in her choice of clothes. Shidou stands apart from his peers because of his impressive intuitive mind and ability to arrive at accurate conclusions about anything with little to no information. Although he loves to present himself as aloof to other students, Shidou sometimes likes to pull pranks on them and is quite mischievous. He may not be good at expressing his feelings but Shidou is a deeply caring individual who worries about his loved ones. In fact, he takes loyalty very seriously and is willing to do anything for the sake of the safety of his friends and family.

29. Makoto, Minami-Ke

Makoto is a middle-school student who loves to cross-dress. Although sometimes he appears to have some complaints about it, he is infatuated with it to the point that he spends a lot of time picking his outfits. It’s no surprise that he often takes the limelight from some of the female characters in ‘Minami-Ke.’ Interestingly, Kana has also done her bit to push Makoto in that direction as she manipulates him frequently to cross-dress by refusing him similar privileges as other students.

28. Shiota Nagisa, Assassination Classroom

Although Shiota Nagisa is calm and collected all the time, one may make the wrong assumption that he is incapable of violence. Interestingly, he possesses a natural talent for assassination, which naturally makes him quite dangerous. The protagonist of ‘Assassination Classroom’ sadly suffers from low self-esteem and a pessimistic outlook most of his life probably because of her mother’s insistence that he was not good enough. His deep insecurity affects most decisions in his life and also impacts his academic decisions until he becomes more objective after gaining his self-esteem.

27. Johan Liebert, Monster

Now Johan Liebert is probably the least expected name on this list. The antagonist of Naoki Urasawa’s ‘Monster,’ is well-known for his nihilistic and twisted worldview that fuels his murderous instincts. While the serial killer prefers to operate from the shadows by manipulating others, he does have several impactful appearances in the show’s 74-episode run. In a few memorable ones, he crosses dresses and manipulates others by assuming his twin sister’s identity.

26. Afuro Terumi, Inazuma Eleven

Afuro Terumi is an important character in the ‘Inazuma Eleven’ franchise as he makes appearances in different parts of the series. His long eyelashes along with waist-length golden-blonde hair can fool anyone into believing that he is a girl. In fact, his facial features are quite feminine, so it’s no surprise that Terumi is on this list. Afuro is known for his beautiful and artistic style of gameplay that often leaves his opponents dumbstruck. He has appeared in the franchise playing different roles for his team including coach, forward, and captain.

25. Asuramaru, Seraph of the End

Asuramaru is a high-ranking possession-type demon who hides his true intentions with an air of mystery around his personality. Since he is an androgynous adolescent male, it is quite obvious that the demon from the ‘Seraph of the End’ has made it to this list. But one must not make the mistake of going by his innocent looks as he possesses a dangerous bloodthirst and likes feeding off humans. He can be very violent and aggressive when he wants to acquire something he desires. Interestingly, Asuramaru can often be very straightforward about his intentions when he knows that his victims are not strong enough to defend themselves.

24. Haku, Spirited Away

Haku is the deuteragonist of Hayao Miyazaki’s ‘Spirited Away’ and is referred to as Yubaba throughout the film’s 125-minute run. The 12-year-old has a bob haircut, which gives him a feminine look. The fact that his face also has feminine features often confuses the viewers. Since he wears a traditional white robe most of the time, it adds another layer of femininity to his overall personality. However, it must be noted that Haku is actually a “River Spirit” or “River Dragon,” who possesses the ability to transform himself into a human being.

23. Yuki Sohma, Fruits Basket

Yuki Sohma is one of the main characters of ‘Fruits Basket’ series. As the deuteragonist, he is often the center of attention. Because of his good looks, Sohma has a dedicated fan club in school and is often referred to as Prince Charming by his peers who are in awe of his beauty. But despite so much attention and fanfare, Yuki has low self-esteem and a reserved personality. A key reason for this is the curse that afflicts him along with his abusive childhood.

22. Ikuto Tsukiyomi, Shugo Chara!

Ikuto Tsukiyomi is a selfless teenager who is willing to go to any lengths for the well-being of his loved ones. Although he prefers to be aloof, Ikuto is also protective of people he has a close bond with. The stoic teenager is sweet and kind and often behaves like an alley cat. Ikuto has a slender face and body, which sometimes gives him a feminine look. His expression also adds to this confusion and plants doubts in the minds of the viewers about his sexuality and gender.

21. Tet, No Game No Life

After Tet won the Great War, he started getting referred to as the One True God. But despite being so powerful and influential, he possesses a childlike demeanor and is often very cheerful. Tet is also very competitive and hates losing. Since he participated in the Great War as mentioned earlier, he detests violence which could be interpreted as a result of his painful experiences.

20. Pico, Boku no Pico

Pico is a gorgeous young boy with blonde hair who has feminine features that can trick anyone into thinking that he is a girl. Taking advantage of this fact, he often borrows clothes from Tomatsu, one of the main characters from the show, and pretends to be a girl. Over the years, Pico has not only fooled newcomers but even the most avid anime fans who fail to realize that he is a boy, not a girl.

