Ann Rosenquist From Alone: Here’s All We Know About Her

Image Credits: History Channel

Transcending the indomitable whims of nature, ten contestants go head to head in History Channel’s ‘Alone’ to compete and win a cash prize of $500,000. With no camera crew and human contact, individuals try to scour the fruits of nature in the bone-chilling cold of Northern Saskatchewan, Canada. Adding more intensity to the challenging situation is the presence of vicious predators lurking close by. In its 10th season, the reality TV show features ten contestants who try to conquer nature with limited tools. Ann Rosenquist is one of the ten contestants who compete in the battle of tenacity and will. If you also want to learn more about the survival show contestant, look no further because we have all the information here. Let’s dive in!

Nature-Filled Youth: Ann’s Outdoor Education

At 56, Ann Rosenquist doesn’t quiver in front of the challenges presented by nature. With every crevice of her persona shaped by the outdoors, Ann’s childhood and adult life teems with the abundance of the natural. As a little child in the ‘70s, Ann’s life changed completely when her parents moved from the bustle of Minneapolis to Lake Superior in Northern Minnesota.

The family stayed in places like Solbakken Resort, where Ann’s father would teach her how to fish, hike, ski, and forage. In school, her favorite activities included hiking and skiing through boreal forests. After completing her education, Ann carried the teachings of her childhood closely but still explored careers in different industries.

Ann Rosenquist’s Profession

After graduating from college, Ann started working in the hospitality industry. The Minnesota native worked in hospitality for a while before shifting to a hands-on career as a bus driver. Not too later, Ann again changed her job and started working in a factory. Ann delved into numerous professions with varied deliverables and values for a few years. She also began working as a personal trainer, yet that job didn’t bring her quite the satisfaction. Then, Ann started working as a shitake mushroom farmer. This job brought her back to the rewarding experiences of her childhood and led her to embark on a new journey.

Not too later, Ann opened her own farm called the North Wind Organic Farm. Enclosed within the forest, in the heart of the woods, she now works as an organic farmer and even puts her primitive skills to use on the farm. Additionally, Ann sells her in-house handmade products to locals around the town and at pop-ups around the year.

Ann’s days are filled with growing, tilling, farming, harvesting, tapping birch and maple trees, foraging, and picking up roadkill. Surrounded by the rules of nature, she works and lives in a matter sustainable to the environment. In addition, Ann teaches primitive skills needed for survival at Wintercourt in Arizona every year. As such, her multi-faceted work isn’t just a career but a way of living. This has allowed Ann to be comfortable in the competition and challenges brought about by the wild in ‘Alone.’

Ann Rosenquist Shares a Quiet Life With Partner Tom

Ann currently lives with her partner Tom and their Border Collie dog. The couple has been living off the grid and using the fruits of nature to survive on their own for more than sixteen years. While Ann’s work is all-encompassing and keeps her busy, she also takes time out for family and friends.

Ann has a daughter named Saffron, who also got married in the forest. The mother-daughter duo share a strong bond even though they don’t live close by. Besides her personal life, Ann uses her social media account to showcase the day-in and day-out of life on a farm. Naturally, we hope Ann continues disseminating knowledge about the environment, for which we wish her the best personally and professionally.

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