19. Hime Arikawa, Himegoto

How would you feel if you were being forced to cross-dress whenever you go to school? I guess you can pretty much get the answer from Himegoto’s Hime Arikawa. His parents had taken vast amounts of debts in his name. Now, he has no way to pay them off, but what should he do? Thankfully, the student council has agreed to pay his debt, but there’s a catch. He has to attend school as a girl. Though most of the time, Hime resents being in the position that he is in, he does question his masculinity at times.

18. Kikuchi Makoto, The iDOLM@STER

Let’s move on to the next character, Kikuchi Makoto. She is one of the main characters in ‘The iDOLM@ASTER.’ Kikuchi is a famous pop star. Though she is a girl, she uses her boyish looks to attract a lot of girl fans. Though Kikuchi is not technically trans or a cross-dresser, she does use her opposite-gender characteristics to achieve her goals. But deep down, she is still feminine.

17. Saika Totsuka, Oregairu

Now, this character is on this list because of the meaning of Trap which I explained in the intro. Saika Totsuka is a boy. He tries to act as manly as possible, but his soft nature and female-like appearance confuse Hachiman, the protagonist of ‘Oregairu,’ who often thinks of Saika as a girl. This mistake has often occurred in the series, to the extent that the anime fandom couldn’t ignore it. Saika actually ‘Traps’ people into believing that he is a girl.

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16. Kuranosuke Koibuchi, Princess Jellyfish

Kuranosuke Koibuchi is a cross-dressing character from the anime series ‘Princess Jellyfish.’ Although he belongs to a wealthy family with a political background, he doesn’t like politics. He is much more interested in fashion. Kuranosuke dresses as a girl and believes that every woman can be beautiful. His alias is Kurako, and he cross-dresses to hide his gender.

15. Souta Takanashi, Working!!!

Souta Takanashi serves as one of the main characters of the anime series ‘Working!!!’. He works as a part-time waiter in a restaurant called Wagnaria. He is also a cross-dresser who often dresses up in waitress clothes. Souta loves everything cute and tiny but gets deeply disgusted with people above 12 years old, calling them ugly and hags. The name of his female alias is Kotori.

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14. Honjō Kamatari, Rurouni Kenshin

‘Rurouni Kenshin’ is a story about a samurai who, after one fateful event, has taken a vow not to kill anyone. To keep his word, he carries a sword with him that has been sharpened on the wrong side, making it difficult to land a killing blow. But this entry is not about him. It is about Honjō Kamatari, a cross-dressing man who loves his womanly side. He dresses as a woman and can be seen flirting with others. But he gets really serious when he is about to fight.

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13. Chihiro Fujisaki, Danganronpa

The appearance of Chihiro Fujisaki can fool anyone. When he is cross-dressing, it’s hard to tell that he is a boy. Though we didn’t have many harsh reasons for male cross-dressing earlier in this list, Chihiro is different. He was a victim of constant bullying and was always told that he was too weak for a boy. This forced him to cross-dress as he thought it would stop people from judging his masculinity.

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12. Haku, Naruto

Haku is one of those characters in the ‘Naruto’ series, who, even though, were there for a few episodes, left their mark on the viewers. He possesses the Ice Release Kekkei Genkai, which he inherited from his mother. Upon being found out, Haku’s father gathered a mob and killed his mother. Haku’s ability managed to save him by killing everyone. Haku had a feminine appearance and was complimented by Naruto, who said that he looked prettier than Sakura. After a fierce battle with Team 7, Haku was mortally wounded. Unfortunately, he soon passed away after the incident.

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11. Ruka Urushibara, Steins; Gate

Ruka is a boy whose slender and fragile appearance makes him look more like a girl. He himself likes his feminine appearance wears clothing suitable for a female and has a crush on ‘Steins; Gate’ protagonist, Okabe Rintaro. There was this emotional episode where Rintaro needed to go back in time to save Mayuri, but that would mean that Ruka would become male again. She agrees on one condition she gets to go on a date with him. The date didn’t turn out well, but later they did end up embracing each other as Ruka told Rintaro that she would love him even if she was no longer a female.

10. Gasper Vladi, High School DxD

Gasper Vladi is one of the main characters in the fantasy/harem anime series ‘High School DxD.’ He is usually seen in a feminine outfit, even when he is in the academy. He is a Dhampir meaning a half-human and half-vampire, and is also one of the girls in Issei Hyodo’s harem. Rias had locked him since his powers were uncontrollable. However, over the course of the show, viewers see him evolve into one of the staple characters in the series.

9. Astolfo, Fate/Grand Order

Astolfo is one of the most beautiful Traps in anime. He has gorgeous hair and is very feminine-looking. He loves to cross-dress because he thinks that female clothing is cute and has a strange affinity for pretty things. The anime fandom loves him, too, since he looks charming in all his cute female clothing.

8. Aoi Futaba, You’re Under Arrest

The next entry on this list is the transgender cop Aoi Futaba from the anime series ‘You’re Under Arrest.’ Though Aoi starts as a male working in the police department, he cross-dresses as a part of an operation to catch a serial rapist. After successful completion of the mission, he realizes that he does not fit the gender stereotype as he feels his spirit is that of a female. From then on, he started dressing as a female and became trans.

7. Hideyoshi Kinoshita, Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu

‘Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu’ is a comedy romance anime. The series revolves around an academy that segregates its students based on their grades. The students with higher grades get to sit in a well-furnished class while those at the opposite end, i.e., class F, have an inferior arrangement. The protagonist of the anime is Akishisa Yoshii, who seeks to prove the worth of his class.

Hideyoshi Kinoshita is one of the main characters of the anime. He is a boy who looks like a cute girl if he cross-dresses. People often forget that he is a boy, and thus, lots of confusion happens around him. Hideyoshi’s bathroom photos are in high demand and sell at a much higher rate than that of Akihisa in women’s clothing (yes, we all know anime is weird). Though he wants others to treat him like a man, he often seems to like this side of his.

6. Felix Argyle, Re: Zero – Starting Life in Another World

Felix Argyle is a supporting character from the drama, fantasy, thriller anime ‘Re: Zero – Starting Life in Another World.’ The show follows Subaru, a boy who gets transported to another world where he encounters a beautiful girl named Stella. But that very day, they are murdered, and Subaru wakes up again to find that he is trapped in some sort of a repetitive loop where if he dies, he has to start the day again, always returning to the same point.

As his name suggests, Felix is a human-cat hybrid. He looks feminine and combined with his costume, and it is hard to believe that he is a boy. But Felix often clarifies his stand, saying that there is a man inside his mind or soul. He is mostly seen using the third person to refer to himself.

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5. Aoi Hyoudou, Kaichou wa Maid-sama!

‘Kaichou wa Maid-sama!’ is a fun and entertaining romantic comedy anime. If you have not seen it yet and are a fan of the rom-com genre, then you might want to check it out. Aoi Hyoudou is a supporting character in the series. He is the nephew of Satsuki, who is the manager at the cafe where Misaki, the protagonist works. Aoi Hyoudou has very feminine facial features, and when he is in his Aoi-chan (the popular net idol) look, he wears a curly blonde wig and an old dress of his aunt’s changing his appearance to that of a girl. Aoi is short-tempered and is not good with feelings. He enjoys the attention he gets as a female and likes to toy with the feelings of other men.

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4. Kino, Kino no Tabi: The Beautiful World

‘Kino no Tabi: The Beautiful World’ is probably one of the best anime that I have seen, which I discovered while researching for a list. It is a beautiful anime about a girl by the name of Kino who is in her teenage years. She is a markswoman and is traveling on her talking motorcycle, which has the name Hermes. Kino has such androgynous features that one will often get confused about her gender. To me, she looks like a boy with her short, spiky hair and cool attitude. She is good at using guns and carries two large-caliber pistols. She has other weapons too. Kino keeps on traveling and never stays at the same place for more than three days.

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3. Yukimura Kusunoki, Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Next

I don’t know how to react to the situation that we see Yukimura Kusunoki, a supporting character from the anime series ‘Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Next.’ Yukimura claims to be a boy and makes everyone believe that she is a boy. She is inspired by Kodaka taking him to be very manly for being able to do what he wants. Yukimura wants to be like him so that there can be more manliness in her. But the sad part is that she is a girl, and since her parents wanted a boy, they made her believe that she is a male. Yes, she believes that even though Kodaka tells him the absolute truth. Later, she finds out the truth and is shocked.

2. Kashima Yuu, Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun Wiki

If you look at Kashima Yuu for the first time, then you will think of her as a cross-dressing boy, but nope she is a female, alright. But her boyishly handsome looks make her look like a prince, which makes other girls fall head over heels for her. Her androgynous appearance gets her a spot on this list. She likes Hori, one of the main characters in the anime series who is good at acting but left due to his short height, a lot, and always seeks his attention. She wants to help him in any way she can but ends up doing the wrong thing and causing him trouble. Hori tries to keep her in check, trying to prevent her from slacking off.

1. Kenjiro Hato, Genshiken Nidaime

If you are a fan of the ‘Genshiken’ anime series, then you should give ‘Genshiken Nidaime’ a watch though it is not as good as its predecessor. Kenjiro Hato is one of the main characters in the series. He is also the last newcomer to join the club. He is a fan of Yaoi and likes to cross-dress. His ability to behave like a female is commendable as he can completely change his personality. Thanks to his androgynous features, he can easily pass himself off as a girl when he cross-dresses. He looks really attractive when he is in his female getup, making him a pretty convincing trap.

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